Weekly Bulletin - Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and St. Anne's



Weekly Bulletin - Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and St. Anne's
Religious Retirement Fund, give
A parishioner writes, “We thank God today
and every day for every religious sister who
taught us in school, not only our ABCs, but
alos to love God.” Share your gratitude for
the senior Catholic sisters, brothers, and
religious order priests who made a positive
difference in so many lives. Please give
generously to next week’s collection for the
Retirement Fund for Religious.
Join Us for the Rosary
Please join us in saying the rosary in the
church immediately after mass.
Special Thank You
Thank you to the volunteers who helped
prepare the church for advent – CeCe and
Ron Hartt, Terri MacDonald, Beverly
Ramsey, Carol Lee and Diane Stapleton.
Knights of Columbus Fundraiser
The Knights of Columbus are hosting a
charity fundraiser to purchase an
ultrasound machine for the Mountains
Pregnancy Center. Tickets are $30.00 for a
fun evening of Bingo and a Spaghetti and
Meatballs Dinner on December 5th at 5:00
p.m. at the Our Lady of the Lake Hall –
27627 Rim of the World Dr. Crest Park. Please see Les Payne or Ron Hartt after
mass for information and tickets.
human life has value and worthy of
protection, particularly the most vulnerable
in our community.
The event starts at 10 a.m. at La Placita
Olvera, Downtown LA and then begins with
a walk up Temple Street, across Grand
Avenue and down 1st Street. It then
concludes with entertainment and exhibits
from community organizations. For more
information, please contact Mary Huber at
909-475-5352 or [email protected]
or check out the website http://
OneLifeLA.org. We are looking forward to
seeing you.
Mountain Helping Hands Toy Drive
This year, we have over 300 kids (about
187 families) on the list. We need toys for
ages newborn to 18 years old. Toys may be
brought to the church and we will deliver
them to Dixi Willemse, Running Springs
Fire, Director of Operations for this drive. If
you could, please include a gift bag and
tissue. Thank you all for the your support
of this very important and charitable
Parish Support
P. O. Box 2400
30480 Fredalba Road
Running Springs, CA 92382
Phone/Fax (909) 867-2832
Rev. Michal Osuch, C.R.
Pastor - (909) 337-2333
Parish Registration: Please call parish
office. If you move or change your address,
please notify the Parish Office at
Mass Schedule: Saturday, 4:00 p.m.,
Confession at 3:30 before Mass.
For all Sacraments, Sacramental
preparation, and Religious Education,
please call Our Lady of the Lake at (909)
Church Website
November 29
Parish Collection
St. Anne in the Mountains
Catholic Church and
Retreat Center
For parishioners on Internet, Our Lady of
the Lake and St. Anne's are now on a WEB
site. It can be reached on http://
Knights of Columbus
Celebrate the beauty and dignity of
every human life!
Contact: Les Payne (661) 902-3280
Bishop Gerald Barnes and Auxiliary Bishop
Rutilio del Riego would like to cordially
invite you to join them at the first ever
One1Life LA Walk for Life in Los Angeles,
January 17th, 2015. By joining them and
your Christian brothers and sisters, you are
sharing the Church’s teaching that all
Directors: Terri & Larry Mac Donald,
• Food Program, 3rd Thursday,
4:00−5:30 p.m.
Family Assistance Program
Second Sunday of Advent
December 7, 2014
Mission Statement
It is the desire of St. Anne Christian
Community always to be a reflection of the
beauty which surrounds us. In the true
spirit of the gospel, we will strive to
dedicate ourselves to the service of others.
May we never miss the opportunity to
extend a kindness -- remembering always
that what we do for another we do for Christ.
May we never knowingly contribute to the
suffering in the world -- but rather, always be
a positive force in each life we touch.
May we freely share our joys and sorrows
with one another, thus strengthening the
bonds of our friendships, and enriching our
May all our actions be aimed at bringing
others closer to God.
May the welcome we extend to visitors make
them truly aware of our love for them − for
there is no such thing as a stranger, but only
a friend we haven't met as yet.
Spiritually Speaking ...
Both Isaiah
and Peter had
the task of
and encouraging their communities during
times of exile. The Israelites were in
geographic exile from Israel; to them this
was, in effect, the same as being in exile
from their God. The early Christians,
following the Resurrection, expected an
immediate return of Christ in glory; they,
too, felt in “exile” as the delay of the
Second Coming grew longer and longer. All
four of scripture’s
authors today—Isaiah,
the psalmist, Peter,
and Mark—hasten to
help us see things in
God’s terms, not ours.
