The Role of the Contact Center in an Omnichannel Environment To Drive



The Role of the Contact Center in an Omnichannel Environment To Drive
The Role of the
Contact Center in an
Environment To Drive
Revenue and
Today’s Presenters
D. Scott Andrick
Director – Retail Banking
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Peg Marty
EVP, Head of Contact Center
Citizens Financial Group
Three Factors Bearing Down
•Customer Experience
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Retail & The Customer Experience
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Demographics (aka Millennials)
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10 Thoughts for 2015
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Getting Started
5 Steps to a Customer Experience Transformation
1. Understand the FULL Customer Journey
2. Listen to Your Customers… and Your Employees
3. Demand a Seat at the “Engagement” Table
4. Ensure Your KPI’s Match Your Customers Needs
5. Obtain Executive Management Buy-In
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Employ Technology
5 Technologies Essential for a DIGITAL Transformation
1. Expand Case Management Across Channels
2. Use BPM to Standardize
3. Invest in Analytics & Decisioning
4. Employ Chat/Co-Browse
5. Eliminate Screen/Application Overload
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Why Does It All Matter?
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Peg Marty, Citizens Bank
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Technology is transforming customer
experience across industries
60% of retail sales are searched online;
online sales are 9%
10+ major US newspapers out of
business in last 5 years
Skype’s int’l call traffic growing at 36%;
fixed and mobile at 7%
Around 60% of travel reservations are made
eBooks represent ~30% of new book
revenues in the US
Uber in over 100 cities worldwide
after 5 years
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Omni Channel Engagement
Physical and Virtual Converging
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Basically customers want to decide
When Where How
and the experience needs to be
Customers don’t want to talk to you...
But they are still calling
High effort, not connected,
navigation difficult,
transaction based
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Integrated pathway,
highly personalized, focused on
customer engagement
Re-imagine the Contact Center
External influences reshaping the industry
• Customer behaviors and expectations changing
• Call complexity increasing
• Voice of the customer more prominent
• New sources of revenue needed
Are you ready?
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Re-imagine the Contact Center
The trouble with the future is that it usually
arrives before we’re ready for it.
~ Arnold H. Glasow
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Re-imagine the Contact Center
The future requires experiences that are:
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Choice is expanding …
How do you get customers to choose you!
Focus on the Basics
•Customers talk about a negative experience
more than a positive experience
•Get the experience right
•Embrace Failures and Learn
•Drive out complexity, increase 1st contact
resolution to reduces cost
•Eliminate the call altogether
•Measure things that are important to the
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Are you measuring the right things?
Page 19
Time Bound Metrics
Speed to answer
Calls per hour
Issue resolution
Issue avoidance
Positive language
Are you providing the right feedback?
Most QA programs designed to meet company needs …
..rather then customer needs
•Process & procedures
•Scripted outcomes
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•Customer advocacy
•Issue identification
•Next issue avoidance
•Mutually beneficial outcome
Are your reps empowered with the right
Out with the old…..
Focused on Production
•Hiring practices out of step
•Rote training
•Scripted resolution
•Checklist based measurement
•Emphasis on call efficiency
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In with the new ….
Focus on Engagement
•Hire right people
•Coaching over training
•Tailored resolution
•Customer centric measures
•Emphasis on call effectiveness
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Know what your customers want and
what your company does best
Culture hard to copy
• The more you engage with customers,
really listen and understand, the clearer it
becomes to know how to focus your energy
& resources
• 70% of buying decisions based on how
customers feel they are being treated
• 5% increase in customers retention can
lead to significant increase in profit margin
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Genuine relationships trump
The human factor still matters –
I know you
I like you
I trust you
Engaged customers are more loyal …. make more purchase…. stay true to
the brand…advocate
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•Make it easy for the customer
•Get really good at the basics
•Empower frontline colleagues
Listen to the customers
•Understand why they call
•What is relevant for them
•They define the experience
•Measure the right things
•Use service failures to drive change
•Test & learn
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Looking forward….
Change happens at the speed of thought
•End to end experiences
redesigned based on voice of
the customer
•Evolve from reactive to giving
advice and offering solutions
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