What’s Inside?
Metamoris 4 Wrap-Up
Carlos Diego Ferreira Still Undefeated
Bruno Frazzato MMA Victory
JT Torres East Coast Tour
Welcome New Affiliates
Affiliate Retreat
Asia Training Camp
ATOS Takes 1st at FIVE Grappling CA
American Nationals Results
Since it’s inception, Metamoris has
drawn crowds of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans
who want to see the stars of BJJ submit
each other on the big stage. Metamoris
IV was no exception, and was possibly
more anticipated than any of their events
yet because of the amazing fight card
Professor Andre Galvao fought Chael
Sonnen in a match not soon forgotten by
any BJJ-lover. The fight was hyped up especially after Sonnen’s recent breakup with the UFC and Fox over his failed
drug tests.
Come fight night, Galvao was calm and
collected and he entered the arena with
his game face on and a bold rashguard
that spot-lighted a blue lion, the universal
symbol for king of the animal kingdom.
It did not take long for Galvao to live up to
that very symbol on his chest. He recovered gracefully from Sonnen’s ankle pick
in the beginning of the fight, and played
butterfly to closed guard (where he began
attacking Sonnen’s arm) and back to butterfly guard, this time with double underhooks. Sonnen then attempted to stand in
Galvao’s butterfly guard, and Galvao took
advantage of this and quickly moved to
take his back. Galvao slapped on a body
triangle, and after a brief hand-fight with
Sonnen, he secured a tight rear-naked
choke, ending the fight.
It was a beautiful victory for Galvao!
Special mention goes to Keenan Cornelius who also fought a tough battle against
Vinny Magalhaes at Metamoris IV. After attacking the entire fight, and almost
sinking in several submissions, including
a tight mounted triangle to armbar, Cornelius did not pull off a submission in time
and the fight went to a draw. Still, an impressive showing for Keenan Cornelius!
We’re proud to highlight these new association members! Please take a moment to become acquainted with
our newest teammates. Some of these schools have been a part of team ATOS for some time, but we want to
formally welcome them into the association officially. Others are new to both the team and the affiliation. We’re
excited to bring together such amazing academies that can make our team even stronger. Welcome, guys!
Atos Jiu Jitsu Association considers it an honor to call Professor
Tony Passos a long time Atos Jiu Jitsu affiliate. Professor Passos is a
second degree black belt and a distinguished world class BJJ coach.
He owns and operates a successful academy,Tony Passos Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu, in Sterling, VA. where they offer superior quality and world
class instruction. Tony has been a huge asset to our team, helping
coach our team to victory in several major tournaments.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Atos Jiu Jitsu Association would like to introduce you to Academia
Ono our affiliate in Sao Paulo Brazil. Owner and head instructor Professor Douglas Ono has been practicing Jiu Jitsu since he was 14
years old. He was given his black belt by Professor Andre Galvao in
2008. Professor Ono has a degree in Physical Education from Methodist University of Sao Paulo as well as a degree in Sport Science
from University of Coimbra in Portugal. He is a tremendous asset to
our international team. Stay tuned for news about Professor Galvao’s
upcoming seminar in December at Academia Ono!
North Carolina
Please join Atos Jiu Jitsu Association
in celebrating the addition of our newest
member Marlon Loor Vera Jiu-Jitsu Academy Charlotte, NC and Fernando Loor Vera
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
The Loor Vera Brothers, Marlon and
Fernando are highly decorated BJJ black
belts. They are staples on the podium with
more than 80 titles between them. Marlon’s
most recent accolades were at the 2014
where he took gold in his weight division
and also served as a referee. Then, he told
Gold at 2014 IBJJF No-Gi Pan-Ams. The
Loor Vera Brothers operate two successful BJJ locations in the Charlotte, NC area.
We are pleased to add these exceptional athletes and business owners to our roster of Atos Affiliates. Their
drive, determination, and indomitable spirit make them a phenomenal asset to our group! Welcome Atos North
Atos Jiu Jitsu Association is proud to announce Infinite Fighting Concepts as the Atos Affiliate in Maryland.
Owner, Jeff Gordon, is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under long time
ATOS member Tony Passos. He was a Certified Combative Instructor for
the United States Army and is also a Certified Instructor of Krav Maga
and a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kempo Karate.
Gordon brings over 20 years of martial arts experience to his academy,
and employs the teaching curriculum shared by Andre Galvao, Rafael
and Gui Mendes, and Tony Passos.
