Document 6596338



Document 6596338
Governors: John Biddulph (Chair), Margaret Gwynne, Ruth Bunclark, Toby Gordon, Cath Forshaw, Peter Holmes, Christine
Hainsworth, Mark Grimes & Vicky Redding
Clerk – Dr B French
7 November 2014
Dear Parent/Carer(s)
As you may have noticed, the staff have been a little preoccupied this week. We had an HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector)
monitoring inspection on Thursday to decide on whether the school has made satisfactory progress since our last OFSTED
inspection. The actual judgement made by HMI is whether or not the senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to
tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the last OFSTED inspection which, in our case, was in July. However, we do
get some feedback and we are allowed to publish the letter that confirms the judgement as soon as we have received the official
letter, in about 2 or 3 weeks’ time. The evidence base for the judgement included visiting all of the classes, looking at children’s
books, talking to children, staff, governors and the Local Authority and scrutinising various documents. So, it’s quite a gruelling
process. However, I am able to confirm that we are very pleased with the outcome. Far from complacent, we know we still have
plenty of things to continue working on but we are doing the right things and what we are doing is having a positive impact on
the progress our children are making. Our HMI, Catherine Leahy, was very thorough and very fair. Well done to everyone
On top of this, we have had a very successful Art Week, led by Miss Bardell. Each class
teacher took an artist, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock or Vincent Van Gogh, and the children
worked their way round the classrooms to learn about the artists and use some of the
ideas and techniques to create their own pieces. They had tremendous fun and some of
the results are quite simply brilliant. Who knows, we may well have a budding artist in
our midst. In 2006, Jackson Pollock sold one of his paintings (right) for $140 million! We
are keen to share our best efforts with you in a slightly extended assembly next week.
Please do join us at 2.15pm next Friday in the Village Hall.
A big thank you to everyone who brought a shoe box in for Operation Christmas Child.
They look lovely and, no doubt, children in dire circumstances abroad will appreciate
them immensely. This sort of charitable gift is particularly personal and thoughtful. Well
done to those children who managed to do this at such a busy time.
Next Tuesday at 10.30am we will have our Remembrance Assembly in the Village Hall.
This will consist of some readings, prayers and music. It will last about 40 minutes and
everyone is welcome to join us. We will have a one minute silence at 11am. Thank you to
the three families who have shared their memories of loved ones from wartime. It isn’t
too late. Several youngsters have talked about their relatives who bravely served in the
war but I really need the details in writing. Please do send them in on Monday if you
would like them mentioned in our assembly. If you know anyone who would like to come
for the assembly, perhaps someone from the villages nearby and you are able to help
them to attend, they would be most welcome. It promises to be a moving and reflective
I am now in a position to confirm Christmas! It’s very exciting and well under way.
Practice for our Christmas service in the church starts next week. Other dates for your
Thursday 11 December 3.30pm: Crafty Christmas sale in the Village Hall-everyone welcome
Tuesday 16 December 5.30-6pm: Our Christmas Nativity Play-everyone welcome
Wednesday 17 December 9.30-11.00am:
 Parents decorate the Village Hall-helpers needed please
 Children have their Christmas lunch provided by the school caterers
 Pm Children’s disco
 Pm Santa Claus has been invited to Rodmarton School
Thursday 18 December 3.30pm: Christmas Service in the Church – everyone welcome
Friday 19 December: Hawks, Falcons and Eagles have their class parties
I’m exhausted and excited in equal measure.
Magic moment: quite simply, an impossible task this week. If I was really pushed, I’d have to say that our main Art day on
Tuesday was a huge success. How often do children get to explore three famous artists in such depth and then have a ‘go’ at
each one? They had a brilliant time and you’ll see the results very shortly. Well done to all the children.
A very special thank you to the staff this week for their extraordinary effort to make this week such a huge success.
Congratulations to Nye Alcock for his ‘awesome dodging’ in Rugby. Nye was awarded Tetbury RFC Player of the Week for his
success. We are very proud of you Nye. Excellent news.
After School Clubs
Film Club: As many of you may have heard, Mrs Stone has had an accident and will not be in school for quite a few weeks.
Therefore, we are unable to run film club for the rest of this term.
Athletics next week will be on Wednesday with Mrs Hills and not on Tuesday .
Margaret Gwynne
On the Monday before half term one brown, boat style shoe, size 30 was lost. Despite searching the school it has not
been found. Can you please have a good look at home and return asap should you find it. Much appreciated.
On Thursday afternoon a brown boot was lost, again after searching it has not been found. Can we ask that everyone
has a good look at home and return asap should it be found. Thank you.
Bikeability Y5 & Y6
Please be advised that any children who have not returned their reply slip will not be able to take part on Monday.
For those children taking part, please do not forget your helmet and if you wish to leave your child’s bicycle at school for the
duration of the training (Mon-Weds), you are more than welcome to do so. They will be locked inside the school playground so
we would suggest that you provide a bicycle lock and make you aware that should anything happen to them they would not be
covered on the school’s insurance.
Can we please ask all parents and carers not to park immediately outside the school gates as this is the space the school bus uses
in order to drop off and pick up the children in the safest place.
Dinner Menu W/C 10th November 2014
Chicken Pasta Bake
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Roast Pork
Beef Lasagne
Fish fingers
French Bread Pizza
Veggie Bolognese
Mexican Vegetable Burrito
Macaroni Cheese
Veggie Fingers
Picture Gallery
Tomato Soup with filled baguette
Jacket Potato with cheese & beans
Ham salad
Jacket Potato with cheese & beans
Egg salad