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New Venture Now One of the Largest Microsoft Dynamics Providers in U.S.
DENVER, CO — DECEMBER 17, 2014 — Newly-formed Project AX (PAX), a company with its sights set on
becoming a leading Microsoft Dynamics AX provider in the U.S., announces the acquisition of Microsoft
Dynamics Gold Certified Partner MBS Dev, formerly a subsidiary of the Deerfield, Illinois-based United
Stationers Inc. (NASDAQ: USTR); and the multinational Celenia Software, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
“In acquiring MBS Dev and Celenia, we have the knowledge, scale and capability to support the Microsoft push
into the Enterprise space,” states Project AX Co-founder and CEO Thomas Ajspur. “We come out of the gate –
day one – as one of the largest Dynamics AX providers in the US, but with a startup, entrepreneurial spirit that
will mobilize our growth exponentially and make this an exciting place to work.”
Experts have long cited the growing need for consolidation within the US Dynamics channel to better scale and
meet the needs of enterprise customers. Microsoft has made significant investments expanding the solution
footprint of the Microsoft Dynamics products (ERP & CRM) which have successfully made them a strong
upmarket player, as they also continue to strengthen their ecosystem of system integrators to provide the
necessary business consultation offerings required to deliver ERP solutions in the enterprise space. Dynamics
providers who can skillfully – and cost effectively – deliver more mature offerings, such as higher value-add
Industry and Process consulting and Change Management capabilities globally, will differentiate themselves and
enable a new breed of Dynamics clients.
“These two strategic acquisitions launch us into the market with proven and well-received industry solutions
that we will continue to invest heavily in, as well as provide the capacity and global reach to execute on those
investments,” adds Ajspur. “For over a decade, MBS Dev has provided strong software solutions for the
Project AX LLC | 3943 Irvine Boulevard, Suite 250 | Irvine, CA 92602 | USA
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Irvine, December 17, 2014
distribution market, using their deep vertical knowledge to develop robust distribution industry IP for Cloud, Ecommerce and Microsoft Dynamics AX. We look forward to working with United Stationers as we continue to
provide best-of-breed solutions for their current customers, and Celenia provides us with the resources for
building upon that IP and delivering it worldwide.”
While relatively new on the scene, PAX – which will rebrand under a new corporate identity in February 2015 –
was founded by two highly seasoned Dynamics AX executives who have built their leadership team with senior
leaders from Accenture, Microsoft and Deloitte that will lead key business functions. The founders, Ajspur and
COO John Poulsen, each have over 25 years of experience with the Dynamics AX product line and have worked
with AX since the product’s inception in Denmark. Collectively, they have been involved in building some of the
largest AX practices in the US, selling some of the largest Dynamics AX deals in the world, and implementing
some of the largest complex, multi-site, multinational AX projects to date.
"The Project AX leadership team has a well-earned reputation and a proven track record of success. Together
with their solid business strategy we are thrilled with the benefits they offer Microsoft's customers,” said Neil
Holloway, Corporate Vice President, Sales & Partners. “With Project AX as a partner and given their recent
acquisitions, they are well positioned to take advantage of the growing interest among enterprise customers
looking to move onto Dynamics AX and CRM.”
Adherence to optimal delivery practices are what Poulsen sees as the cornerstone of PAX growth. “It’s one thing
to have technical product knowledge,” says Poulsen, “but you add real value to your clients when you can
provide the business consultation and organizational change management they need to become more efficient
and implement the best possible ERP solution overall. That added piece, along with our unwavering
commitment to delivering solutions on time and on budget are what will set us apart in our industry.”
Danish by birth, PAX founders will imbue the new company with a corporate culture that pulls what they
consider to be the best from both the American and Scandinavian ways of doing business. “We consider every
member of the team family,” remarks Ajspur. “Work-life balance is important if you want to have a vibrant,
excited team working with pride to achieve – or even exceed – company goals. By giving a voice to all team
members, we’ll make the challenging work we do rewarding on all levels, and the workplace fun and dynamic.
We will attract true visionaries, people who work hard to make a difference and have a positive impact on a
Project AX LLC | 3943 Irvine Boulevard, Suite 250 | Irvine, CA 92602 | USA
Tel +1 303 469 2346 | [email protected] |
Irvine, December 17, 2014
customer’s business – the best Dynamics talent in the business – because of our empowering company culture
and our attractive benefits and incentives.”
PAX will continue its strategic acquisitions of best-in-class Dynamics partners in the coming years. “We’re
building a scalable model starting right off the bat with a team that has the expertise to deliver the level of
professional services required to successfully compete in Enterprise accounts,” declares Ajspur. “Project AX
represents the product knowledge, business consulting expertise, and global delivery capacity necessary to bring
true business transformation to the enterprise market.”
About Project AX
Project AX is a Delaware company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Founded in November 2013 by some of
the industry’s most experienced Dynamics AX senior executives, the company’s objective is to become the
leading Microsoft Dynamics AX & Dynamics CRM partner in the United States.
About MBS Dev
MBS Dev, Inc., provides industry-focused enterprise software solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX
platform. With a full range of services including professional services, maintenance and support, Gold Certified
Partner MBS Dev services distribution companies in the U.S. and abroad.
About Celenia
Founded in 1999, Celenia offers development services and software products to Microsoft Dynamics ISVs and
VARs worldwide. Celenia services includes a combination of “on-site” Solution Architects and state-of-the-art
development centers to offer partners development services and products that fit both quality and profit
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