2003 Christmas Shopping Guide



2003 Christmas Shopping Guide
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
2003 Christmas Shopping Guide
The first snowflakes are falling and the tunes in every store and radio station ring of Christmas cheer.
Yet, the only cheer you are feeling is the quiet voice in your head counting down the days and presents
left to buy until the holidays.
Need presents for your techno-savvy sister, road warrior brother, gadget guru father, or that urban chic
boyfriend or girlfriend – just think Bluetooth®.
After all, they’re probably already dreaming of a wireless Christmas…
And it doesn’t just stop at this Christmas season. Products featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology are
the gifts that you just keep on giving. That’s because once your loved ones get their hands on Bluetooth®
wireless technology, they’ll want more and more and more. Wireless headsets, wireless gaming,
wireless synching and sharing of schedules, phone numbers, email, pictures, addresses.
It’s all possible with Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled products. Run your eyes over the list below.
All of these products have Bluetooth® wireless technology in common.
Applications never deemed possible are suddenly here… all because of Bluetooth® wireless technology.
So don’t have a blue Christmas season — have a Bluetooth® one.
For more information, contact:
Porter Novelli – Bluetooth® SIG Communications Agency
Wendy Luyckx
+32 2 413 03 40
[email protected]
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Apple – 17-inch PowerBook G4 model
Like AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth® wireless technology connects digital devices wirelessly. It enables highspeed wireless data transfers between a rapidly growing range of products featuring Bluetooth
Using iSync, for instance, you can use Bluetooth® technology to synchronize your personal information
between your PowerBook, your mobile phone and your Palm OS-based handheld.
And Bluetooth® technology lets you take advantage of GPRS connectivity to check your email from
anywhere – a benefit that comes in handy on those occasions when a wireless hotspot isn’t available.
Apple – 1.29GHz iMAC
Designed to be the digital centerpiece of your home and the fastest way to the Internet, the new iMAC
comes with even faster processors, faster memory, cinematic 3D graphics, - and an architecture upgrade
that gives the product a whole new set of capabilities. The iMAC, with its brilliant 15-inch and 17-inch
screen, has advanced communication features and wireless options.
The iMac can be custom-configured with an internal Bluetooth® technology module to connect your digital
devices. Operating within a 10 meter radius, it enables wireless data transfers between your Bluetooth®
wireless technology enabled products.
Using iSync, you can use Bluetooth® technology to synchronize your personal information between your
iMAC, your mobile phone and your Palm OS-based handheld.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
AVM's BlueFRITZ! AP-DSL is the first to combine the ADSL, ISDN and Bluetooth® wireless technology in
a single product. The Bluetooth® technology access point contains both a complete ADSL adapter and an
ISDN-Controller, and connects wirelessly to the ADSL/ISDN line. This means that all communication
services are available to clients equipped with BlueFRITZ! USB.
Moreover, the new BlueFRITZ! access point provides a USB port for a direct PC connection. It also
provides the networking profile PAN, to network up to seven PCs without cables - at a range of up to 100
All the connected PCs can access ADSL and ISDN. BlueFRITZ! AP-DSL is available in combination with
Epson – 935 stylus photo
With the EPSON Stylus Photo 935, you get inkjet prints of such high quality that even professionals will
be satisfied. But that’s not all; the real advantage of the EPSON Stylus Photo 935 is in its printing
Printing photos with the EPSON Stylus Photo 935 is so easy you don't even need a PC. Just insert your
camera's memory card into the printer's card slot (it accepts all leading types and without the need of any
adaptor) and using the on-board LCD display panel, print with just the touch of a button.
Of course, if you use a device with compatible Bluetooth® technology interface, you don't even need a
cable to connect to your EPSON Stylus Photo 935... just print the images wirelessly.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Hewlett Packard – 995ck deskjet printer
The HP Deskjet 995ck color inkjet printer makes it easy to print on the go from Bluetooth® wireless
technology enabled camera phones, PDAs using Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 or Palm 4.x OS and other
mobile products.
Built-in support for Bluetooth® wireless technology means you can roam and print from up to 10 meters
away with a wide range of Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled devices. Get vibrant photo-quality
images at up to 2400 x 1200 dpi color on premium photo paper, plus laser-quality black.
