Women Celebrang Women



Women Celebrang Women
14 March 2013
Issue 06
Women Celebra ng Women
Brigidine was no excep on last Friday as women around the world celebrated
Interna onal Women’s Day. Kildare Hall was buzzing with excitement as we
started what proved to be a busy day with an IWD Breakfast for Years 8 and
12 students and their mums.
Many thanks to the P&F for providing a delicious breakfast spread and to
our two former Brigidine graduates and guest speakers, Ingrid Asbury and
Teegan Green, pictured above with Mrs Brosnan and Mr Cahill.
The day-long celebra ons con nued with a Liturgy, lunch me Concert and
evening Celebra on of Women, arranged by Mr Beiers. For more on this
wonderful event-filled day, see Mr Cahill and Mr Beiers’ reports.
Message from the Principal
Principal’s Message
Interna onal Women’s Day
Mission News
Curriculum MaƩers
Pastoral News
Performing Arts & Science News
Sports News
Last Friday, the College organised and held a series
of events to celebrate Interna onal Women’s Day.
I would par cularly like to thank Mr Beiers and
the student leaders for their strong and effec ve
organisa on. The ‘strong and resilient woman’ of
Brigidine were outstanding as current girls, past
students and staff celebrated what can be truly
experienced and shared as women of the 21st
Friday 15th March:
Jasmine Forsyth, Julie Lock
Monday 18th March:
Kerrie Murray
Tuesday 19th March:
Michelle Noye, Chris ne Fitzgerald
Wednesday 20th March:
Jacqueline Reid, Michelle Napier
Thursday 21st March:
Lisa Benede
Uniform Shop Roster
Monday 18th March:
Jennifer Bartley, Menchie Castro,
Kylie Tierney, Debbie Kearns,
Isabelle Piat
Tuesday 19th March:
Deborah Maxwell
Marcg 14
- April 4
March 28
March 29
March 31
April 15
Alliance Française French
Film Fes val
Assessment Week
Ac v es Week Years 8-12
End of Term 1
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Term 2 begins
There were many ac vi es and forums held across Australia and it was
exci ng that our College also played a part in organising ac vi es that
celebrate the role of women in the world today. It is cri cal to recognise
the dignity and grace of all people as well as equality across genders so
that we can move forward in a just world.
“Women’s strength, women’s industry, women’s wisdom are
humankind’s greatest untapped resource”
(UN Women Execu ve Director Michelle Bachelet)
Principal’s Notes
Next week the focus for students and staff turns to the assessment of
learning. The College has reviewed aspects of the Assessment/Assignment
Policies and I would urge all students and parents to be aware of due dates
and procedures for extensions and or late work. I know that students
work very hard to complete all forms of assessment and I encourage all
girls to con nue to do their best with their assessment.
Lord, make me an instrument of peace: Bless all women who strive daily to bring
peace to their communi es, their homes and their hearts.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love: We pray for all women who face
prejudice, inequality and gender dispari es. Help us see and to face the discrimina on against women in all the many forms it may take.
Where there is injury, pardon: Comfort all women who suffer from the pain of
war, violence, and abuse. Help them to become instruments of their own
reconcilia on and peace.
Where there is division, unity: Forgive all women and men who let differences
breed hate and discrimina on. Let your example of valuing all of crea on help us
to see that we are equal partners in the stewardship of your world.
Where there is darkness, light; where there is untruth, truth: Comfort all women
who struggle in the darkness of abuse, poverty, and loneliness. May we stand
with them in light to acknowledge their suffering and strive to remove the
burdens of shame or embarrassment.
Where there is doubt, true faith: We pray for all women who live in fear of their
husbands, fathers, and forces that control their lives. Help them to be
empowered to be their true selves through your everlas ng love and faith.
Where there is despair, hope: We pray for all women who live in the despair of
poverty, violence, trafficking, slavery, and abuse. May the light of your love bring
them hope.
Where there is sadness, new joy: Help us to see the strength and goodness in
all women and men. Transform our hearts to celebrate the love and grace of all
We pray for ourselves, that each of us will discern ways that we can more fully
live as God calls us to live.
