full report - SARAH



full report - SARAH
2 01 3 – 2 014 A N N U A L R E P O RT
Dear Friends and Supporters,
We are pleased to report that 2013 was an exceptional year in
support of SARAH participants. In a difficult economy, when many
non-profits are struggling with fundraising, SARAH donors and
contributors stepped-up their giving. Contributions from individuals,
SARAH events and major gifts exceeded all of our expectations.
In early 2013, a large stock gift was made to the SARAH Foundation
from an anonymous SARAH benefactor. This unanticipated
donation funded several needed projects: a site plan for SARAH,
Inc. Enrichment Center, start-up resources for Tuxis Harbor and
emergency housing funds for SARAH SENECA participants.
We also said good-bye to our good friends, Chet and Angelica
Bentley. However, their memory endures with their generous
bequest to the SARAH Endowment Fund. This gift was a huge
boost to both the SARAH Endowment Fund and the distributions
to SARAH service agencies.
The SARAH Foundation is extremely proud of two beautiful and
touching videos that were produced by Steve DePino. The “Making
Independence Video” depicts a day in the life of several individuals
who are supported by SARAH. The “Thank You Video” features a
variety of thank you messages from SARAH participants. Both of
these videos were showcased at the SARAH Gala and are posted
on our website.
The SARAH Foundation is responsible for raising funds, managing
the investments and coordinating all donations with the wishes of
the donors and the mission of the SARAH agencies. We are extremely
grateful to you and the hundreds of individuals and businesses that
support us in our mission to make independence possible.
2014 – 2015
The SARAH Gala
Thursday, May 7, 2015
SARAH Golf Classic
Monday, August 3, 2015
Clinton Country Club
Adams Middle School Carnation Sale
Alex and Ani Sale
Connex “Coins for Change”
Guilford Education Association Read-a-thon
Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Sales
Madison Wine Exchange Beer Tasting
NU Hartford Marathon Team SARAH
Warm regards,
Connor Dolan
Denise Rose
Board PresidentExecutive Director
15 NE Industrial Road
Branford, CT 06405
(203) 315-3770
45 Boston Street
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 458-8532
246 Goose Lane, Suite 101
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 458-4040
“Everyone who knows Mark got together, because of
his enthusiasm, commitment, and sportsmanship…
he was a natural choice.”
—Debbie Horne, SOCT Communications Director
Mark Hutchinson, a SARAH Special Olympics athlete,
has been participating in the games for more than
25 years. This year, he became the first-ever recipient
of the Bud Meyers award at the 2014 Connecticut
Special Olympics Winter Games.
Hutchinson has been competing in the winter games
for as long as Bud Meyers has been making snow for
the athletes. For 20 years, Meyers has crafted perfect
conditions for the winter games venue in Simsbury.
Harold, Mark’s father and Team SARAH coach, said
his son is very competitive. “He has a ritual. When
he gets through each skiing race, I’ll go over and get
his skis and he’ll say be careful they’re hot – they’re
smoking, they’re smoking. He feels like he melts the
snow, he goes so fast.”
John Carpenter was the first million dollar winner in the Who
Wants to be a Millionaire? Show. In the Celebrity Tournament,
John won $250,000 – half of which was donated to the SARAH
Unbeknownst to John, the publicity surrounding the TV show
would attract another gift.
Agnes was an avid Who Wants to be a Millionaire? fan. As she
watched John win $125,000 for SARAH, she contemplated “If
SARAH is important to John Carpenter; they must do great things
for people with disabilities.”
Agnes and her attorney arranged a generous bequest to be made
to the SARAH Endowment Fund. Several years later, Agnes passed
and her legacy gift to SARAH is helping to enrich the lives of SARAH
participants now and for years to come.
“I chose SARAH because I wanted to make sure whatever
money I won would make a real difference in people’s lives.”
—John Carpenter
John and Agnes
“We keep them moving. They have a monthly calendar
with something going on almost every day.”