Printing is both fun and fast; up to 17 pages per minute in black, up to 13 in color. Convenience features
such as paper-type sensor, long-lasting ink supplies, print-cancel button, on-screen ink indicator and
versatile paper handling help save time and money.
Hewlett Packard – H5550 iPAQ pocket pc
The iPAQ Pocket pc H5550 is a meaningful innovation that simplifies the technology experience,
providing the fastest and easiest way to get more done for you and your family.
The iPAQ is extremely powerful and flexible with integrated wireless capabilities and enhanced security.
With broad choice of wireless capabilities - including integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology and
WLAN - you can access the Internet, email, and corporate data wherever you are.
You can easily print your documents, e-mail attachments and pictures directly from your iPAQ Pocket PC
to an HP printer via Bluetooth connectivity.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Logitech® – Mobile headset
Logitech® Mobile Headset with Bluetooth® wireless technology offers fingertip controls and lets people
conduct calls up to 10 meters away from their mobile phone – providing much-needed freedom from
tangled cords.
The headset offers up to eight hours of talk time and more than three weeks of standby time. It includes a
premium noise-canceling microphone, which ensures clear-sounding calls even in environments with
background noise.
With its flexible soft touch wrap-around design, the headset fits comfortably on either ear. It is extremely
easy to put on or take off with one hand, a very important feature for busy people taking a phone call. It
comes with a portable charging station, which also serves as a protective case.
Logitech® – MX™ 900 mouse
The Logitech® MX™ 900 is a mouse equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology. In contains an
advanced optical sensor and a charging cradle that acts as a hub with Bluetooth® technology, providing
the ability for mobile devices to exchange and share information with the personal computer, without
cords. The product reduces cord clutter by untethering the mouse and even any printers with Bluetooth®
wireless technology from the desktop PC.
The Logitech® MX900 mouse borrows the popular contoured shape of Logitech’s MX700 for a
comfortable design, and features advanced Internet navigation buttons. It is painted with a silver and
quartz anodized finish. The receiver is bright silver and translucent black. It serves both as a recharging
base for the mouse and as a wireless hub. The mouse is compatible with the Windows® 2000 and
Windows® XP operating systems.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Logitech® – Cordless MX™ Desktop
Experience the freedom from cables that a cordless keyboard and mouse provide with a secure
dependable Bluetooth® wireless technology connection offering a robust range up to 10 meter.
Logitech’s wireless hub equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology contributes to an organized
environment by providing a seamless wireless update of calendars and address list between the PC and
devices featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology such as PDA’s and mobile phones.
The Logitech Cordless Desktop MX is designed for comfort with a Zero Degree Tilt™ and includes
multimedia controls and specialized navigation buttons. The keyboard is painted in attractive quartz
anodized and silver finish, and the mouse complements it with the same color scheme.
Logitech® – Logitech® diNovo™ Media Desktop™
The new Logitech® diNovo™ Media Desktop™ redefines how the most discriminating PC enthusiasts will
view a keyboard and mouse – for work, for play and for communicating. It has an enviable design, which
appeals to people who prefer a workspace with stylish peripherals that complement today’s attractive flatpanel displays. The diNovo Media Desktop sets off its sleek, low-profile design with a titanium-like finish.
The new cordless solution includes four components – a reduced-width keyboard; an MX™900
rechargeable, an optical mouse; a new multifunction MediaPad™ for today’s digital lifestyle; and a
recharging module that serves as a hub featuring Bluetooth® technology between the desktop PC and
Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, printers and headsets.
Because Logitech has embedded Bluetooth® wireless technology into all four components of the diNovo
Media Desktop, any of the components can be used within a range of 10 meters from the desktop PC.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Motorola – V600 phone
The Motorola V600 is a stylish clamshell phone with color screen, Bluetooth® wireless technology
enabled and quad-band (can be used in most parts of the world, except in Asia).
The integrated camera allows you to snap pictures and send them to friends or use them as a
Other features include pulsating colored lights that flash when the phone rings, polyphonic ring tones and
downloadable games. The phone will come with Stuntman 2 and Monopoly saved on it.