Gracious God, hear our prayer.
Message from the Principal (cont’d)
Interim Reports have been
sent out, and I would ask
that all parents access these
reports through their Brigidine
email account. Parent-Teacher
Interview details for next term
will also be available soon.
If parents review the report
and then make a me to meet
their daughter’s teachers, this
can have a posi ve impact on
student learning.
The College Parents and Friends
(P&F) Associa on held their
AGM last Wednesday and a
good number of parents from
all year levels a ended. I would
like to take this opportunity to
thank the outgoing Commi ee,
expertly led by Merry Manton.
The P&F have over recent mes
been par cularly suppor ve as
changes have occurred across
our community. I very much
look forward to working with
our new commi ee.
I welcome the following parents
to their new posi ons:
President: Jo Cope
Vice President: Andrew Wilkins
Secretary: Anita McNish
Treasurer: Liang Seow (LP)
A couple of items raised at
the P&F mee ng included the
weight of materials for girls to
carry, as well as the fabric of the sports polo shirt. The College is inves ga ng
op ons of bags or trolleys with wheels, so that the movement to and from
the College might be a li le easier. Informa on and op ons will be presented
over the next few weeks. I would, on behalf of the P&F, value your feedback
regarding these issues.
The Brisbane West Op minds Compe on will be held at Brigidine College on
Sunday 25 August. This compe on is open to students from Years 4–12 and
will be a wonderful event for our community. I would also like to thank the P&F
for their help and support with this compe on.
The Interschool Swimming Carnival was held on Monday 11 March at the
Chandler Swimming Complex and I would like to congratulate all swimmers
and the coaches for their efforts represen ng our College. Many girls produced
their personal best mes and I was very proud of their efforts. I wish to thank
all staff and coaches involved for their commitment to the Swimming Squad.
Congratula ons to All Hallows’ School on winning the Duhig Cup.
A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn.
Brendan Cahill
A Generous Donation
Jai Kumar, father of Radhika Kumar, a Brigidine Senior of
1995, has donated a statue to College in appreciation for
his daughter’s Brigidine education. In true ‘St Brigid’ style,
Radhika is now a solicitor in Sydney working for the human
rights of refugees.
The College intends to invite her to speak to our students at
an up coming event.
Please pray for...
Paternal Grandmother to
Chloe Sloper (MK6)
The College offers our prayers
and sympathy to the family at
this difficult me.
Prayers are asked for Mrs
Sue Miles and Mrs Kate
Driscoll (staff members) who
are undergoing treatment
and Mrs Katherine Kennedy
(former P&F President).
Mission News
Last week Brigidine celebrated
Caritas fundraisers and Internaonal Women’s Day events.
Recently Delany House organized cake stalls, chocolate drop
and other food and goodies stalls.
Congratula ons to Miss Carly Richardson, the Home Room teachers
and Delany students.
Alexandra Creevey DP6
and Makenzie Wright DP2
enjoying the atmosphere of
the De Porres Caritas Carnival
the Caritas
their Caritas
Carnival including cake
stalls, bake
sale, Easter
Egg compe on, Lob-A-Choc and baby animal compe ons. Great fun was had by all. Congratula ons
to Mrs Allison Power, Home Room teachers and all the
This week, MacKillop House hosted their Suitcase Rummage Sale where students brought in clothes, shoes,
staged an impromptu fashion parade, sold some skates
and a guitar!! Congratula ons to Mrs Maree Aus n,
MacKillop Home Room teachers and students.
This week Chanel are having a futsal compe on and
Damien will celebrate St Patricks’s Day…watch this
Interna onal Women’s Day (IWD) was celebrated
by the College with four different events highligh ng
women’s gi s.
The IWD breakfast saw guest speakers Ingrid Asbury
and Teegan Green share their stories of the Brigidine
Community and journeys of resilience over two different genera ons.
Diana Chambers, the P&F Associa on and our Commi ees - Jus ce and Democracy, Liturgy, Spirit Squad,
St Vincent De Paul and Interact - for their combined involvement across the day.
