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obar dheadhainn
Three months of the year over and
heading into spring soon. There are a few
things planned in the LGBT calendar for
the Aberdeen City and Shire over the next
month or so.
Starting with Scene News this
month: Cheerz continued the theme
nights with a beach themed party, photos
next month from that one. Cheerz is the
city’s main gay bar open from 4pm every
day (6pm on Sun). You’ll find all the
characters of the scene in there most
[email protected]
nights….stay away from Matty if you’re
camera shy or hiding from someone.
Manny Motion keeps everyone entertained
with the usual camp tunes, routines and
banter every Thu and Sun. The legendary
Cheerz Quiz every Thu with Her Royal
Highness Miss Romy, join her and the
usual suspects including Hazel with her
“Crouching Women – Hidden Cucumbers”
team. Weekends are a little less tame at
Cheerz and can include Kiel
Andi’s Fact File:
and others removing their
clothes and pole dancing!
Next door to Cheerz is the
gay friendly Market Arms pop
in for cheap drinks and abuse
from Malcolm, Julie, Ricky and
the gang.
Foundation in Carnegies
Brae is continuing to get busier at the
weekends with requests for tunes being
queued by the disco bus from early on.
Manny Motion and Raz say “get them in
early, offer a drink or a nudge nudge wink
wink” if you want your tune played.
Good thing about getting in early is the
£1.50 drinks ‘til Midnight so won’t cost
you that much to give the boys a drink!
Following some verbal abuse from
Kevin and Jamie Den Whore, sorry Boer.
Here’s your wee mention boys! This pair
have many guises, from The Foundation
Boys to Female Impersonators
extraordinaire. Keep an eye out for them
round the scene in town.
has been on holiday in Spain causing
mayhem but is now back in Aberdeen
sporting a tan. An international appeal is
being made to ask her to stop flashing her
white bits!
LGBT Community News:
Rainbowfeast, the fundraising
meal for Rainbowfest takes place
on Fri 4th Apr. It’s just £35 per
Absolutely loving Alphab
eat at the minute..
BUT it's also coming close
person for a 3 course meal and
to Eurovision at
the mo too so listening
to some of the Euro
entertainment. There may be
places left so drop me an E-mail to
I am not a big fan of trash,
sorry thrash metal
and that sort of thing - each
[email protected] and get in
to their own
touch too if you can donate
anything for future fundraisers.
The fundraising is to
help fund Rainbowfest – The
new LGBT event for
Aberdeen City & Shire. Sat
5th Jul will see Pete Burns,
Booty Luv and Lisa Mafia
on stage plus activities for
people of all ages down at
Queens Links in Aberdeen
City. For more information
and to get updates you can
log onto or
Text Rainbow <space> name,
email address and message
to 60300. Texts cost your
standard rate.
There are a group of guys in
Aberdeen who want to set
up a ‘straight friendly, gay
football team’. They are
looking for more guys out
there in the North East who
want to get involved.
Whether you want to play
competitively or just get
some exercise at the training
sessions, all ages and
abilities are welcome.
Contact them at
abdngayfootball or E-mail:
[email protected] to find out
The Terrence Higgins
Trust, based at 11 Waverley
Place in Aberdeen, has support and social
groups for people living with HIV, an
LGBT Youth Group and a Lesbian Group.
If you want information on any of these,
general information or have any ideas for
them, you can contact the office on Tel:
0845 241 2141 (Local Rate) E-mail:
[email protected] for youth
issues E-mail: [email protected]
Remember you can get a weekly blast
of good music – yes my Eurovision link is
good, LGBT News & Queer Facts from
Simone plus banter and more only on
99.8 SHMU FM and online at every Sun from 11am
to 1pm.
That’s another load of drivel typed
this month. If you have any news for
following issues drop me an E-mail
[email protected]
2-8 Exchange Street. Tel:
(01224) 594511. Bar: Mon-Sat
4pm-Midnight, Sun 6pmMidnight. Club: Sun-Thu
10pm-2am, Fri-Sat 10pm-3am.
Lively gay bar and club with
entertainment and more. Email:
[email protected] or
Carnegies Brae. Tel: (01224)
611451. Tue-Sun 10pm-3am.
New club opposite The
Tunnels. E-mail:
[email protected]
13 Hadden Street. Mon-Sat
11am-11pm, Sun 1-11pm.
