Identifying and Locating Incarcerated Parents



Identifying and Locating Incarcerated Parents
Identifying a Parent who is Incarcerated
• ASK- nonjudgmentally
• SEARCH “inmate locator” databases whenever
a parent’s whereabouts are “unknown”
• Ask other family members
• Ask about changes in family composition that
are less judgmental / threatening
• LISTEN for words that may be hiding the
incarceration (a parent “upstate,” away
working, at college…)
Locating an Incarcerated Parent
Within the City (which includes Rikers and local jails in NYC):
Within the State:
or call 518-457-8126
Within the Federal system:
Centralized Inmate Locator, includes most states:
Information you will need:
• Parent’s name (last name)
• Parent’s date of birth, if known (at least year of birth)
• If arrest was listed under an alias, it is helpful to know the alias; can
potentially still locate/ identify that person with a date of birth
• NYC ACS: Children of Incarcerated Parents Program (CHIPP) 212-341-9669
CHIPP collect call number is 212-341-3322.
• National Resource Center for Children and Families of the Incarcerated at
Family and Corrections Network:
• Find Youth Info (federal website) on Children of Incarcerated Parents:
• Sesame Street:
• National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections:
These issues are further discussed in our
“Stronger Together” Handbooks
Free download of 3-volume set at

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