Breakfast was followed by a College Liturgy at Assembly
me concelebrated by Fr Pan with music provided by
the Ministry team and Cantaré members. Jus ce and
Democracy Captain, Erin Cuskelly, along with members,
Hayley Fancourt and Tessa Blumke presented their
powerful learning experiences from the recent J & D
forum about Human Trafficking in Australia. Special
thanks to Fr Pan and Ms Dani Senior.
Following Liturgy, lunch me was filled with a celebraon of voice, music and dance. Students performed
pieces as solos, duos, and groups to the enthusias c
applause and thrilled shrieks from the students and
staff audience. Thanks to Ms Dani Senior, Ms Lucy
Flook and students Grace Phillips, Sarah Lyons and Tellene Ramsden-Foreman.
Friday evening heralded the graduate students, St Brigid’s Women’s first major event, Celebra ng Women.
Around 50 graduates, Year 12s and parents were entertained by MC’s Tamara Steffens and Tess David as they
entered the room in animal costumes to the theme music of The Lion King. We heard stories from our graduates about strong resilient women in their lives along
with Faiza, the CEO of the Romero Centre for Refugee
claimants. She told her story of life in Sudan and how
her life was threatened by the regime when she tried to
stand up for human rights.
The night ended with Triple J ar st, Wafia, performing
her new songs.
Please contact me on [email protected]
for further informa on about Brigid’s Women.
Andrew Beiers
Deputy Principal Mission
My thanks to Mrs Gina Brosnan, Mrs Di Elsworthy, Mrs
Project Compassion, Week 4, brings you the story of Vannak.
Vannak went back to school and learnt how to do silk screen prin ng
through the Youth Empowerment Project, a Caritas Australia partner, which
helps disadvantaged young people to find their way to a brighter future. Vannak is now a team leader
and encourages other youths who have dropped out of school to value educa on.
Your Project Compassion dona on is suppor ng projects like this to empower young people to change
their future for the be er.
Curriculum Matters
Assessment Week
QCS Test – Special Provisions
Next week is the College’s Term
1 Assessment Week. All students will have a number of
exams and assignments due
throughout the week. This is
a me for students to manage
their study and assessment,
to assist them to achieve the
best results that they can. It
is important that you support
your daughter during this me
so she manages her me effec vely, to complete final revision and prepara on
for her assessment. All Year 11 and 12 students have a
schedule that is a combina on of study sessions, exams
and normal classes. All students are expected to be in
a endance for the whole week. There is no op on for
students to study at home.
The QSA recognises that some
students may need to have special arrangements applied to minimise any barriers that may impact
on them demonstra ng their
achievement in the QCS Test. Any
applica ons for special provision
must be completed by Monday 13
May, so that there is me to process the applica ons
and send them to QSA. If you believe your daughter
should apply for special provision please go to the QSA
website for further informa on - h p://www.qsa.qld.
edu.au/1102.html. Applica ons this year are electronic and must be completed on line - Applica on for special arrangements. Students can make an appointment
to see me or Dr Ruth Burne , in the LEC, to assist them
to complete the applica on.
The details and expecta ons of each Year level’s exam
schedule can be found on the College website, under
Curriculum and Assessment. You will also be able to
view the same informa on through the Coneqt Parent Portal that was outlined in last week’s newsle er.
This informa on is available by clicking on the Portal
Pages and then Exams. If you are having any problems
accessing the Coneqt Parent portal, please contact IT
at [email protected]
Melissa Dever
Deputy Principal Curriculum
Study Hall is a place for your Year 10, 11 or
12 daughter to study any subject with the
support of on-call tutors. It runs Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
from 7:15 to 8:15am in the Erin Rooms.
The cost is $20 per week or $160 for Term 2.
Payment must be made for the whole term
in advance.