Infinite Fighting Concepts upholds the belief that Jiu-Jitsu can and will
allow you to improve yourself through hard work, discipline, and focus.
Regardless of age, gender, or fitness level....Jiu-Jitsu will change your life for the better!
Lakewood, CO
Atos is proud to announce The Training Camp MMA and Fitness in Lakewood, Colorado as our first Colorado Affiliate! Atos Lakewood! The Training Camp has one of the most experienced coaching teams not only in
Colorado, but in the nation. The academy specializes in all levels of JiuJitsu; from the beginner seeking Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals, a good work out,
or learning self-defense, to the high level competitor aspiring to train with
one of the best teams in Colorado. The Training Camp has beginners. The
Training Camp has Pan Am and World Champions. No matter the level-they have what you are looking for. Led by Professor Michael Frison, a
Black Belt and 16 year veteran of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a national competitor
and an IBJJF No Gi Worlds gold medalist, The Training Camp is the premiere Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Colorado. Please join us in welcoming
The Training Camp to the Atos Team!
Atos Shines at FIVE Grappling Tournament in CA
Team ATOS dominated the FIVE Grappling Tournament in Southern California!
Both kids and adults alike tore through
their divisions to take the 1st place team
trophy home.
A special shout out goes to Michael
Perez. He fought valiantly at the Five
Grappling Tournament competing against
very good black belts, taking out Sinistro
and losing a controversial and close bout
with Lapela. One thing is for sure, Perez
is a force to be reckoned with!
Atos Association Retreat a Success!
The first ATOS Association Retreat went off without a hitch! Affiliate members from all over the
world - Kazakhstan, California, Canada, Nevada,
Texas, Colorado, Australia, South Dakota - met
in San Diego, CA at the ATOS Headquarters led
by Professor Andre Galvao. Accommodations in
beautiful Downtown San Diego Gaslamp afforded
guests the opportunity to see the city in between
the fun activities planned by Rachel Vanderlinde,
Carlos Duarte, and Jolanda Scotto.
Guests had a busy and productive itinerary. They
arrived Sunday or Monday, and those that got in
town early enough on Monday trained in a class
taught by Professor Andre Galvao. Then, there
was a group dinner at Fogo de Chao to get to know
one another.
Tuesday was very informative. Professor Galvao
and Professor Kevin Howell (ATOS Long Beach)
presented the 2014 ATOS Basics Curriculum to
the affiliates so they could understand Prof. Galvao’s teaching style and important notes on technique. Afterward, guests were invited to train in the
evening class at ATOS HQ.
Wednesday proved to be a day of learning, as
well, not only about business and affiliate standards, but also about each other. Affiliates were
able to do some team building exercises and learn
about each other’s academies and markets.
Thursday, it was back to the curriculum and
Profs. Galvao and Howell taught the entire curriculum (500 pages of material!) move-for-move.
Afterward, the group took a dinner cruise through
San Diego harbor and continued to talk about their
jiu-jitsu experiences while dining and dancing!
Friday was picture day, and the affiliates were
able to film a commercial and train with each other
before dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant.
Finally, Saturday, the group had a beach day,
complete with street tacos and paddle
boarding. It was the perfect conclusion
to a week-long retreat in San Diego.
The next retreat will take place in
February 2015 and we hope everyone
can make it out to San Diego to benefit
from the camaraderie of our team and
the teaching expertise of Prof. Galvao.
Stay tuned for updated dates and reservations!
