L.O. To understand how representations of black culture



L.O. To understand how representations of black culture
• To understand how representations of black culture
progressed from one film to the other.
• To begin understanding the social implications of these
Starter: Who am I?
What theory could we apply to the following
characters? Or which ideas/ theories do they
• Dwayne Chambers
• Hyacinth Marchant
• Prunella
Leon Chambers
Ondene Marchant
Areas of focus for section B
1. How does contemporary media represent
black people in different ways?
2. How does contemporary representation
compare to previous time periods?
3. What are the social implications of different
media representations of groups of people?
4. To what extent is human identity
increasingly ‘mediated’?
AO’s for this section
AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and
understanding of media concepts, contexts
and critical debates, using terminology
appropriately and with accurate and coherent
written expression.
AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding to
show how meanings are created when analysing
media products and evaluating their own
practical work.
Model answer
 Everyone has a copy of Jennifer’s response to
the exam question.
 Analyse the ways in which the media
represent one group of people that you have
studied. [50]
 You can refer to other films you have studied/seen in relation
to the representation of black people. But make the case
studies your main focus.
You will be discussing two media in the exam so ensure you
include them both in the real thing.
Always refer to theory and with reference to the text, give
examples of that particular representation.
Have you essay structured; introduction,
argument/discussion and conclusion.
Refer to the question throughout your response.
Ensure you’re hitting the AO’s and the 4 areas throughout
your response.
Ensure your response flows well, has consistency and refers
to present, past and future representations (with emphasis
on the contemporary/present).
Theory in groups…
 Discuss in groups what theories you can apply
to each film and why?
 Also consider the themes in each film and
relate those to theory and representation.
 We’ll then feedback your responses on the
Changes over time…
 There is a 3 year gap between these films…
How have the representations of black people
changed from 2006-2009?
In pairs list your ideas and feedback to the class.
Key Scenes…
 What do you think were the key scenes in the
 How do you think audiences would react to
these scenes? Would there be a social
 Choose 3 for each film and discuss in groups
then share with the class.
Put the following characters into Stuart Hall’s
characterisation categories. How have the
characters progressed over a period of time?
H/W Compare the articles
There are 2/3 articles on Kidulthood and
 What are the ideas of both films from what
the articles say?
 Are these representations considered an
accurate reflection?
 How would you link these points to the four
areas that your answers must contain?
What have we learned?
 How will you improve your exam practice result for next
 What theory can you apply to each film?
 Name a key scene in Kidulthood and name the theory it
relates to and the social implications of that view.
 Name a key scene in Freestyle and name the theory it
relates to and the social implications of that view.