Informa on about the Term 2 Parent-Teacher Interviews, including the login informa on for the online
booking system, will be emailed to your Brigidine email
account by the end of the week. Parent-Teacher Interviews are an opportunity to meet with your daughter’s
teachers if you have concerns about her progress. If
your daughter’s teachers request an interview on the
Interim Report, I would encourage you to make those
interviews. The interviews will be held on Wednesday
24 April from 1:15 to 8:00 pm. The online booking system will be available from Friday 15 March to Thursday
18 April.
Your daughter’s par cipa on in Term 2
Study Hall can be confirmed by comple on
of the enrolment form on the College Website under Parent Informa on\Study Hall
and payment of the $160 fee to the Delany
Office Accounts window.
The enrolment form also appears on the
back page of Issue 5 of Brigidine News, 7
March 2013.
Pastoral News
Ac vi es Week 2013
As the end of term fast approaches and the students are preparing for their various assessment
items, we con nue planning for Ac vi es Week. The final four days of Term One will follow a different schedule than our normal metable providing our girls with many opportuni es to challenge themselves, develop their own inner strength and to contribute to the wider community on
behalf of themselves and Brigidine College.
During the term, Ac vi es Week has been discussed in various Pastoral Care lessons with the students with an earlier le er sent out in February informing parents of this impending event. At the
conclusion of last week all students were given the wri en informa on for their respec ve year levels with addi onal
copies of these being available on the College Website under Parent Informa on giving no ce that the costs for this
week will be added to the next fee statement. Please note that forms for all students regarding this week and their
various ac vity permissions are due back to the Delany Office by this Friday, 15 March.
I take this opportunity to remind both students and parents, that this is a compulsory week of school. The costs of the
week include all transport, guest presenters, ac vi es and meals as specified. This week allows our students the me
away from the everyday curriculum, to take the me to self-reflect and to be able to play their own important role
within our own and the wider community.
Students who are absent at any stage during the week will s ll incur the full cost of the ac vi es as these have been
paid for in advance and whilst some ac vi es may present their own challenges for students, there are always other
ac vi es that occur that may not be listed in the broad outline in which students can also par cipate. We also ask for
parents to ring the Absentee Line (3371 8525) during this week should their daughter be absent for any of her ac vies. Please see below an outline for each Year group:
Monday 25 March
Tuesday 26 March
Wednesday 27 March
Thursday 28 March
The Journey with Enlighten
Educa on and Camp
Prepara on in Kildare Hall
Maranatha Camp, Yandina:
depart Kildare Hall 8am
Maranatha Camp, Yandina
Depart Maranatha Camp,
arrive at College 2:30-3pm
Year 9: ‘Building
Outdoor ac vi es at
Kangaroo Point/Kokoda
Challenge at Mt Coot-tha
Nurturing Our Inner Strength
at College
Outdoor ac vi es at
Kangaroo Point/Kokoda
Challenge at Mt Coot-tha
Amazing Race in groups around
CBD, Southbank, West End. Buses
to transport students to and from
Year 10: ‘Ci zens of
the World’
Real Talk Prepara on for
Community Service
at College
Community Service at
various loca ons
Community Service at
various loca ons
Community Service
Reflec on at College
Year 11: ‘Act Now!’
Social Jus ce Forma on at
Mercy Place, Bardon.
Buses to transport to and
from venue
Social Jus ce Forma on at
Social Jus ce Presenta on
Day/Harmony Day
prepara on at College
Harmony Day at College
Year 12: ‘Strong and
Resilient Women’
QCS Prac ce in Delany
Rooms 6-11
Year 12 Retreat Thunderbird
Park, depart Erin Rooms 8am
Year 12 Retreat,
Thunderbird Park
Year 12 Retreat, Thunderbird Park.
Return to College 3pm
Year 8: ‘Never Say
ID Cards and Photos
This week, students in all Year groups should receive their College photos. These were taken three weeks ago and
the individual photos have been used for new ID cards for students in Years 9-12. The ID cards are expected to be
produced and given to these girls by the end of this week. Students in Year 8 have already had their photos taken and
should have received their ID cards a few weeks ago. For students in Years 10-12, their personal LUI (Learning Unique
Iden fier) Number will also be published on their ID card and we encourage them to regularly update their LUI account
throughout the year.
