Class 1



Class 1
Dr. Ho received his BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Malaya in 1968, and
MSc and PhD from the University Of Bristol, England in 1969 and 1972
respectively. He was formally trained in Colloid and Surface Science, the forerunner
of nanoscience, at the MSc programme in Bristol and his PhD thesis was on the
synthesis of polystyrene latex and their interaction with methyl cellulose. He has
been researching on surface and colloidal behaviour of polymeric materials ever
since. Dr. Ho is a Fellow of the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry and its
Past-President. He is also a Chartered Chemist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of
Chemistry, Britain.
Aiming to provide participants with extensive knowledge
of what latex is, what we need to do to convert latex into
useful products and how to test the products for the
desired quality and standard.
Open to employees of Malaysian rubber product
manufacturers particularly those working in the
latex-based industry, with no relevant formal training
and wish to acquire the fundamentals of latex field.
RM300/pax (package of 9 classes) or RM50/pax (each class)
Class 01
General Introduction to
Colloidal Dispersions and Latex Systems
Class 02
Natural Rubber Latex Dispersion
10 Feb 2015
Class 03
Synthetic Latex Systems and
their Properties
10 Mar 2015
Class 04
Instrumentation and Analytical
Techniques for Dispersions
Class 05
Characterization of Latex Dispersions
5 May 2015
Class 06
Latex Additives and Rubber Chemicals
9 Jun 2015
Class 07
Latex Compounding and
Vulcanization of Latex Dispersions
8 Jul 2015
Class 08
Latex Film Formation
4 Aug 2015
Class 09
Latex Dipping Processes
8 Sep 2015
Time: 8.30am - 1.00pm
Venue: MREPC Multi Purpose Hall,
Block 2A, Level 13A-1,
Plaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
6 Jan 2015
7 Apr 2015
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