UN3291 – UN Approved Transportation Crates



UN3291 – UN Approved Transportation Crates
UN3291 – UN Approved Transportation Crates
Solent Plastics are the sole UK distributors of CurTec UN approved Lidded Crates that are suitable for storage and
distribution of a wide range of dangerous and hazardous contents.
A range of 4 sizes are available: 20 Litre, 25 Litre, 45 Litre and 60 Litre. All crates are stackable and nestable and for
easy handling a mobile dolly is available for the larger sizes.
UN3291? Sterile Services? Medical? All consignors of medical instruments and managers of sterilisation units have a
statutory duty to ensure that the instruments are transported in packaging which conforms to dangerous goods road
carriage regulations.
Curtec crates conform to UN3291 regulations so can be used for storage and internal and external distribution of used
medical instruments. * When used with security seals and PE Liner containing adsorbent material.
CurTec’s range of UN lidded crates have been manufactured and tested to meet the extreme requirements for
packages containing hazardous goods.
When packed according to the UN requirements, goods for sterilisation can be carried by road and each container can
display information to confirm that it meets this standard (UN3291).
All of our crates lids can be securely sealed with a Tamper Evident security locking seal that has to be cut to open box..
See our UN Approved range of crates on the following page of our website:
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