5-a-side INDOOR FOOTBALL League and Cup 2014/2015



5-a-side INDOOR FOOTBALL League and Cup 2014/2015
5-a-side INDOOR FOOTBALL League and Cup
Wincanton Sports Centre is looking to run a new 5-a-side football league and
cup competition. The league will consist of 10 teams. One of the highlights of this
competition is the offer of prize money available to teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd
in the league and the overall cup Winners.
Prize Money
1st in League
2nd in League
3 in League
Cup Winners
Wincanton Sports Centre is looking to run the competition on Sunday nights
between 6:30pm and 8:30pm on a weekly basis.
With the addition of prize money to the competition, Wincanton Sports Centre will
require the FULL £385.00 up front in order to ensure that the full prize money can
be distributed at then end of the competition.
Competition fees are based on the following:
£20.00 per team, per match for league matches.
£25.00 per team for the cup competition.
The total price per team has been set at £385.00. This includes 18 League games
and as far as you can go in the cup, which will last for a total of 22 Weeks.
For example: Based on a team of 8 players (10 Maximum) that’s £48.13 per
player for the entire competition, both league and cup, or a maximum of £2.60 per
player, per game.
All matches will be officiated by a fully qualified referee.
Starting the Competition.
Once Wincanton Sports Centre has 10 teams signed up and fully paid for the
competition will begin.
For more information or to register your interest please contact Kev Burrell via
email [email protected]
RULES 2014
1. Teams
A team will consist of five players. One player shall be the goalkeeper.
Three substitutes per team shall be permitted at any point during a
game, with the referee’s permission, from a maximum of FOUR
nominated substitutes. All substitutes will be rolling with NO MORE
Any of the players may change places with the goalkeeper. The referee
must be informed before any change is made and that change must be
made during a stoppage in the game.
A match shall not be considered valid if the playing strength of either
side is reduced by more than two players. In this event the match will be
awarded to the full strength team.
2. Player’s Kit
Teams should wear a full football kit of identical colour.
goalkeepers may wear tracksuit bottoms.
If a team turns up without a kit they will be required to play in bibs
provided by the centre. Failure to comply with this will result in the match
(3 points) being awarded to the opposition.
Shin pads covered by socks MUST be worn by all players. No jewellery
is to be worn unless taped. If any player fails to comply with this rule
they shall be sent from the field of play until they do so.
In the event of a colour clash the “away” team will change or wear bibs
provided by the centre.
3. Duration
Each match will consist of two periods of at least 9 minutes. Teams will
change ends after the first period.
Allowance shall be made for the time lost through stoppages as directed
by the referee.
The duration shall be prolonged to enable a penalty kick to be taken.
4. Team Fees
All teams will be required to pay the FULL entry cost (£385.00) for both
league and cup competition at least one week before the competition
begins. This is to ensure that Wincanton Sports Centre is able to pay the
full prize money at the end of the competition.
5. Start of play
At the beginning of a game the choice of ends shall be directed by the
toss of coin.
The game will kick off by the team who either wins the coin toss and
chooses to kick off, or the team losing the coin toss, with the winning
team choosing their end to play. All kick offs will be started from the
centre circle.
After a goal, the game shall be restarted by the conceding team with a
pass back from the centre circle.
After any other stoppage the game shall be restarted by the referee
dropping the ball at a point nearest to where it was when play was
The referee shall not drop the ball within 6’ (2 metres) of the lines
marking the goal areas or of the surrounding walls.
6. Ball In and Out of Play
A height restriction of 5’ (1.5 metres) shall be in operation at all times.
For a breach of the height restriction the penalty will be an indirect freekick at the place where the ball was last played.
If the ball rebounds above 5’ (1.5 metres) from a wall (not deliberate),
goal post, crossbar, referee or another obstruction then play shall
continue as normal if the ball is successfully brought under the height
restriction by the next player touching the ball.
If the ball breaches the height restriction of 5’ (1.5 metres) in the act of
the defending goalkeeper saving, play shall continue if the ball is
successfully brought under the height restriction by the next player
touching the ball.
If the ball drops behind the goal it shall be deemed as out of play and
the game re-started with a roll out by the goalkeeper.
Heading of the ball is ONLY allowed if under the height restriction.
7. Free kicks
At free kicks all opposition players must be 6’ (2 metres) from the ball.
All free kicks given against the defending side for infringements
committed near the penalty area shall be taken from a distance not less
than 6’ (2 metres) outside the penalty area at the point where the
offence occurred.
8. Fouls
No sliding tackles are permitted.
No charging of players will be allowed.
9. Goal Area
Only the goal keeper is allowed in the goal area (red semicircle).
Punishment for infringement:
By the attack – a direct free kick 6’ (2 metres) outside the
penalty area nearest to where the infringement occurred.
By the defence – a penalty kick. If the goal keeper leaves the
area a penalty will be awarded.
10. Penalties
Penalties will be taken from the blue line.
No run up is allowed. Only one step is permitted.