Say NO to Bullying
This Friday, in conjunc on with the celebra on of St Patrick’s Day, the College will be Saying No to Bullying and Yes
to Kindness. Miss Richardson and the Spirit Squad have organised ac vi es for the girls to promote our views against
bullying including a pledge to help others. In conjunc on with Damien’s fundraising appeal for Caritas of wearing
sports uniform to school on Friday, the girls will be given a ribbon to wear in support of our an -bullying campaign.
Merryl Wheaton
(Ac ng) Deputy Principal Pastoral
Cassandra Mai
[email protected]
0412 190 602
Maths (8-12), Japanese, English
Brigida Corte-Real
[email protected]
0477 641 271
Maths (8-12), Study of Religion, Chemistry
Gaby Crawford
[email protected]
0437 704 042
English, Study of Religion, Social Science,
Junior Maths, Maths A, Maths B
Yolanda Lovie-Toon
[email protected]
0458 754 444
Maths (8-10), Year 11 Maths B, French
Amadis Novak
[email protected]
0452 433 636
Maths (8-12), Physics, Chemistry
Jessica Manteit
[email protected]
English, Maths (8-12), Physics, Chemistry
Date Claimer
Sunday 19 May 2013
10am - 1pm
This is a compulsory school event
for all current students and an
opportunity for visitors to
experience life at Brigidine.
Thursday 15 August 2013 is a
holiday in lieu of this event.
Rebecca Stillwell
[email protected]
English, Study of Religion, Social Science,
Junior Maths, Maths A
Emma Maxwell
[email protected]
0424 927 252
Maths (8-12), Art
Caroline Ishihara
[email protected]
Maths (8-12), Physics, Chemistry
Heather Sullivan
[email protected]
Maths (8-12)
Free Mathematics tutoring
is available for Years 8 to 10
Maths and Senior Maths A and
B. It will be conducted in the
Library every Tuesday
afternoon from 3:15 to 4:30pm
and will be run by Miss Helen
Paviotti. For enquiries, please
contact either Mrs Michelle
Tubb or Miss Paviotti on
3870 7225.
Performing Arts News
Queensland Ballet Junior Program
(for 15-16 years)
Due to popular demand, Queensland
Ballet are introducing a new class in
the Junior Program for dancers aged
15-16 years. This program is an extension of the Junior Program 1 (dancers
aged 11-12) and Junior Program 2 (dancers aged 13-14)
classes and will supplement
the training students are already receiving.
Classes will be held every Wednesday from 4:30-6:15pm
during the remaining three terms and will be taught by
QB Ar s c staff or one of QB’s associate teachers. The
program will be open to up to 20 students.
Par cipa on in the Junior Program is by audi on.
Junior Program 3 audi ons will be held on Sunday 24
March. Registra ons close this Friday 15 March and
please go to h p://www.queenslandballet.com.au/
your-company/training/junior-program/ for more informa on.
Lucy Flook
Performing Arts Coordinator
Symphonic Revolu onaries
On Wednesday 9 March the Year 9
and Year 12 Music classes travelled
to Queensland Performing Arts Centre to see the Queensland Symphony
Orchestra’s performance ‘Symphonic
Revolu onaries.’ The theme of this
performance was important revoluons all around the world. Not only did this interest the
Year 9s musically but it also gave them an insight into
other revolu ons as they are also studying the French
and Industrial Revolu ons in Social Science.
Through their performance, the Orchestra told stories
of hurt, passion, power, destruc on and mourning. The
students also had the chance to see the recipient of
the Queensland Prize for Young Instrumentalists, Guillaume Wang perform a piece on the Cello. Guillaume is
15 years old and has already completed his Associate in
Music. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the performance
and are now working on their assignments reviewing
the performance. Thanks to Mrs Shirley Jarro (Performing Arts Aide) for joining us on the excursion.