Motorola – HS810 wireless headset
The Motorola Wireless Headset with Bluetooth® wireless technology is astonishingly advanced, yet
intuitive and simple to use. Designed to enhance the experience of any Bluetooth® technology enabled
phone, the Motorola Wireless Headset HS810 also stores information and wirelessly interacts with up to
eight different Bluetooth® wireless technology compliant devices, including handsets, PDAs and
computers up to 10 meters away without ever touching the devices. It can be stored in a pocket, in a
briefcase, or even in the trunk of a car and enjoy effortless, quality communication.
The headset is smaller than its predecessors; more eye-catching than ever and coordinates with the look
of Motorola handsets. It weighs 20 grams and has a unique foldable boom microphone and can be worn
on either ear whilst the volume buttons remain orientated upright. The headset also features a pulsing
light that shows when you are on a call.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
The NAVMAN GPS 4400 Satellite Receiver with SmartST™ Professional GPS Mapping Software for
Western Europe is equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology. It allows you to plan and track your
journey from one city or town to another, or simply guide you from one location in a city to another with
street level detail and instructions.
In addition to knowing how to get to your destination, you will also know where you are with an accuracy
of 5 metres 95% of the time. The powerful combination of NAVMAN's GPS receiver, SmartPath GPS
software and your Pocket PC featuring Bluetooth® technology means you can now navigate whilst in the
car or out walking.
With a highly impressive operation time of 30 continuous hours, when compared to the more typical 6 to
8 hours of other Bluetooth GPS equipment, the GPS4400 delivers unprecedented performance.
Nokia – Digital Pen
As easy to use as a normal ink pen, the Nokia Digital Pen provides you with a digital instrument that
records as it writes.
Slogan, sketch, or signature - if it's written on digital paper, the Nokia Digital Pen remembers it. Use the
Nokia Digital Pen to make your messages more personal.
The pen connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® wireless technology to compatible mobile phones, which
means you can send handwritten notes as well as color multimedia messages to friends or colleagues
with compatible devices.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Nokia – N-Gage™
The Nokia N-Gage™ is a high-quality, interactive mobile gaming device with excellent phone features. It
has gaming optimized functionalities and design including Bluetooth® wireless technology, which enables
local multiplayer gaming, and GPRS, which offers the possibility for gaming over a wide area network.
Other key features include: a large color screen (176x208 pixels with 4096 colors), a digital music player
(AAC/MP3 files) and a stereo FM radio, Nokia Audio Manager PC software for managing music files, and
an easy-to-use user interface, a comprehensive range of applications including personal information
management tools, email, XHTML browsing, and multimedia messaging (MMS).
Nokia – Image Viewer
Get the bigger picture with the Nokia Image Viewer.
Now that you've taken all those digital photos with the compatible Nokia imaging phones, you can use the
image viewer to project them larger than life onto your compatible TV screen or video projector.
Uploading is easy over the connection with Bluetooth® wireless technology, and controlling slideshows
couldn't be simpler thanks to the two-button system on the device.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Nokia – 7600 phone
Compact. Unconventional. Cutting edge.
The Nokia 7600 imaging phone is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows - with an array of consummate
features wrapped in a look that's decidedly astounding.
It's got a camera with video clip capture and play, fast WCDMA data download, streaming (operator
dependent feature and requires network support), music player, Bluetooth® wireless technology and
changeable Nokia Xpress-on™ sleeves – all designed to let you reshape your world.
Nokia – 6600 phone
The Nokia 6600 phone contains everything you need to communicate. Email, digital camera with zoom,
video recorder and multimedia messaging, advanced xHTML browser, Bluetooth® wireless technology,
memory card for extra user data applications, graphical user interface, phone.
The Nokia 6600 phone features new advanced imaging features, including a bright 65,536-color TFT
display and camera equipped with digital zoom. These complement a built-in video recorder with audio
and a RealOne player for playback and streaming of 3GPP-compatible and RealMedia video clips.
Multimedia functions are enhanced by templates for MMS messages and a Media Gallery for organizing
digital content captured or downloaded with the phone. Advances in phone features include support for
Java™ MIDP 2.0, True Tones, themes, and personalization of clock and calendar sounds.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Nokia – 3660 phone
The Nokia 3660 phone features a noteworthy new 65,536 full-color display with excellent brightness,
enabling richer graphical content and a more personal browsing experience. The advanced features of
the built-in digital camera combined with video and audio recording and playing capabilities make the
Nokia 3660 phone an ideal tool for capturing and sharing your special moments.