Traditional bar with quizes and
218 Holburn Street. Tel:
(01224) 211441. Mon-Fri
11am-10pm, Sat 11am-8pm.
From 1st Apr: Mon-Fri Noon10pm, Sat 11am-9pm, Sun
2-9pm. 8-man Jacuzzi, sauna,
steamroom, café. Free Wifi
Internet access. Massage
E-mail: [email protected]
In Issue 80 of ScotsGay, our
proof reader managed to
change Paul Robertson
MSYP to an MSP.
This was not the fault of
Andi, whose original copy
was correct.
Apologies all round.
- Editor
dumphris is a’ ghall-ghaidhealtachd
Mon 7.30-9.30pm. Phone: 0141-847 0787
Nightly 6-9pm. Phone: Bassenthwaite Lake (01768) 776244
Mon 7-9.30pm. Phone: Dundee (01382) 202620
Write: PO Box 53, Dundee. DD1 3YG.
E-mail: [email protected]
Well hello again my little
ScotsGayers. I hope this month has been
good for all of you. Dumfries &
Galloway has been really busy and we’ve
got lots more planned. We are busy gays
in the country…..
Feb saw the launch of an exceptional
project. OUTfront as I said last month is
a brand new project for anyone over 30.
Believe me there are a few of us about.
Into the last year of funding, the project is
going from strength to strength. The gays
are simply leaping out of the wardrobes in
D&G. Finally. Being in the closet for over
30 years means you not only smell of
moth balls but you are a bit jaded too!
More about little old me. Not so
little, but yes getting old…
Now the time you all read this, I will
have done my Mar performance and paid
homage to fantastic Eurovision greats
(can you tell I love it??) like Dana
International, the fabulous Bucks Fizz
and oh yeah, last year’s UK entry….Scooch
for those of you that forgot. Pics next
What else is coming up in D&G?? I
know you all want to know…
Well, a brand new website will be
launching called OUTfront - details will
follow next month.
24 hours. Phone: Freephone 0800 3891425
A freephone number for people who wish support in reporting to Fife
Constabulary crime motivated by hate. For further information about the
service or becoming a trained helpline volunteer, phone us now!
Nightly 7-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0647 or Stirling (01786) 469483
Nightly 7.30-10pm. Phone: 0131-556 4049
E-mail: [email protected] or via website
Mon 7.30-10pm. Phone: 0131-557 0751
E-mail: [email protected] or via website
Nightly 7-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0447
E-mail: [email protected]
Wed 7.30-10pm. Phone: 0141-847 0547
Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun Noon-6pm. Phone: 0845 1221200.
Drummond Street: Sun Noon-9pm, Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Easter Road: 7 days Noon-6pm
Vast range of leather and rubber wear!
New stock arriving every day!
Also, cards, mags and all the sex toys you could
8b Drummond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9TU • Tel: 0131-557 9413
Also at 25 Easter Road, Edinburgh EH7 5PJ Tel: 0131-623 6969
Daily 10am-11pm. Phone: 020-7837 7324. Minicom: 020-7689 8501. FAX:
020-7837 7300.
E-mail: [email protected]
Miss Hana
[email protected]
The LGBT project in D&G has also
been having a bit of a funding issue and
again we will have more info next month.
The local council have chosen to question
the LGBT project further after deferring
future funding. There is an obvious hope
that they will see how important a project
like this is, but who knows…
On a much more positive note, I have
the great pleasure in announcing that I
will be wearing my stilettos in a field in
Aug. No I have not taken up sheep
farming, but something more important.
Dumfries & Galloway will be hosting
its FIRST PRIDE this year. The date I
have been given is Sat 16th Aug with
details to be confirmed... so watch this
26 Brewery Street. Tel: (01387)
739888. Mon 9am-5pm, TueWed 9am-5pm and 7-9pm, Thu
9am-5pm, Fri 9am-5pm, 69.30pm.
38 Albert Street. Tel: (01382)
809080. Mon-Wed, Fri 10am6pm, Thu 10am-8pm, Sat
10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm,
First Wed of each month
(Dundee Munch) 10am-8pm.
Alternative clothing shop
catering for all genders and
As well as stocking a wide
range of clothing and sex aids
they pride themselves on being
able to source personal
services such as gender
friendly beauticians,
photographers and offer a
personal shopping service.