—Jill, SARAH staff
Mike, Stuart, Mark and Herb are four busy, productive
young men. Mike has a staff person for exercise and
exploring the community. Stuart works at the Coast
Guard Academy. Mark is part of a SARAH cleaning crew
working at local businesses. Herb attends reading,
computer classes and volunteers.
Mike, Stuart and Herb live in a SARAH supported home in
Clinton. Mark lives in an in-law apartment attached to his
parent’s home in Guilford.
All are involved in SARAH recreation programs such as
Special Olympics, exercise classes, trips and volunteering.
This summer they participated in Special Olympics
softball, Fitness Club, and volunteered at the SARAH Golf
Classic. Stuart is running the 5K with the SARAH Team at
the NU Hartford Marathon this fall.
Life is good for Mike, Stuart, Mark and Herb.
Mike Stuart Mark
“Chris was a kind person, a pure spirit. I was so
happy that Chris was a part of SARAH. They were so
nice to him and he was so loved by his family.”
—Loretta, Chris’s mom
Joseph Lagana, Sr. opened the Liberty Lagana store
in Meriden, Conncticut in 1934. Over the years, their
products gradually evolved from automotive and
hardware goods to furniture and electronics. Liberty
Lagana became a 3rd generation business in 2003 as
Matthew Lagana joined the company full-time and his
father, Joseph, retired.
Each year the Liberty Lagana store and the Lagana family
make a generous donation to SARAH in loving memory
of their nephew, Christopher Democh. Chris was a typical
young man who liked to go crabbing and watch WWE
Wrestling. He loved all animals and had a dog named
“Guilford,” however; he was born with a genetic disorder
known as Prader-Willis Syndrome. Chris graduated
from Old Saybrook high school in 2002 and worked
at Applicare in Branford with help from a SARAH work
program. Sadly, he passed away in 2003 at the age of 22.
“For over 50 years, SARAH has been a
model for our nation in advocating for
social acceptance, equal rights and
expansion of opportunities for people
with disabilities. SARAH participants
are justifiably proud of who they are and
what they have accomplished, and they
teach us all that every single person has a
contribution to make.”
—Ted Kennedy, Jr.
“I feel happy about myself to sing in front
of others. It was fun to perform.”
—Karen, SARAH participant
“It was fun and I felt really comfortable.
I was happy and had a good time. It was
—Irene, SARAH participant
Gala 2014
Stephen Holthausen, a quiet and humble humanitarian, was involved
with SARAH for over 30 years. Following his term as a SARAH board
member from 1981 to 1984, Stephen continued to give to and
volunteer his time to the organization, including, but not limited to
the SARAH Gala. Stephen and his partner, Sandra Reid, were fixtures
at the annual festivities, as he was a faithful auction donor of a
variety of sports memorabilia items.
Following Stephen’s unexpected and sudden passing in June 2012,
his children, Gretchen Holthausen of Guilford, CT and Christian
Holthausen of Paris, France, contacted the SARAH Foundation to
continue their father’s legacy. To honor their beloved father and
his lifelong passion for SARAH, they donated several auction items
from their father’s sports collection to both the 2013 and 2014
SARAH Galas. Accompanied by her aunt, Linda McGrady and on
behalf of her and her brother, Gretchen has attended both Galas
since Stephen’s passing and has been inspired by the incredible
participants, parents, and community of SARAH.
In the fall of 2014, Gretchen enthusiastically joined the SARAH, Inc.
Board of Directors. She is proud to continue the Holthausen family’s
patronage of SARAH.
