Kookaburra Chronicles Fun in the Kindy and PP Playground!



Kookaburra Chronicles Fun in the Kindy and PP Playground!
30th October 2014 Edition #17
Kookaburra Chronicles
Fun in the Kindy and PP Playground!
We have lots of fun at re-
We run, swing, dig, pedal,
cess and at lunch time in
climb, ride and have fun
the playground!
with our friends!
Kookaburra Chronicles
Dear Parents/Caregivers
I am on camp with the Year 6 & 7 classes for the duration of this week, and in my
absence the school has been in the charge of Mr Hanlon and Mrs Parker. I thank
both parties for their fine work in my absence in ensuring that I can participate in
this important part of our Year 6 & 7 students primary education experience.
Athletics Program
As I have stated previously, we can only truly assess the success of any program once the program has been completed in full. On Wednesday October 22 and Friday October 24, we competed in the Interschool Athletics Carnival,
which is the culmination of our entire athletics program. My message to the students on the way to the carnival was
to give it their best, to focus and maintain positivity at all times, including after mistakes are made. If we did this in a
spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, then whatever the scores, we would be winners. Fortunately on the day we
were winners in both aspects. Our attitude was great, we displayed impeccable sportsmanship and we accumulated
more points during the day than any other school. On the evidence at hand, I know that this program was highly successful and thank and commend Mrs Williams and all of our students on a job well done.
November 3 Pupil Free Day
This day will be spent by staff firstly analysing the effectiveness of this years Operational Plans in Maths, Reading,
Writing, Science and History. The analysis will be teacher directed and tempered by previous sessions focussing on
whole school and fine grained data analysis. Following the analysis and feedback, the staff will break into their
Learning Area groups and begin planning for the 2015 academic year. Once these plans are submitted to me, Mrs
Hill and I will construct the 2015 budget, based on the curriculum needs of the school. We will then take this proposed budget to the school’s Finance Committee and School Board for either modification or ratification. Following
this planning regime we ensure that come Day 1 of Term 1 2015 all learning areas hit the ground running and all of
our learning areas are funded according to student needs. Hence, our curriculum drives the budget rather than the
budget limiting what we can and can’t do in class.
Mrs Hill and I have been involved in really extensive training for the implementation of the IPS initiative in 2015. I
know that the short term pain we are feeling will result in long term benefits for the school. An example is with staffing. We have formed a pool of teachers and from that pool can choose teachers for the next 12 months. The first 2
appointments from the pool will be for a permanent Indonesian Teacher and a 6 month Kindergarten Teacher
(replacing Mrs McCubbin). As soon as these decisions are made, the staff and school community will be informed.
David Knox
The next assembly will be held on Friday October 31 and will be conducted by
our students in TA2. The assembly will commence at 8:45 am in the
undercover area.
Parents of the children are invited to morning tea with Miss Donnelly and Mrs
White and the Principal in the Staff Room immediately after the assembly.
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Booklists went home on Tuesday
Statements went home on
SPPS 2014 Annual Skipathon
This year we are holding a skipathon instead of the traditional lapathon. It will be held on Friday
November 14th after lunch. Years 4 to 7 are required to have their skipping ropes to complete laps
around the oval. The younger grades can skip, jog or walk the course. Reminder that 20 laps is the
maximum that can be skipped. Remember, this is a FUN event that raises funds for the school grounds.
In the past couple of years the profits have helped pay for a path in the Pre Primary area, another path
on the eastern side of the school, mulching and retaining walls for the garden beds. Sponsorship forms
will be sent out this week.
Any helpers on the day would be greatly appreciated and can phone Luanne on 0402366245.
Halo Semuanya
This term the junior classes are learning about food - makanan and drinks - minuman. The Year 5, 6 & 7’s
are learning about clothing. I would like to do some work using pictures from magazines, but there is a
shortage of them in the school. If you have any old magazines – Women’s Weekly, Family Circle etc., I
would love to have some! They can be dropped off in my classroom, TA5, any day of the week.
Terima kasih banyak – Thank you very much.
Ibu Ridout
Kapture Photography
Following our recent school photography by Kapture, you can now view and order any sports and/ or special photos
taken on the day. When visiting www.kapture.com.au you will need to enter our school code to access the gallery –
Code: D83ERR
Keyed Up Music
Keyed Up Music runs guitar and keyboard (piano) lessons at South Padbury PS after school. To enrol, go to www.keyedupmusic.com.au/
enrolments.html or ring Therese on
1300 366 243. Lessons start from $17
for a half hour group lesson. There are
still spots for Term 4 available in both
keyboard and guitar!
QR Codes for the School App
South Padbury App Download iPhone/iPad https://itunes.apple.com/au/
Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/
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Contact Information:
For your diary...
27 Oct 2014
Yr6/7 Camp Week
31 Oct 2014
TA2 Assembly
3 Nov 2014
Student Free Day for 2015 School Planning
5 Nov 2014
West Coast SongFest
12 Nov 2014
Final Date for return of Booklists
Police Communications: 131 444
Education Security:
9264 4771
9264 4632
P&C News
56 Warburton Avenue
08 9307 5833
08 9307 5515
Email: [email protected]
We would like to congratulate our sports people on their great effort and sportsmanship last week at the
Inter School Carnival, you made us very proud. Thanks to all the teachers that were involved.
South Padbury 2nd Hand Book Sale in the Undercover area is being held on 24th & 25th November
before and after school. A gold coin per book. Donations of books & DVDs go to the Administration
Office. Volunteers are still required.
Reminder of dates this term:
Skipathon - 14 November 2014
Second Hand Book Stall - 24th and 25th November 2014
Melinda Whiteside
P&C Meeting - 26 November 2014
School Disco - 28 November 2014
P&C President
Fun Day - 18 December 2014
[email protected]
0439 922 228
Pavers Fundraiser
Thanks you to all of those who supported the fundraiser. You will soon be able to see you child/
children’s work of art that has been cemented to the sides of the new eastern pathway. Thank you to
Exposed Worx for your professional paving job.
Petition for a Seagull Island
Many of our children cross the Leichhardt/Warburton Avenue intersection (near the local shops). This
intersection can be quite dangerous and is in need of a well overdue upgrade to prevent drivers going
around the corner too fast. The Mayor suggested that South Padbury PS petition for a Seagull Island that
will slow drivers down. Please give your support. The form to sign will be in the front office.
Luanne Bernhardt - P&C
Uniform Shop
We welcome any used but tidy uniforms to sell in our second hand cupboard. Please drop off
your donations on a Thursday morning or at the school office and one of the uniform team will
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