Birkhill Hotel, 16 St Mary's
Street (Lockerbie Road). Tel:
(01387) 739888. 8pmMidnight. Last Fri of each
month. Monthly club night for
LGBT people and their friends
from Dumfries & Galloway.
[email protected]
2 St Andrew's Lane. Tel:
(01382) 200660. 3pmMidnight. Well appointed LGBT
bar next door to OUT. Karaoke:
Wed, Fri & Sun. DJ: Sat.
Hustlers Snooker Club, 64
North Lindsay Street. Tel:
(01382) 229226. 8pm-2am. 3rd
Fri of each month. Scotland's
most Northerly monthly fetish
club. Usual fetish dress code
rules but they will happily
accept glam. Come along and
join the fun on the dance floor
or playroom or just sit and
socialise with everyone else.
£5 members/£10 nonmembers. E-mail:
[email protected]
space. One thing the D&G peeps are
asking is that you city dwelling PRIDE
goers and organisers pass your wisdom
on. They are looking to draw on anyone’s
knowledge and also previous experience
to pull off a fantastic day for the D&G
LGBT community (how many letters??). If
you have anything that you can pass on
(except an STI clearly) than get in touch
with the Dumfries office as the staff are
looking for as much help as is available.
Contact Tel: Dumfries (01387)
739888 and ask for Mikey or Gary if you
want to help.
Again that’s it for me for another
month... So speak soon.
75-79 Seagate. Tel: (01382)
226840. Sun 12.30pmMidnight, Mon-Sat
11am-Midnight. LGBT-friendly
bar with free disco Fri & Sat
8pm-Midnight. Free use of
premises for pre-booked
124 Seagate. Tel: (01382)
200660. Wed-Sun 11pm2.30am.
Good atmosphere, very popular
disco with wide selection of
sounds and the occasional
act/PA. Under new
management. Previously
known as Liberties although
everyone just calls it The Club.
Student discount.
3½ Barnton Street. Tel: (01786)
461698. Sun Noon-Midnight,
Mon-Thu 10.30am-Midnight,
Fri-Sat 10.30am-1am. Food:
until 7.30pm.
Near to railway station. Mixed,
busy, bohemian and friendly
Popular with students and
Sons/Daughters of the Rock
For Bang Up To Date
information on venues in the
whole of Scotland visit
Download a pdf file of ScotsGay for FREE at
Subscribe by completing the form on the contact ads page of this magazine
For a single copy Phone 09061100256 (Call charged at £1.50 per min)
a’ ghaidhealtach
Put your dancing shoes on! On Sat
26th Apr the big LGBT Disco at
Corriecarth Hotel is on from 8pm. Open
to all, theme: Cowboys, Cowgirls and
Native Americans. Visit for details.
Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland is
organising an evening on Tue 29th Apr
from 6.30-8.30pm for bisexuals. Over the
past few months quite a few people have
contacted the organisation. This evening
is meant to discuss their issues and
concerns with the view of setting up – if
that is what they want- a bisexual group
that meets regularly. This activity takes
place at 34 Waterloo Place, Inverness, IV1
As revealed last month, The North of
Scotland has now its own online LGBT
community. It is called
lgbtnorthscotland, the online community
for Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and
Transgender people. It offers LGBT
people, in however a remote area they are
living, on whatever island they are living,
the opportunity to get into contact with
each other. It can be a forum for
discussion, to find information, to post
LGBT events, for social networking… it is
6 reasons
why you
need a gay
1. Comfortable and
confidential environment
2. Respect for you and your
3. Recognition that we have
some different needs
4. A gateway to other gay
solicitors who can help in
specialist areas
5. 30 years experience in
the law giving you ability
and thoroughness
6. Access to one of the top
4 Edinburgh Solicitor
Estate Agencies
Call Donald Reid now for
your FREE initial consul-
Read Online or Bi-Monthly in ScotsGay Magazine
tation, quoting ref: GS1
0131 228 2828 or
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
there for you. So join the group at
hscotland and make it bubble!