You can also use the Nokia 3660 phone for streaming or playing back 3GPP- and RealMedia-compatible
video clips and movie trailers using a built-in RealOne player. The new keyboard layout - featuring a 5way scroll key and the easy-to-use intuitive Symbian operating system - enable easy text input and fast
access to a wide selection of entertainment and utility applications.
With the games built inside the phone, you can play alone or against a friend with a compatible phone
over infrared or using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
Nokia – Wireless headset
Make hands free calling easier with this compact, wireless earpiece.
A connection featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology offers basic call control and supports voice dialing
for the office or home with a range of up to 10 meters offers basic.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Nokia – 260 T mediamaster
It’s no ordinary set-top-box. The Nokia Mediamaster 260 T has an elegant Nokia design and contains a
wealth of extraordinary features.
You can easily store more than 3 days of your favorite programs with amazing digital and audio quality. It
is similar to a VCR but offers all the benefits of digital like a clearer picture and sharper sound – and there
are no tapes required! Just imagine, next time you go on holiday, you could record all the episodes of all
your favorite soaps without worrying about running out of tape.
The mediamaster 260 T also allows pausing a live TV when the phone rings and then carry on watching
when you’ve finished your call – so you don’t miss a thing! You can also watch images from your camera
phone on your TV set. You simply send the images via Bluetooth® wireless technology to the Nokia
Mediamaster 260 T and then you can show them on your TV for you and your family to enjoy from the
comfort of the sofa.
Nokia – Wireless car kit
The Nokia car kit creates a wireless audio connection in your car with full hands free features, an
excellent audio quality, and a remote control button for easy use of hands free options.
You can enjoy listening to your car radio because the car kit automatically mutes the volume as you
answer a call, and turns it right back up again when you end the call. The car kit is compatible with a wide
range of phones supporting Bluetooth® wireless technology.
Best of all, once paired with your phone, the kit automatically activates the connection when you start the
ignition. And the kit can be paired with up to eight phones, one at a time. Just slide in, buckle up, and
you're good to go.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Nokia – Wireless clip-on headset
The Easy-to-wear wireless headset, including clip-on main body and earpiece, can be used for both
business and pleasure.
The headset is equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology between main body and compatible phone.
The headset is very user-friendly. A LED indicates active wireless connection.
Panasonic – X70 digital camera phone
Ever wished you had a camera for all those opportune moments? Introducing the X70 digital camera
phone from Panasonic.
With its elegant clamshell design, superb color screen, built-in digital camera with Photo Light, Bluetooth®
wireless technology and polyphonic ring tones; the X70 contains a virtual plethora of features for the
person who wants everything!
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Palm - Tungsten™ T2 handheld
The Palm Tungsten T2 handheld has integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology and the complete
wireless communication software suite from Palm, Inc.
With built-in support for Bluetooth phone models from leading phone manufacturers and global
GSM/GPRS carriers, the Tungsten T2 handheld can connect wirelessly in more than 20 countries.
(Compatible phone model with Bluetooth® wireless technology and wireless GSM/GPRS carrier
subscription needed, not included.)
Palm - Tungsten™ T3 handheld
The Palm Tungsten T3 handheld is designed for the most demanding professionals who need a
best-in-class color and wireless handheld. The Tungsten T3 handheld is Palm’s first device that
supports a high-resolution color screen in landscape and in portrait mode. The screen display is
50 percent larger than on any previous Palm branded product, and the new soft input screen
area provides a virtual Graffiti® 2 writing area.
The ultra-capable Tungsten T3 handheld also features MP3 and video playback software, faster
Bluetooth® wireless technology set up embedded in the handheld, voice-recording, the latest Palm OS®
and much more.
A new status bar provides one-tap access to battery and memory levels, Bluetooth® technology status
and more from a single location.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Parrot – DriveBlue full duplex
Parrot DriveBlue full duplex, the first hands-free kit featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology requiring no
installation, is a revolutionary consumer electronic product destined to everyone. You just have to
connect it to your car cigar-lighter to instantly handle calls in comfort and safety, without ever touching
your mobile phone.