The Holthausens’
Our Donors
Nettie and Ron Gowac
Cynthia “Cindy” Bellmore
Alex Higgins
Joan Bellmore
Ellen Kennedy
Angelica Dunham Bentley
Al LaPrino
Chester “Chet” Bentley
The Jensen Family
Carol Barbara Brown
Shirley Bialobrzewski
Debra Cavallaro
William W. Davidson
Crippled Children’s Aid Society
Patricia Dombromski
Guilford Education Association
Darlyne “Dolly” Gentile
Harry and Peg Hampton
Julie Greim
SARAH’s Cupboard Thrift Shop
Mary Candace Gunther
The Echlin Foundation
Joan Hogan
The Estate of Angelica Dunham Bentley
Luella and Bill Horan
The Larry W. McCurdy Family Foundation
Elizabeth Joseph
Amy Kozelka
John “Bubba” Loehmann Jr.
Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market
Mary Lowen
Guilford Community Fund
Susan Meader
Guilford Savings Bank
Anthony Mendes
Althea and Peter Higgins
Elizabeth “Betty” Pascucelli
John Aksamit Revocable Trust
Victoria Ann Pelatowski
The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Janet and David Regan
The Huisking Foundation, Inc.
Eleanor Reinhardsen
Susie Roberts
Thomas Rogers, Jr.
A Family Chiropractic Center
Judith Sexton
Active Network, Inc.
Dorothy, Reeves and Susan Spencer
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Mary Anne Steele
Ameriprise Financials Root, Borajkiewicz and
Jimmy Vining
Yetta A. Augur
Linda Bernardini
C. Robert and Eleanor Bruckmann
Keith Filarsky
AT&T Community Services Fund
AT&T CT External and Legislative Affairs
William Belenardo, C.P.A.
Fred, Sue and Kathy Brisbois
Brown Middle School
Claudia Buzzi and Pietro DeCamilli
Cafe Routier
SARAH Foundation Giving Levels
Call Before You Dig/Asplundh Tree Expert Co.
Tim and Barb Carney
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares Foundation
Connecticut Construction Group LLC
Corner Properties
Golden Circle of Friends
President’s Circle
$ 10,000+
$ 5,000+
$ 1,000+
$ 500+
$ 250+
$ 100+
Dan Cosgrove
Cosgrove Construction Company
Diversified Building Services, LLC
SARAH Foundation Assets*
Downman Family Foundation
East Commerce Solutions Inc.
First Niagara Bank
Fortunato Construction Group
Fusco Management Company, LLC
Kathy and Peter Griswold
Guilford Funeral Home, Inc.
Farmington Bank
Johan and Kristen Eveland
Essex Savings Bank
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
20092010 20112012 2013
Michael and Patti Haggerty
Joan Hansen
Jerome and Jocelyne Hartigan
Hinckley, Allen & Snyder LLP
Honeywell Fire Solutions Group
Knights of Columbus Killingworth
Knights of Columbus—St. George Council
Joseph A. Lagana
Allan and Jane LaPrino
Lifetime Care at Home
Madison Lions Club
Madison Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Marcum LLP
James McPherson
NewAlliance Foundation
Parish Farm Partners LLC
People’s United Bank
Coleen Proctor
The SARAH Endowment Fund:
A Permanent Legacy
The SARAH Foundation’s Endowment Fund contributes
to the fulfillment of the SARAH mission by providing
enduring support for the SARAH family of agencies.
Unlike any other source of support, the Endowment
Fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding
for SARAH. The Foundation’s fundraising efforts,
together with donor planned giving, provides assets
that can be invested for long term growth. Each year,
a portion of the total value of the Endowment is paid
out to support the SARAH mission, and any earnings
in excess of these distributions are used to build the
Endowment’s value. The Endowment is managed
for the long-term to strike a balance between the
competing demands of funding current operations
and preserving long term access to resources to fund
future operations. When you make a contribution to the
Endowment Fund, you create a permanent legacy of
support for SARAH.
* (Includes Foundation cash accounts and SARAH Endowment investments)
Marc and Judy Reiber
Joe and Cindy Goldberg
Robert and Christine Bourne
John Reiber
Greg and Shelley Gullette
Michael and Eva Brown
Ed, Colleen and Edward Smith
Mitchell and Vivian Harris
Steven Bull
Southern Connecticut Cycle Club
JJ Schreck, LLC
Marc and Carrie Capezzone
Teddy Ebersol’s Family Foundation
Knights of Columbus—Eldorado
Clinton Insurance Center LLC
Knights of Columbus—Stella Maris
Connecticut Communications
The L. Suzio Concrete Company
The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper
Memorial Foundation, Inc.