The MCC (Metropolitan
Community Church) – an LGBT-friendly
church - has become more established in
Inverness and is holding a service every
third Sun of the month at RNI Chapel,
Ness Walk, Inverness. Doors open on Sun
20th Apr at 2.30pm and the service start
at 3pm. More information on
Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland, in
collaboration with the Liver Disease
Department of Raigmore Hospital, is
setting up a HepC+ support group. The
group will meet on a monthly basis at 34
Waterloo Place, Inverness. The next
meeting will be on Tue 22nd Apr from
6pm-7.30pm. For more information ring
me on 07816 064752 or
[email protected]
Where are the hill walkers amongst
you? GOC (Gay Outdoor Club)
Highland is organising a walking
weekend from Fri 11th - Sun 13th Apr,
ridge walking on Arran. Please contact the
organiser, Alan, beforehand to check the
detailed arrangements regarding meeting
times and places, food, accommodation,
etc. Alan’s number is Inverness (01463)
LGBT Highland Social group has the
following activities in this month - Sat5th
Apr: Girlzone. Osbournes, Academy
Street from 1pm. All women that identify
as lesbian, bisexual or transgendered
welcome. Tue 15th Apr: LGBT Social
night. Bar Pivo from 8pm. All welcome.
Fri 18th Apr Girlzone, Debenhams
restaurant (upstairs) from 12.30pm. Visit for details
Last but not least, Terrence Higgins
Trust Scotland offers the following
activities this month - Mon 7th Apr:
LGBT lunch drop-in from 12-2pm. Wed
9th Apr: Transgender Group, from 79pm. Tue 22nd Apr: HepC+ support
group from 6-8pm. Wed 23rd Apr, HIV+
support group from 6-8pm. Tue 29th
April, discussion evening for bisexuals,
6.30-8.30pm. All activities take place at 34
Waterloo place, Inverness, IV1 1NB. Visit, or
hscotland or Tel: Inverness (01463)
711585 for more details.
dùn eideann
My own favourite ‘triangle’ drinking
den at the moment is The Street, a
trendy, but unpretentious bar which is
surprisingly spacious once inside. It’s has
a nice mixed feel - in a kind of everybody
friendly way - but can get quite cruisey of
a weekend. The bar prices are not
astronomical and the service is smiley and
efficient. Mine’s a Budvar. Check out
their entry on the opposite page for their
extensive list of entertainment events.
The Regent has been declared Pub
Of The Year by the Edinburgh and South
East Scotland Branch of the Campaign
for Real Ale (CAMRA). It fought off stiff
competition from The Craw Inn in
Auchencrow and former CAMRA UK Pub
of the Year Staggs in Musselburgh. The
Regent now goes forward to the
competition for CAMRA’s Scottish Pub of
the Year so Alan and Colin will have to be
on their best Beerhaviour! Mine’s still a
Budvar though, sorry guys.
Got a sneak preview of the so far
partially refurbished Cafe Nom De
Plume, Alan and Colin’s soon to be
opened eatery in the space Sala vacated in
the LGBT Centre on Broughton Street.
Looking good guys. They are hoping for a
May opening but, alas, these things take
While you wait, check out the hot
staff currently working in the Blue Moon
Cafe on the same street. Whoever does
the hiring at the BMC certainly has
an eye for a pretty face - girls and
boys. Former ScotsGay cover girl
and BMC/Deep Blue bar person
Julie has certainly made an
impression. My friend Miss S said
that she was so attractive she
couldn’t possibly be a lesbian! No
really. I’m aware that this could be
offensive to much of our readership
- but that’s what she said. Aside from the
hot friendly staff, the food is great as
always and the Nachos, for my money, are
still the best in Scotland.
Karaoke is as popular as ever in our
gay clubs, with CC’s and Planet et al
entertaining us with loud popular noise
for Edinburger regulars. The most
hilarious nights of Karaoke ever have to
be at Priscilla’s though - almost every
night of the week. I promise that you’ve
never heard a sound like it. Debs and
Soozy have done great things with this
intimate space next to the Sauna. The free
cabaret on a Sat night is well worth a look
Whilst the gay bars in our triangle
compete for dominance, Frenchies (nee
French Connection) quietly goes from
strength to strength, doing its own thing.
Edinburgh’s oldest gay bar is small,
friendly and well, very friendly. If you feel
a little lost in the crowds elsewhere, get to
know the Frenchies regulars and you’ll
never be alone again.