The connection between DriveBlue and the phone is achieved wirelessly. Voice recognition allows you to
place calls keeping your sights on the road. DriveBlue works with all Bluetooth® wireless technology
phones from the top manufacturers on the market.
Thanks to an external microphone, a quality speaker, and to its voice recognition function, DriveBlue lets
you remotely use your phone keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. At a time
when legislation in Europe is tightening up to restrict the use of mobiles in vehicles, DriveBlue benefits
are not just for the sake of comfort – they are becoming fast a real necessity.
Plantronics – M3000 headset
The Plantronics M3000 headset equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology gives you the freedom and
mobility to talk up to 8 hours without recharging.
You can easily walk and talk up to 10 meter away from your mobile phone device with Bluetooth®
technology, be heard clearly with a noise-canceling microphone, make and end calls with the touch of a
button, easily adjust volume and mute with controls on the headset, and comfortably wear on either ear.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
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SAGAT – CRABAT mobile multimedia viewer
The CRABAT Mobile Multimedia Viewer allows images and MP3 sound to be pushed from a mobile
phone to the TV using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
With maximum ease of use, anyone with a Camera Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled mobile
phone can instantly share image content using any TV set with a SCART or Composite Video compatible
With the introduction of the Crabat technology, Multimedia Messages (MMS), MP3 sound and digital
images can be played back on any standard Television set. The Crabat solution enables users to link
their new multimedia mobile phone to their existing Audio/Visual home equipment today. The plug-in
device serves as a Bluetooth® technology gateway between any Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled
device and the TV. It requires no additional hardware or software drivers to be installed and works with
mobile phones, PDA’s and Personal Computers.
Sony Ericsson – HCB-30 car handsfree
The Car handsfree HCB-30 with Bluetooth® wireless technology lets you make and take calls easily and
safely while driving. You have full handsfree freedom because you can keep your phone in a case or
purse when getting into the car and while driving. It connects to your Car Handsfree without a cable or
phone holder and lets you control your calls without touching the phone.
Driving with with Bluetooth® wireless technology is pure comfort. Conveniently placed is a five button
control panel for you to activate your phone, control volume, and answer or reject calls.
The Car Handsfree HCB-30 works with Sony Ericsson mobile phones with built-in Bluetooth® wireless
technology as well as with mobile phones with built-in with Bluetooth® wireless technology made by other
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Sony – UX50 CLIÉ™ handheld
The PEG-UX50 Personal Entertainment Communicator features dual Wireless integration in a compact
and light weight design. Powered by Palm OS® 5, the UX50 is powerful, portable, and easy to use! With
both WiFi and with Bluetooth® wireless technology built-in, the UX50 offers two methods of wireless
communication for maximum flexibility.
Connect to a wireless LAN network using WiFi, and you can check e-mail or access the Internet. By
pairing the UX50 with other with Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled devices you can transfer data
between CLIÉ handhelds, HotSync with a PC, or connect to the Internet via cell phone.
The new screen design features a high-resolution 480x320 display and allows more web pages to be
readable. The screen lifts to expose the keyboard, or swivels to hide the keyboard and use as a touch
Sony – Cyber-shot FX77 digital camera
This sophisticated digital still camera features 4 effective megapixel imaging, a versatile cradle, a stateof-the-art rotating Carl Zeiss lens and smart zoom for brilliant results every time. And the outstanding
Bluetooth® wireless technology lets you transfer your digital images completely wire-free.
The cutting edge Bluetooth® wireless technology in the Cyber-shot FX77 lets you transfer the image to
any Basic Image Profile-enabled device like, for example, Sony VAIO's, Clié handhelds and mobile
phones- without any cables!
You can even control your camera remotely using a VAIO or Clie.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Sony – Music hands-free HBM-30
The Music Hands-free HBM-30 with Bluetooth® wireless technology is compatible with all Bluetooth®
wireless technology enabled phones and utilizes the 64MB Memory Stick Duo for storage.
While users listen to MP3 or ATRAC3 music files, the player is wirelessly connected to the mobile phone
in a pocket, purse or backpack. When an incoming call is received, users accept or reject the call using
the buttons on the music player.
The user also initiates calls by using voice dialing and without ever touching the phone.
