butterflies, kisses F



butterflies, kisses F
Fashion Week Tokyo opens
with burst of
butterflies, kisses
ashion Week Tokyo was in full swing
yesterday after it opened in a burst of
color and bold prints, with butterflies,
kisses, and geometric patterns dominating
the first shows. Hanae Mori, one of Japan’s
most internationally acclaimed fashion houses, showcased its first collection by indemand young designer Yu Amatsu, which
featured swarms of butterflies printed onto
classic pieces such as shift dresses, jackets
and shorts.
Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton,
known for her avant-garde style, attended
the show which opened the 2015 SpringSummer collections on Monday, with
Colombian designer and close friend Haider
Ackermann. Amatsu said: “The name Hanae
Mori is very important to me. I simply
express what I see myself, through my own
filter. “The main theme for this collection has
been butterflies. Albeit there are many types
of butterflies, I focused on the Danainae
rather than the Swallowtail.” He added he
wanted to express the “powerful daintiness”
of the Danainae type of butterfly best seen
when they swarm, rather than the larger
Swallowtail, which he said “represented
Amatsu, who previously worked with
Marc Jacobs, will showcase the new collection from his own brand A Degree Farenheit
today. Another opener of the week was
DRESSCAMP, which rolled out a pop modern
collection with lots of kissmarks and geometric patterns on Monday. “This season’s
inspiration is from the artist, Ultra Violet. I
started by thinking what are the rules that
Ultra Violet has, and built up this collection
from that,” said designer Toshikazu Iwaya,
referring to a French-born artist who worked
with Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Fashion
Week Tokyo runs until Sunday, with 48
brands participating, the bulk of them
Japanese. — AFP
Models display creations by Japanese designer Yu Amatsu during ‘A
Degree Fahrenheit’ 2015 Spring/Summer collection at Tokyo Fashion
Week in Tokyo yesterday. — AFP photos
Dame Vivienne Westwood
publishes biography
ame Vivienne Westwood has released a biography. The selftitled work - which was released yesterday - was written in collaboration with historian and biographer Ian Kelly and is
described by the fashion designer herself as a “story nobody ever did
before”. She said: “‘The living deserve respect. The dead deserve the
truth. “Ian and I are working
together on this and I am excited that this will be my story, the
story nobody ever did before.”
The story follows the life of the
fashion legend from her
upbringing in rural Derbyshire,
her career and her relationships
with her husband and business
partner Malcolm McLaren, as
well as her second marriage to
her former student Andreas
Ian confessed he was pleased
to have finally told the “truth”
about the “huge-hearted” 73year-old designer, describing her
as his friend, subject and muse.
He said: “She is passionately
committed to human rights and
to eco-politics, but as well as
that I am keen to tell the truth
about a huge-hearted, warm
and witty individual, whose face
and clothes are known the
world over, but who is also recognizably the Derbyshire primary school teacher who met
and fell in love with Malcolm McLaren and changed the world.” The
work also features heartfelt letters from Vivienne’s close friends - which
throughout her life have included Pamela Anderson, Prince Charles,
human rights campaigner Shami Chakrabati, models Naomi Campbell
and Jerry Hall, Bob Geldof and Julian Assange. The ‘Vivienne Westwood’
biography is available to buy from today. — Bang showbiz
X Factor stylist hits back at Simon Cowell
he X Factor’ stylist has hit back
at Simon Cowell for criticizing
her outfit choices. Gemma
Sheppard - who is dressing this year’s
finalist for the live Saturday and
Sunday night shows - has been forced
to defend herself after the series boss
slammed contestant Lola Saunders’
dress over the weekend and compared
it to “tape”. The music mogul said during Saturday’s show: “I really don’t like
what you’re wearing.”I’m gobsmacked. You just look like you’re
wrapped up in tape. It’s important that
you dress how you want to and not
how somebody else tells you to in
order to become the artist you want to
be.” However, Gemma insists the outfit
was intended to be more a fashion
statement “meets costume” and opted
for the voluminous dress to help Lola
feel “empowered” to perform Sam
Smith’s ballad ‘Stay With Me’. She
explained to MailOnline: “For her
styling it was a case of fashion meets
costume, the red dupioni silk gown
with that 12ft train looked spectacular
as she moved to centre stage that was
the money shot! I believe that statement dress empowered Lola for her
She added: “It’s all about confidence and getting inside of the contestant’s heads. It is their closest
moment to becoming a pop star so I
want that to be translated in what
they’re wearing.” In spite of Simon’s
harsh criticism, Gemma isn’t fazed by
the remarks and accepts that negative
comments are just part of the show.
She said: “Criticism is part of the show,
this is a contest, and I’m willing to take
on board all the comments. ‘Fashion is
hugely subjective and you can’t please
everyone.” — Bang showbiz
Simon Cowell