The Lee Company
Vaughn and Judy Knowles
David Colella
Michael Debaggis
The Seedlings Foundation
Barbara Kuziel
Bud, Marie Torello and Adam Fusco
Alicia and Greg Lewis
Liberty Lagana Furniture, Inc.
Doctors Matthew E. Elgart and
Edward F. Pinn
Tower Laboratories LTD
George Loussides
Larry and Peggy Dunham
UIL Holdings Corporation
Maria Majar
Stephen Elia
Underwater Construction
Mutual of America
David Etzel and Jan Sola Walzer
United Technologies Matching Gift
and Volunteer Grant Program
David and Arlene Norling
E. B. Fargeorge Jr.
Peter ODonnell
John and Diane Ferretti
John and Christine Offredi
First Congregational Church of
Frank and Catherine Ursomarso
David and Sue Walker
William and Pamela Welch
Buck and Pam Wilson
Carolyn and Barry Wolff
Worker’s Compensation Trust
Adams Middle School Honor
Aldo DeDominicis Foundation, Inc.
Susan Balch
John Bozzi and Catharine Arnold
Traci Canavan
Nancy and Richard Collins
Connex Credit Union
Dime Bank
Connor and Dierdre Dolan
Daniel and Diane Dolan
People’s United Insurance Agency
Timothy Pickering
Matthew and Jessica Robison
Lynne and Joe Sarro
The L. Suzio York Hill Companies
Virginia DeFilippo
John Fox
Brian P. Haggerty
Evelyn Haley
Mary Elizabeth Hendrick
Tzedakah House LLC
Peter Herbert
United Way of Coastal Fairfield
County, Inc.
Scott and Heather Higgins
Richard Hochberg and Jane Drewes
Linda and Fred Vigorito
Gretchen Holthausen
Ann Jones Cole
A R Mazzotta Employment
Barbara Kennedy
American Polyfilm, Inc.
Knights of Columbus-Sacred Heart
Bearingstar Insurance Foundation
Janice Kochanowski
Ron and Sharon Bergamo
Robert J. Laccone
Keith and Debbie Bishop
Josephine and Fred Langhoff
Noel and Kit Bishop
Leadership Greater Hartford
Bohan and Bradstreet
William and Kate Lee
Bruce Lively
Withers Bergman
Thomas and Janet Conroy
Mary F. Lowery
Yale–New Haven Hospital
Controlled Air, Inc.
Barbara and Leo MacDonald
Country Paint and Hardware
Marni Martinez
Country Sanitation
Kelly McCallister
Barbara and Roger Adams
Marie Coyne
Mike and Susie McHugh
Adams Middle School Peer Helpers
Daniel Cuevas
Christopher and Jamie McKeon
J. R. Adrian
Patricia Curtis
Senator and Mrs. Edward Meyer
Coy and Jane Angelo
Susan Cusano
Scott and Debra Palmer
Atlantic Fiberglass Products, Inc.
Dr. Ronald Cwik
Josephine Passariello
Penny Bader and James Bialke
Ian and Nancy Davidson
Joseph and Patricia Perrelli
Dr. Steven G. Barasz
Marinus and Wilhelmina De Jongh
Phoenix Press, Inc.
Patrick Barber
Robert Dionizio
Pikaart Visconti and Associates, P.C.
Peter and Amy Julia Becker
Angie Dunham
RE/MAX Alliance
John and Melissa Beiner
Renzie A. Earle
Mark W. Richards
Robert Bell
Allan and Penny Ekstrom
Dr. Brian Rigney
Louis Bernardini
Elm City Auto Wrecking, Inc.