Sony Ericsson – P800 phone
The P800 is a master of mobile versatility. It’s a digital camera, a video player, an MP3 player and an
organizer with a 4,096-color touch screen. It supports polyphonic sound, Multimedia messaging (MMS),
Java and Bluetooth® wireless technology.
And you can play 3D games in wide-screen format using the on-screen touch controls. Some say it’s a
phone. We say it’s a P800.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
Sony Ericsson – T610/T616 phone
The T610 /T616 is a sophisticated camera phone. It has a 65,000-color screen, built-in camera, and
Bluetooth® wireless technology into a sleek design.
The T616 also features a dedicated shutter button for easier snapshots and QuickShare technology,
allowing users to take and send photos in just three clicks. The "drag and drop" simplicity of Bluetooth®
wireless technology on the T610/T616 enables users to transfer multiple files and other information
between the phone and their PC all at one time.
The ring tones are polyphonic 32 voice. And for the best mobile games, the T610/T616 supports Java™
Sony – VAIO® Z1VAP2 Notebook
You want a powerful, portable mobile computing solution, but you don’t have to de-emphasize the
importance of stylish good looks. With the VAIO® Z1VAP2 Notebook, you can honor your style standard
with a truly elegant machine. At the same time, you get true mobility.
This compact notebook, weighing 5.36 pounds, includes integrated wireless LAN, Bluetooth® wireless
technology, a built-in CD-RW/DVD combo drive, and a library of software titles you can really sink your
teeth into.
You’ve got what you need to truly go wireless, and with Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology – featuring a
lightning-fast Intel® Pentium® M Processor 1.70 GHz, you’ve got the cutting-edge resource management
that will maximize your efficiency and keep your system going for hours longer than other systems can.
The VAIO® Z1VAP2 Notebook is where beauty and brains meet.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Christmas Shopping Guide
SouthWing – NeoVoice USB Wireless Headset
The NeoVoice USB Headset combines comfort with stylish communication. Thanks to its flexible hook
and ergonomic design, it is extremely comfortable, elegant and discreet. NeoVoice USB is compatible
with all devices featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology which support the Headset and Hands-free
profiles. It also features very practical USB charging to charge from PCs, Macs and laptops.
The headset has an intuitive interface with only one button control and it only weighs 24 grams.
Throughout its 5 hours of talk-time, the sound quality is digitally clear, even in noisy environments.
Advanced features include: voice dialing, 12 ring tones selector, automatic call pick up, mute function and
last number redialing.
Tapwave – Zodiac™ mobile entertainment console
Take the fun of a gaming console, cross it with the power of a high-end PDA, integrate with MP3 player,
photo viewer and videos and you’ve got Zodiac.
Zodiac is the perfect combination of functionality, technology and portability in a sleek package you’ll
want to take everywhere. It is a wireless multiplayer gaming for up to 8 players, thanks to Bluetooth®
wireless technology.
Zodiac is delivered with a full suite of software designed to give you a wide range of entertainment and
information management tools. From games to multimedia, calendars and contacts, it’s all here.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
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TDK Systems – fone styla
TDK Systems’ fone styla not only does something useful, but does something that is fun and funky too. In
a new mobile-phone companion product, the company has maximized fun and desirability and minimized
technology knowledge needed to experience and use Bluetooth® wireless technology.
The new trend in mobile culture is personalizing and changing your mobile phone’s ring tone, logo and
wallpaper. TDK Systems’ fone styla allows personalized content to be downloaded from the PC to a
Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled mobile phone. The product allows users to reap the benefits of
the latest mobile technology and have fun with the appearance of their mobile phone.
The fone styla PC software adapts each image for the user’s specific mobile model and screen size. fone
styla includes 12 unique high-quality, color images of familiar caricatures and popular cartoons. Images
downloaded from the web, or from the user’s PC are transferred to the phone screen in a few seconds
thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology.
TomTom – Navigator 2 Wireless GPS
TomTom Navigator 2 Wireless GPS adds further flexibility by offering the smallest and lightest GPS
device on the market. It’s so compact, you can even carry it around in your pocket or mount it discreetly
in your car. On the road or walking around the city streets, it’s a powerful navigation solution.
TomTom Navigator 2 doesn’t need wires because it uses the latest Bluetooth® wireless technology that
does the work of connecting cables, in this case between the GPS receiver and the Pocket PC.
Bluetooth® wireless technology
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