They want us to know
that we can never truly
be exiled from God, or
from God-among-us,
since we know that
when the faithful are gathered, Christ has
come into their midst. Instead, we are
encouraged today to do what we can from
our end to shorten the time of our exile: to
repent of our sins, to return our lives to the
Lord, to live as people who seek the
coming day of the Lord, when “kindness
and truth shall meet; justice and peace
shall kiss” (Psalm 85:10).
Treasures from our Tradition
Have you seen Antiques Roadshow on
television? People bring attic treasures to
experts for appraisal and possible cash.
Catholic attics, or maybe Grandma’s wall,
often hold a “sick call crucifix.” It is a
curiously bulky crucifix hiding a sliding
panel and a secret compartment. Two tiny
candles, a squeeze bottle of holy water, a
stringy purple ministole, a tube of prayers,
and some cotton balls are all hidden
inside. The cross folds up to form a
minialtar that can be propped up by a sick
person’s bed. All that is needed is a priest
with the oil of the sick and Holy
Communion. Forty years ago, when these
crosses enjoyed great popularity, the
sacrament of the sick was often an
encounter between priest and sick person
alone, and often only in a last crisis of
Gradually, we are reclaiming the sacrament
of anointing from this minimal, hidden
expression. It is celebrated more richly and
more often, even in the Sunday assembly,
at every stage of illness and across a wide
range of human suffering. The “sick call
crucifix” is not a tradition, it is a curiosity
from another time, but it reminds us of
true tradition: we are a people who care for
our sick, who accompany them in faith,
and who sustain them with an experience
of Christ’s presence.
Social Hour
We’re looking for volunteers to host social
hour after masses on 2nd or 4th Sunday of
each month. Please let Melanie Hopkins or
Diane Stapleton know if you would like to
host social hour on one of these days or
would like to bring a dessert to share. Your
help in making parishioners and guests feel
welcome at St. Anne in the Mountains is
always appreciated. If you have any
questions or are interested in hosting
social hour, please contact either Melanie
867-4699 or Diane 867-1115.
Music Ministry - Accompanist
Do you play the piano or organ? Would you
like to join the music ministry program at
St. Anne? The Music Ministry is looking for
a backup/part time accompanist to
support the choir on an occasional basis. If
you are interested, please talk to Vada
Godwin before or after Mass.
Thank you!
God’s Word Today
Advent is such a wonderful liturgical
season. We are treated to a feast of
scripture readings that can serve to inspire
us as we wait in joyful hope for the coming
of the Lord. In today’s first reading, Isaiah
announces that God’s glory will be revealed
and that we are to have no fear as we
anticipate the tremendous burst of glory
that the Lord’s coming will ignite. Saint
Peter, in today’s second reading, reminds
us to conduct ourselves in holiness and
devotion as we ready ourselves to welcome
the Lord at the end of time. The central
figure for this second Advent Sunday is
John the Baptist, who points not to himself
but to the one who is to come, who will
baptize with the Holy Spirit. As God’s word
of preparation is proclaimed today, let us
ready ourselves to receive the Lord in each
and every moment of our lives. Let us learn
to expect miracles among God’s holy
January 3
January 10
January 17
December 6
December 13
December 20
December 24
December 27
Please Pray For:
Kate Helfrich
Alice Reilly
Stella Witczak
Ann Williams
Jamie Spencer
Kathy Johnson
Sue Vasby
Loren Grannis
Carol Camp
Fr. Bob
Dan McDowell
Marge Babel
Tina Winters
Bob Riggio
Justin Hodges Gloria DeMent
Kathy Hefner Alek Brown
Bev Dunivent Joan Lucas
Frank Brown Bruce Wood
Russ Womack Jane Black
Cindy Hogan
Ron Abel
Steve Millsap Ben Huerta
Jeff Frantz
Nick Rivas
Pat Murphy
Harry Pray
If you know of anyone who needs our prayers or
anyone whose name can be removed from our
prayer list please submit their name.
Schedule - Lectors, Ministers, Hosts and Ushers
Eucharistic Ministers
Social Hour Hosts
Terri and Diane
CeCe and Ron
Les and Sandy
Diane and Beverly
CeCe and Ron
Gene and Gwen
Les and Sandy
CeCe and Ron
Dave and Sandy
Gene and Gwen
Gene and Keith
Bob and Errol
Jerry and Larry
Ivan and Dave
Gene and Keith
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