Denise and Burt Rose
Vining Bigelow
Carrie Federici
Anne Ryan
Anne Boardman
Randal Fedoruk
Brian Sawchuck
John Bonsall
Edward Filarsky
James Sette
Patricia Bourne
Duane and Janice Fitts
Peter and Casey Smith
Gary and Wendy Brockman
Forzano Brothers LLC
Solakian, Caiafa & Company, LLC
Michael and Suzanne Brooder
John and Carol Frost
Alison Sommers
Edith Brown
William Fusco
Gordon Strothers
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Bruckmann
George J. Nowak & Co.
Edward Swinkoski
Walter Brunner
Gary and Diane Gladstone
The Advisor’s Academy LLC
Kathryn Burchinal
Rick and Patty Goldfeder
The Parish of Trinity Church
James and Lisa Cantey
Robert and Sandra Gollnick
Towne Pharmacy, Inc.
David and Helen Carlson
Linda Gottlieb
Gordon Turnbull
John and Fern Carvalho
Betty Gray
United Way of Central and
Northeastern Connecticut, Inc.
Alice Castelli
Gordon Gregoretti
Vanguard Network Services, Inc.
The Clark Family
Susan Gregoretti
Cecilia Cloutier
W. Patric Gregory
Gordon and Marge Cohen
Guilmartin, DiPiro & Sokolowski
Robert Collins
Shelley and Greg Gullette
Joseph and Barbara Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Haigis
Ronald and Cheryl Vedrani
Webster Bank—Community Affairs
Westbrook Public Schools
Robert and Ellie Hartmann
Jim and Laura Miller
Ralph and Barbara Rotermund
David Hayes
Robert and Barbara Mirakian
Steve and Janet Rumanoff
Kenneth and Nora Hibbard
Robert and Jeanette Mobeck
Gerald and Mary Ann Salvo
Barbara Holmes
Mary Moore
John A. Sanders
Carol Hubbell
Diana Morris
Frank and Madlyn Sangiorgi
David and Arlene Hubbs
Eric and Duffy Mudry
Robert Schreck
Jake and Nikki Israel
Lewis J. Nescott Jr.
Michael and Marilyn Sexton
J. J. Sullivan Fuel Oil
Joel and Irma Nesson
William Shinker and Susan Moldow
Catherine Jackson
North Branford Dental Group, PC
Carla Short
Timothy and Amy Jensen
Greg OConnor
Andrea and Peter Sikes
Winnifred Judge
John W. Olfson II
Steve and Jane Katz
Debra and John Orlando
Rabbi Howard F. Sommer and
Dr. Linda Waldman
Charles Kingsley
Martha Orr Davenport
KMK Insulation, Inc.
Geoffrey and Heidi Palmer
Matthew and Holly Koncz
Diana Panagrossi
Brian and Marilyn Langille
Brooke Parisi
Barbara Lassonde
Pasquariello Electric Corp.
Ralph and Linda Lauro
Donald Patenaude
Dylan and Sally Ann Lee
Janie and Myron Patrick
Francesca Libby
Georgia Payne
Chad Lyons
Ralph and Joanie Pepper
Deborah MacDonald
Randy and Chris Perham
Madison Investment Center
John and Ann Peters
Kimberly and Paul Malcolm
Charles A. Possidente
Bill and Shirley March
Kathleen Proctor
Wilfred Martinez
Phyllis and Chris Quinn
Joe and Jeanne Mazza
Jacinta and Terence Rafferty
Brian and Kathleen McAuley
Lonnie Reed
The McCallum Family
Joseph Regan
Tom and Barbara McCarthy
Sandra Reid
Jane McDonough
Carolyn Reimers
Brian and Sue McGlone
Jim and Bonnie Reinhardsen
Margaret McGuire
Frank Riccio Sr.
