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Document 6579591
This week’s issue of The Park Page is dedicated by David and Rashel Rouhani
commemorating the first Yahrzeit (3 Marcheshvan) of David’s father Nejatollah Rouhani – Yosef ben Reuven z”l.
The Weekly Bulletin of Young Israel of New Hyde Park
October 24-31, 2014
Parashat Noach  Rosh Chodesh
30 Tishrei – 7 Marcheshvan 5775
Issue #414
Parasha Page Numbers
Artscroll 30, Soncino 26
Artscroll 890, Soncino 695
Artscroll1208, Soncino 944
Schedule of Services and Classes
Friday, October 24 / 30 Tishrei – Rosh Chodesh Yevamot 20
8:45 am
Candle-lighting before
5:43 pm
Mincha / Dvar Torah / Maariv
5:45 pm
Saturday, Oct. 25 / 1 Marcheshvan – Rosh Chodesh
Yevamot 21
Parasha Shiur - Commentary of Rav S.R. Hirsch
8:15 am
8:45 am
Latest time for Shema
MA 9:22, GRA 9:58 am
Sermon: “To Unite or Not to Unite: Is There a Question?”
10:30 am
Contemporary Topics - Hilkhot Shabbat: Motion Sensors
4:55 pm
Mincha, followed by Seuda Shelishit and Maariv
5:35 pm
Shabbat ends
6:45 pm
Yevamot 22
Sunday, October 26 / 2 Marcheshvan
8:10 am
Gemara Shiur (Sota 7b)
8:50 am
Mincha / Mass-Mishna / Maariv
5:40 pm
Yevamot 23
Monday, October 27 / 3 Marcheshvan
6:10 am
Mincha / Mass-Mishna / Maariv
5:40 pm
Yevamot 24
Tuesday, October 28 / 4 Marcheshvan
6:15 am
Mincha / Mass-Mishna / Maariv
5:40 pm
Yevamot 25
Wednesday, October 29 / 5 Marcheshvan
6:15 am
Mincha / Mass-Mishna / Maariv
5:40 pm
Yevamot 26
Thursday, October 30 / 6 Marcheshvan
6:10 am
Mincha / Mass Mishna / Maariv
5:40 pm
Yevamot 27
Friday, October 31 / 7 Marcheshvan
6:15 am
Candle-lighting, before
5:34 pm
Mincha / Dvar Torah / Maariv
5:35 pm
▪ Daf Yomi meets Monday through Friday at 5:30 a.m., and Saturday and
Sunday at 7:30 a.m.
▪ Women wishing to use the Mikvah should contact Nehama Teitelman at
518-222-3874 to schedule an appointment.
▪ The last time for Kiddush Levana for the month of Marcheshvan is
Friday, November 7 at 3:24 p.m. + 16 Chalakim Jerusalem time.
Drash v'DaSh: A Shabbat Message and Greeting
Among the various dramas of heroism associated with “9/11”, there is one
story – or series of stories – that is decidedly undertold: the role of the
On the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11,
America’s tugboat, towboat and barge industry pauses to remember
the nearly 3,000 Americans who lost their lives, and also to
acknowledge the inspiring bravery shown by first responders and
everyday citizens on that tragic day. One of the most notable acts of
valor was the maritime evacuation of Lower Manhattan – the largest
water evacuation in American history – in which 500,000 people were
transported to safety by hundreds of vessels which answered a call
from the U.S. Coast Guard to converge on New York Harbor to aid in
the evacuation. This extraordinary rescue was memorialized in the
2011 short documentary film “Boatlift”.
I will leave it to our readers to watch the video, but the message is clear.
The mission and mandate to save lives not the exclusive domain of rescue
workers; the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders on anyone who
can contribute in any capacity. While Noah was unable to save his
generation with his boat, it is incumbent upon us to save our generation –
with our literal boats or our figurative ones - and all that will follow. “He
who saves one life, it is as if he has saved an entire world.”
While perhaps thought to be the assignment of so-called “outreach
professionals”, it is the ordinary Jew who can play the extraordinary role of
bringing others closer to Judaism. “The Shabbos Project” and its bold
ambition to maximize Shabbat-observance by Jews around the world,
even if only for one week until next year, is just one remarkable aspect of
this agenda. It is the ongoing modeling of religious ideas and ideals in a
way that is enabling and ennobling that will keep the momentum moving.
Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov,
Rabbi Lawrence Teitelman
Nach Yomi
Study for October 25-31, per Rabbi Abramowitz’s Nach Yomi
Companion. For more info, visit
Hosea 12: All About Jacob
Hosea 13: Lions, Bears, and Labor Pains
Hosea 14: "What Do I Need With These Idols?"
1: A Plague of Locusts
2: Crisis Averted
3: "Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?"
4: More About Gog and Magog
The Park Page Puzzle
“Raiders of the Ark II”
This week’s Puzzle: Following his death, where else in Tanakh does
Noach resurface?
Solution to last week’s Puzzle: Noach (Gen. 9:2), Eliezer (Gen.
24:27), and Yitro (Ex. 18:12) each said "Barukh Hashem", while Lavan
(Gen. 24:31), Avimelech and Pichol (Gen. 26:29) said Berukh
Hashem. Yasher koach to Sid Fine, Susan Isler, Karen Klein, and Kal
Talansky for their solutions.
National Council of
Young Israel
264-15 77th Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 ∙ Tel: 718-343-0496 ∙ Fax: 718-343-6509 ∙ ∙ [email protected]
"Shake" the … Etrog
Yasher koach to David Rouhani for his laining this Shabbat.
Mazal tov to our Simchat Torah honorees: Kol Hane’arim – Moshe
Kessler, Chatan Torah – Rabbi Dr. Col. Irwin Lenefsky, Chatan
Bereshit - Rabbi Lawrence Teitelman, Chatan Maftir – Cantor Stanley
Condolences to Arona and Dr. Stuart Okin and family on the passing
of Arona’s father George Hackel z”l. Remaining public shiva hours are
Sunday and Monday, 5:30-8:30 p.m., at 11 Hastings Road in Old
Westbury. May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion
and Jerusalem.
Thank you to Joe Bettelheim, Dani Gottesman, Nussie Reich, Ira
Shapiro, Jay Weiner, and Craig Wolf for taking down the sukkah.
It’s the Sunday after Sukkot – do you know where your Etrog is? This
one’s cousins got (into) a good shake at the Teitelman home…
Food Certificates for A&A Gourmet, Fairway, Pathmark, Stop & Shop,
and Waldbaum’s, and Chesed Dollars for many Jewish businesses,
can be purchased from Art Feldman 516-227-0707, Paige Finkelstein
718-343-4821, Rena Gombo 718-343-3855, and Ilene Horowitz 718470-9474. Proceeds finance capital improvement projects at the shul.
The Inbox – [email protected]
The Clothing Gemach ( is
looking for volunteers to work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from
11:00 am until 2:00 pm and Monday through Thursday in the evenings.
For more information, please contact Mark Krieger at 917-703-4694.
Office Hours this week are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10-2.
October Simcha Kiddush
in honor of
and sponsored by these families in honor of their simchas:
Arlene and Art Feldman, celebrating Abby's birthday
Allison Horowitz, celebrating her parents’ birthdays
Ilene and Marc Horowitz, celebrating Marc and son-in-law Mike's
Rita and Selig Lenefsky, celebrating oldest grandson Daniel's
Lisa Lerner, celebrating her Hebrew birthday and Shani and
Steven's birthdays
Rashel and David Rouhani, celebrating Ilana and Sharona's
Maurine and Larry Sobin, celebrating their 62nd anniversary and
Larry's 86th birthday
Irene and Kal Talansky, celebrating their 68th anniversary, and in
honor of all those celebrating simchas this month
Nehama and Rabbi Lawrence Teitelman, celebrating Yedida's
Debbie and Chuck Waxman, celebrating Chuck and Brian’s
Dr. Danny Zaghi
The next Simcha Kiddush is scheduled for November 29. Please
send sponsorships ($18) and simcha details to the office.
Thank you to Aron and Jordan Barth, Max Gornish, Jeff Grunfeld,
Chaim Israeli, Rabbi Teitelman, and Rabbi Wolf for blowing shofar at
the shul, at the local hospitals and nursing homes, and for the
homebound in our community.
Coming Soon to YINHP
If you are interested in joining our one-evening Hebrew-Reading
Review or our five-evening Crash Course in Jewish History (date
and times to be determined), please contact Rabbi Teitelman at
718-347-5819 or [email protected]