Atos took 2nd Place Overall in the IBJJF American Nationals for both gi and no-gi. Our team took gold medals home in every adult male absolute division for every
belt! Congratualtions to all the ATOS USA coaches and
Black Belt (male):
JT Torres - Double Gold - Atos HQ
Danny Gerard - 2nd - Atos / AOJ
Brown Belt (master):
Gustavo Fonseca - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Negol Varterian - 2nd - Atos / AOJ
Keenan Cornelius - Gold and closed out
Adam Henkei - 3rd - Atos HQ
the open class with getting 2nd open Atos HQ
Purple Belt (male):
Brandon Tucker - Double Gold - Atos /
Joshua Hinger - 3rd - Atos HQ
The Jiu-Jitsu League
Andris Brunoviskis - 2nd - Atos HQ
Rolando Samson - Gold - Atos HQ
Choi Won Choi - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Angelo Barden - 2nd after closing out
Black Belt (female):
the weight with Samson - Atos HQ
Chelsea Donner - 2nd - Atos / AOJ
Nicholas Bohle - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Brown Belt:
Ian Delizo - 2nd - Atos / AOJ
Mike Carbullido - Double Gold - Atos
Pete O’Neal - 3rd - Atos HQ
Liera Jr - Gold and closed out the
bracket of open weight with Carbullido
getting 2nd - Atos HQ
Purple Belt (female):
Sarah Jones - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
James Guyton - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Blue Belt (male):
Mason Monsevais - Double Gold - Atos
Vincent Nguyen - Gold - Atos / AOJ
Pedro Crixel - 2nd - Atos / Guetho
Joseph Kahawai - Gold - Atos / AOJ
Griffin Conway - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Nisar Loynab - 2nd - Atos HQ
Nurlan Sermagambetovn - 2nd - Atos /
Blue Belt (female):
Taylor Segovia - Gold - Atos HQ
Giovanna Thomas - Gold - Atos / AOJ
Madison Owning - Gold - Atos HQ
Blue Belt (master):
Anthony Le - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Jeffrey Hairston - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Blue Belt (juvenile):
John Anthony - 3rd - Atos / AOJ
Lenin Munoz - 3rd - Atos AOJ
White Belt:
Dwayne Peck - Gold - Atos / AOJ
Veronica Hamzeh - 3rd - Atos HQ
Do you have a news item you’d like reported in our newsletter? We want to
hear from you! Submit stories/details to
Haley at
[email protected]
BLUE / Juvenile / Male / Light
John Anthony Gloria - 2nd - Atos/AOJ
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light
Chad Hamzeh - 3rd - Atos Jiu-Jitsu
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Feather
Anthony Pinedo -2nd - Atos/Jiu-Jitsu
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light
Ruben Coronado - 2nd- Atos HQ
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Middle
Gustavo Salerno - 3rd - Atos/AOJ
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Heavy
Michael Anthony Perez - Gold - Atos
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Open Class
Michael Anthony Perez - Gold - Atos
Gustavo Salerno - 2nd - Atos/AOJ
PURPLE / Master 1 / Male / Light
Jason Debruyn - 2nd - Atos Jiu-Jitsu
PURPLE / Master 1 / Male / Heavy
Tomas Moreno - 2nd - Atos Jiu-Jitsu
BROWN / Adult / Male / Middle
James Randall Guyton - 2nd - Atos/
BROWN / Adult / Male / Heavy
Michael-Justin Carbullido - Gold - Atos
BROWN / Adult / Male / Super Heavy
Dany Guy Steve Gerard - 2nd - Atos/
Joseph Moku Kahawai - 3rd - Atos/AOJ
BROWN / Adult / Male / Open Class
Michael-Justin Carbullido - Gold - Atos
Dany Guy Steve Gerard - 2nd - Atos/
BLACK / Adult / Male / Light
Choi Won Choi - 3rd - Atos/AOJ
BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle
Jonathan Torres - Gold - Atos HQ
Joshua Roy Hinger - 2nd - Atos HQ
BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy
Keenan Kai-James Cornelius - Gold Atos HQ
BLACK / Adult / Male / Open Class
Keenan Kai-James Cornelius - Gold Atos HQ
Joshua Roy Hinger - 2nd - Atos HQ
Carlos Diego Ferreira defeated Ramsey Nijem in UFC 177 via knockout.
After dominating the first round and nearly
armbarring Nijem, Ferreira came into the second round stronger. He felt tired, but he regrouped and decided to try something different. With a strong ATOS jiu-jitsu background,
Ferreira kept attacking Nijem’s arms and neck
until he exposed himself for a knock-down
punch to the face. On the ground, a few hammer-fists were all it took to finish the fight.
Carlos Diego Ferreira operates ATOS Pharr,
Texas/Team Ferreira BJJ in Southern Texas.
Congratulations, Carlos on another victory!
This brings his record to an undefeated 11-0
in professional MMA.
Bruno Frazzato (ATOS black belt) defeated
Cory Galloway in RFA 17 in 1:32! After a brief,
40-second feel-out period, Frazatto shot low
for a single and drug Galloway to the floor. Galloway couldn’t keep Frazatto on the outside of
his guard for long, and the BJJ black belt continued to press forward until he passed Galloway’s guard and easily took the mount. Only a
split second passed by before Frazatto threw a
leg over Galloway’s shoulder for a
top-side triangle and roll. Frazatto
pulled down Galloway’s head for a
quick submission and victory. Congrats, Bruno!
October 4 &5, Azuza, CA
October 18th, Long Beach, CA
November 1 & 2, Long Beach, CA
November 8 & 9, Nagoya, Japan

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