Andrew McKirdy
Henry and Carol Robbins
Jack Merrill
Joseph Roberts
Shirley Mesham
Peter Rocco
Michaud and Accavallo, CPA’s, LLC
Emily Rockwell
Hal and Veronica Stephens
Shepard and Marlene Stone
Richard and Sharon Strickland
Sullivan & Griffith, LLP
Tom and Emily Swank
Sweitzer Waste Removal
Walter and Janet Szalwinski
Robert and Jean Tamborello
Peter and Susan Tattersall
Janet Terribile and Thomas
The Lane Construction Corporation
The Walker Group
Lee Titus
Guy Tommasi
Total Electric, Inc.
Jeffrey Truedson
Eric and Patricia Ulsh
United Way Of Greater Waterbury
Al and Carol Vigorito
Visual Technologies, Inc.
Richard Voigt
Rosetta Watson
Harold E. White
State Representative Pat Widlitz
Arnold and Carol Wolff
Women’s Club of Madison
Bose Corporation
Cross Avocations
Judith Wright
Boston Red Sox
Cynthia’s Flower Shop
Yale-New Haven Hospital/Mutual
Respect Committee
Patricia Bourne
Doug and Susan Danaher
Robert and Jane Zettergren
William and Elizabeth Boyd
Bill Datre
Branford Cross-fit
Alice Davis
Bridgeport Bluefish
Marinus and Wilhelmina De Jongh
Fred, Sue and Kathy Brisbois
Deke’s Solid Wood Furniture
Gordon Buchanan
Allison Denham
James Burris
But A Dream Custom Cakes
Discovery Museum and
Thatcher and Amanda Zuse
But A Dream Custom Cakes
Barbara and Roger Adams
Advanced Electric Co., Inc.
Janet Ainsworth
Mary Americo
AMF—Old Saybrook
Pat Anderson
Anderson Brothers, Inc.
Anna’s Temptations
Anonymous Donors
Susan Balch
Ballou’s Wine Bar
Ballroom Dancin’ Fools
Basketball Hall of Fame
Henry Batick
Jeffrey and Lee Beatty
Mary E. Beeman
bella Perlina
Peter Benson and Marti Carlson
Phyllis Bevington
Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market
Alan and Christine Blumberg
John Bonsall
Cafe Allegre
Cafe Goodfellas
Connor and Dierdre Dolan
Betty Ann Donegan
Noel A. Cain
David and Maureen Dupuis
Call Before You Dig/Asplundh Tree
Expert Co.
East River Energy
Carole Canfield
Essex Steam Train & Riverboat
Carol’s Creations
Evergreen Gallery
Caseus Fromagerie Bistro
Catherine Caulfield Russell
Field House Farm, LLC
Charlotte Meyer Designs
Carrie Fisher
Bob Chayrigues
Florence Griswold Museum
Christine Chiocchio
Flowers On the Green
Chip’s Pub III
Christopher’s Salon & Day Spa
Forte’s Gourmet Food Market
Chroma-BSK Designs-Rarities
Carol Fox
Claire’s Corner Copia
Foxglove and Madison Cheese
Eileen Clark
Francis Malbone House
Clinton Country Club
Franco’s Wine & Liquor Outlet
Michael Clorite and Janis Bozzo
Ted Freeman
Connecticut Science Center
Raymond and Gladys Funaro
Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
Fuzion Medical Aesthetic Boutique
Cranmore Mountain Resort
Greg and Deborah Gallagher
Mark Gattey
Klein’s Driving Range
Mango’s Bar and Grille
New York Giants
Eric and Hilary Griffin
David Knapp
Tom and Beth Markiewicz
New York Jets
Guilford Art Center
Kenneth and Catherine
Diane Marlowe and
Marjorie Weiss
New York Yankees
Phyllis Kresse
Sherry Marlowe
Henry Kwiatkowski
Richard Mattson
Gloria Nilsson
La Cuisine
Richard Mattson
Robert Laccone
Doreen Maynard
Norman Rockwell
Joanne and Donald
Mary McCarthy
Kendrick and Mary Norris
Regina Leadem
Francine McGriff
Joan O’Donnell
Karen and Jay McGuire
Peter and Lynette Omdahl
Sandy McMillan
One Pearl
Jason McShane
Debra and John Orlando
Lisa Miksis and Brian
Eman Paradis
mineOmine, Inc.