Dani Senior
Cultural Coordinator
Science Department News
Inside our heads, weighing about 1.5kg, is an astonishing living organ consis ng of billions of ny
cells. It enables us to sense the world around us, to think and to talk. The human brain is the most
complex organ of the body and arguably the most complex thing on earth. Yet this week, six Year 10 students tackled
the Australian Brain Bee Compe on, a na onal online quiz based on this complex organ. We wish the following girls
all the best with their results due back early in Term 2 - Keely Vit, Briana Tsang, Samantha Craven, Isobella Powell, Poppy
Nguyen, Caitlin Harzem.
SPARQ-ed Program
This is a week long scien fic immersion program for Senior Science students where par cipants play a part in the cutng edge biomedical research performed at the UQ Diaman na Ins tute at the PA Hospital. Entry is by applica on
and students can even opt to complete an addi onal assessable component which can earn them a point under the
University of Queensland Bonus Ranks Scheme. There are a variety of dates on offer during most of the school holiday
periods. For more informa on, see h p://www.di.uq.edu.au/sparqed-rip.
Michelle Kath
Science Coordinator
Sports News
BSGSA Tennis - Round 3 Saturday 9 March
A er rain wiped out any play in Round 2, the girls were keen to get back into compe on in Round
3. Both Junior teams played away at St Rita’s where they found tough compe on. Although
our girls lost, they didn’t lack Brigidine spirit. Two teams played t our home courts at Nudgee
Junior College in the a ernoon. The College’s No. 1 side playing in B5/6 had another strong
victory, winning all their singles and doubles games. Sophie Napier and Millie Beckinsale forged
a formidable doubles combina on with a 6-0 win. The B7/8A side went down in a close match
against Loreto. Emma Coyer had a nice win to start the day, while Catriona McCorry and Ashleigh
Haupt won their doubles games. The C1/2 and B7/8B teams played away to Loreto and Stuartholme respec vely
and both matches went down to the wire. Gnapika Kethinedi played well in her first match of the year to win 6-4
while Jade Duncan and Lydia Pointon had a memorable doubles victory. Well done girls!
D5/6 were defeated by St Rita’s 6 sets to 0 (36 games to 9)
D1/2 were defeated by St Rita’s 6 sets to 0 (36 games to 11)
C1/2 were defeated by Loreto 6 sets to 2 (43 games to 23)
B5/6 defeated Stuartholme 5 sets to 1 (36 games to 8)
B7/8A were defeated by Loreto 6 sets to 2 (27 games to 18)
B7/8B defeated Stuartholme 3 sets to 3 (29 games to 21)
Water Polo Semi Finals Fixtures: Saturday 16 March, The Valley Pool
8:45 am
All Hallows’ C
Brigidine C
10:15 am
Brigidine B
11:00 am
Brigidine C
All Hallows’ C
1:15 pm
Loreto Warriors
Brigidine C
4:15 pm
NEW Brigidine Wet Weather Line!
Brigidine College now has a Wet Weather Phone Line for sports updates:
3002 0685
Bre Jones
Sports Coordinator
The 2012 College
Yearbook was
distributed to students
last Friday in Home
Room. If your
daughter did not
receive her copy and
was a ending
Brigidine College in
2012, please ask her
to collect one from the
Delany Office.
Once again over the Term 1 holiday break at Easter,
we are offering cleaning and repair of hats for anyone who is interested. All payments need to be
made to the Uniform Shop by Tuesday 26 March.
Hats must be le at the College Office by 3:00pm on
Thursday 28 March.
Hat Clean, Repair and Block $30.00
Hat Clean and Block $20.00
Please also note that jumpers and fawn socks have
arrived at the Uniform Shop and orders are ready for
collec on.
Anne Sco
Uniform Shop Convenor
Newly Elected Student Council
Congratula ons to the following students who have been elected to the 2013 Student Council:
De Porres
Year Group
for Caritas
Shakira Smeaton
Olivia Fidler
Kate Heffernan
Tayla Bouckley
Phoebe Low
Hailee Ryan
Laura Cross
Hannah Go smann
Lauren Gadsby
Zoe Davidson
Paris Jones
Riley Watson
Akwany Mangwak
Sophia Lazarou
Shannon Wilson

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