11. Goalkeeper
The goalkeeper can only return the ball into play with an under arm
rolling action. It must not be thrown or kicked and must stay below head
height. Infringement will be penalised with an indirect free kick 6’ (2
metres) outside the area.
The goal keeper will be penalised for time wasting with an indirect free
kick. 6’ (2 metres) outside the goal area.
12. Back Pass
When the goal keeper rolls the ball out to an outfield player, the ball can
not be passed directly back to the goal keeper, it must either be played
to another outfield player or touch a member of the opposing team. A
pass-back not conforming to this rule will result in an indirect free kick
from the position where the outfield player played the ball from, or from
a point 2 meters (6ft) from that position.
13. Offside
There are no offsides. Players may place themselves in any part of the
playing area outside of the goal area.
14. General Misconduct
While in Wincanton Sports Centre all players and officials are under the
jurisdiction of Somerset County Football Association.
The team organiser is responsible for keeping control of his players on
and off the pitch. Abusive language and bad sportsmanship will not be
tolerated at any time.
Any misconduct off the pitch will be dealt with by the Centre
Management. Any team or individual found guilty of misconduct will be
reported to the Somerset County Football Association.
There are to be no other ball games in the Centre other than the main
Any player in the opinion of the referee, to be under the influence of
alcohol will be stopped from playing.
15. On Pitch Misconduct
Discipline relating to playing conduct (bookings or sending-off’s) may be
dealt with by the Somerset County Football Association. Any
punishment for disciplinary transgressions will apply to all football.
Any player sent off will be required to leave the field of play immediately
and may not return for the remainder of the match.
A player who receives two yellow cards throughout the course of the
league shall be suspended for one game, any player sent-off during a
game shall be suspended for two games. Any player who receives three
or more bookings during the course of the league shall be dealt with by
a disciplinary committee consisting of the league organiser(s) and match
16. No smoking policy
Please note that Wincanton Sports Centre is a public building, therefore
it is illegal to smoke on the premises. Under no circumstances will
smoking be allowed in any area of the Centre.
17. Team sheets
A team sheet must be completed, and handed to the referee together
with a receipt for any outstanding fees before play can commence.
18. Referees
All matches will be controlled by a qualified referee.
The referee’s decision is final.
Persistent arguing with the referee will result in disciplinary action taken.
19. Player Registration
A maximum of 10 players may register for each team. Players can only
be registered for one team. All players must be registered with full name
and date of birth. All players must be at least 16 years of age.
A team must have at least 4 players at the Centre and ready to play at
the appointed time. A “weak team” (one with less than four players) will
not be allowed to start a game.
Contravention of these rules will result in a win being awarded to the
Transfers of players are permitted during the league providing they are a
new player not associated with any other team or players from another
team. A transfer fee of £1.00 per player signed is payable to Wincanton
Sports Centre on the day of registration. Teams are not permitted to
have more than 10 players on their books any time.
20. General Rules
Teams are asked to turn up at least 10 minutes before their kick off time
and change in the top changing rooms for either home or away teams
(as designated on the nights schedule).
If a team is not in the Sports Hall and ready to kick off within 5 minutes
of kick off time, the team shall be classed as failing to turn up, with the
win being awarded to the opposing team.
Any team failing to turn up without giving one days notice will forfeit the
match resulting in the opposition winning (3 points for league)
21. Final Standings
At the end of the league competition, the final league position will be set
on the following basis; points then goal difference and finally goals
If at the end of the competition a position cannot be separated due to
two or more teams being on the same points, having the same goal
difference and having scored the same amount of goals, a final play-off
match shall be played to determine the final league position, with the
winner of the match taking the higher position.
22. Cup Competition
All teams entering into the league will be entered into the cup
competition which will commence throughout the duration of the league.
All rules of the cup competition will follow that of the league.
In the result of a draw, the match will go straight to penalties. A “best of
5 penalties” each situation will take place. See Section 10.
If the penalty scores remain the same after 5 penalties each team will
continue to take penalties until one team outscores the other after both
teams have taken penalties.
4 teams will be drawn from all 10 league teams to compete in the
preliminary round of the cup competition. This is due to there being
uneven teams in the competition.
23. Prize Money
The prize money available for the competitions can be reduced by
Wincanton Sports Centre if all teams have not paid in full before the
competition starts. Any team with outstanding fees can be withdrawn
from the competition with their place being offered to newcomers.
Wincanton Sports Centre will pay the winning team of the league
£400.00 by cheque to the winning team organiser, providing all rules
have been followed and no outstanding fees from the winning team
Wincanton Sports Centre will pay the 2nd placed team of the league
£300.00 by cheque to the winning team organiser, providing all rules
have been followed and no outstanding fees from the 2 nd placed team
Wincanton Sports Centre will pay the 3rd placed team of the league
£200.00 by cheque to the winning team organiser, providing all rules
have been followed and no outstanding fees from the 3 rd placed team
Wincanton Sports Centre will pay the cup competition winners £50.00 by
cheque to the winning team organiser, providing all rules have been
followed and no outstanding fees from the cup competition winners
All competition prize money will be handed out by cheque to all winners
on the last game of the overall competition (cup final).