Janie and Myron Patrick
Guilford Optical Shoppe
Guilford Savings Bank
Joseph and Caryl Healy
Gaye Hodge
Peter and Jill Hodson
Kristin Holland
Holland and Sons
Christian Holthausen
In Shape Fitness Center
Catherine Jackson
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Jen Conroy Designs
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Jolie Boutiques
Just Hatched
Stevan Little and Lucinda
Hector Lizcano
Christine Longo
Mary F. Lowery
Luigi’s Restaurant
Lyman Orchards
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Lynn’s Deli
Mohegan Sun
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Mt. Carmel Wine & Spirits
Steve and Jane Katz
Barbara and Leo
KC’s Pub
Sandra Kensler
Newport Art Museum
Dan and Heidi Nolan
Pasta Avest
John and Stephanie Perry
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Personal Training Institute
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Phoenix Press, Inc.
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Robert and Lori Murphy
Planet Fitness
Jack Maculaitis
Jennifer Myers
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Skin Salon
Mystic Seaport Museum
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Pizza, Inc.
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Newport County
Kimberly Boutique
Madison Newcomers
Ronald Nettleton
Progressions a salon
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Maggie’s of Madison
New Haven Symphony
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Stony Creek Studios
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Stacie Takase
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Taken for Granite
Rhode Island School of Design/
Museum of Art
Claude Terreri
The New Children’s Museum
Yetta Augur
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The Children’s Museum of
Southeastern Connecticut
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The Hill-Stead Museum
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Shore Publishing
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Van Wilgen’s Garden Center
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Vineyard Vines
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SHRED Spinning and Training
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Water’s Edge Resort
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Marta Barreiro Posso
Barbara Adams
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Elizabeth Boyd
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Cullen Kinnare
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Ed, Colleen and Edward Smith
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SARAH is a family of agencies that provides programs and
services for people with intellectual and other disabilities who live
in Connecticut.
For fifty years SARAH has dedicated itself, its people, and its
resources to assisting children and adults with physical and mental
disabilities in their determination to achieve success as individuals,
employees, and citizens.
In its tradition of highly personalized services, the SARAH family
of agencies shares a commitment to empower people with
disabilities to: make life choices based upon their own interest and
aspirations, achieve their personal best with dignity and respect,
continue close relationships with family and friends, and share in
the wholeness of community life.
SARAH Foundation is responsible for raising funds, managing
the Endowment, and coordinating all donations to SARAH in
accordance with the donor’s wishes, and the mission of SARAH.
SARAH Foundation
246 Goose Lane, Suite 104
Guilford, CT 06437-2186
(203) 453-6531 p | (203) 453-4526 f
Connor Dolan, President
Tim Jensen, Vice President
CJ Griffith, Secretary
Jim Miller, Treasurer
Ed Bradstreet
Walter Brunner
Claudia Buzzi
Traci Canavan
Brian McGlone
Lisa Miksis
Peter S. O’Donnell
Alison Sommers
George Sullivan III
Fred Brisbois
Michael Brooder
Mike Haggerty
Althea Higgins
Kim Malcolm
Janie Patrick
Shelley Sprague
F. P. “Buck” Wilson
Denise Rose, Executive Director
Yetta Augur, Development Officer
Beth Markiewicz, Development Associate
Marcia Munson, Bookkeeper
Joe Vidal, SARAH’s Cupboard Manager
Barbara Holmes, SARAH’s Cupboard Staff
Darlene Gunn, SARAH’s Cupboard Staff
Georgia Payne, SARAH’s Cupboard Staff
SARAH Foundation
246 Goose Lane, Suite 104
Guilford, CT 06437-2186
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