Last time, I wrote we’d soon have
more to say about Bar Diesel,
Edinburgh’s newest gay friendly bar. Well,
guess what, we’re gonna keep you waiting
a little longer. In the mean time, check
out the good food and friendly company
for yourself. Just a stone’s throw from the
Cruz Boat on the Water of Leith; it really
is worth the trip.
An ex-resident of Leith is women’s
club night Velvet, which has since quickly
become established at The Ark. The
opening times vary a bit, but the next
night is definitely kicking off at 9pm on
Sat 26th Apr, with drinks promos for the
first couple of hours. And low and
behold, who is guesting but Dejaybird, a
favourite Furger. Regular DJ Leatherface
will also be there, simultaneously
spanning the genres and looking as hot as
fuck. From May the club moves to the
second night of the month - check the
opposite page for dates. Oh, and if you’re
on MySpace take a look at their pretty
and cool website (also listed opposite).
As I plugged last month, The
Luvvies, Scotland’s LGBT Theatre
Company are staging a new play by
Nicole Dolder, called Painted Eggs,
which tells the story of John’s transition
to Joan, and the dramatic events that
unfold. It is now fully cast so the next step
is to recruit the right crew. If you are
interested in helping with costume, makeup, lighting, props, stage management
etc, or you are interested in developing
any back-stage skills then please E-mail:
[email protected] or Tel: 07951 042087.
Soon they’ll be starting the process of
staging an all-male version of
Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. This
exciting project will be auditioning in Jun,
rehearsals to immediately follow, and
staging aimed for Nov 2008. They are
looking for a keen and energetic
individual, who can plan what promises
to be a popular show. If you’re interested,
please get in touch with David Dalzell at
E-mail: [email protected], or Tel: 0785
483 6605.
Finally, there are still a few slots left if
your group wants to hire the meeting
room at the LGBT Centre on Broughton
Street (under the late La Sala). Current
users are the LGBT Quakers on every
third Mon of the month at 7pm,
Edinburgh Gay Men‘s Chorus every Tue
at 7.30pm, The Luvvies Babes every Wed
at 7pm and the Gay Dads on the last Thu
of every month at 7pm. If your group
wants in - contact the lovely Peter
MacDougall on Tel: 07817 533337 or Email: [email protected]
More details of these and hundreds
of other Scottish LGBT Community
organisations, again, check out our
Groups listings near the back of this very
23-25 St Leonards Street. Tel:
0131-668 2934. Sun 12.30pm1am, Mon-Sat 11.30am-1am.
Everybody-friendly bar. Real
ale. Food served: Mon-Sat
11.30am-9.30pm, Sun 12.308pm.
19 Shore Place, Leith. Tel:
0131-476 6776. Sun Noon11pm, Tue-Thu 11am-11pm,
Fri-Sat 11am-1am. LGBT
friendy bar/restaurant. Food
served until 10pm. E-mail:
[email protected]
57/61 Blackfriars Street. Tel:
0131-557 6136. Mon-Thu 610pm, Fri-Sat Noon-2pm &
6-10.30pm. Superb little
vegetarian restaurant. Friendly
staff. Mixed clientele.
1 Barony Street/36 Broughton
Street. Tel: 0131-556 2788
(Bar) or 0131-557 0911
(Office). Sat-Sun 10am-11pm,
Mon-Fri 11am-11pm. Food
served until 10pm. Popular
LGBT café.
220 Morrison Street. Tel: 0131538 7069. Mon-Sat 10am-1pm,
2-5.30pm. Mixed bookshop
selling a selection of UK and
imported gay magazines.
Medina Nightclub (Under
Negociants), 45-47 Lothian
Street. Info Line: 07736
936650. Sun 11pm-3am (from
5th May). "It's our duty to
please your booty". DJ Dale
Lush and guests. Club
Classics, Funky House, Soulful
House, US Garage, Old Skool
House, Hip Hop, R&B, UK
Garage and Retro. £3 entry. Email: [email protected]
Pics: Velvet - Thanks to Steve and Velvet showrunner Jean.
As we go to press, time is almost up
to book for the Bears In The Hills
weekend in the Highlands. The event is
run by BearScots - a group of hairy,
moustached, bearded and bulky men and
those that enjoy them. They have secured
the exclusive use of Glencarron Lodge
for the weekend of Fri 18th - Mon 21st
Apr, along with a nearby cottage which
has space for up to 21 bears, cubs and
Also worth a mention is the
[email protected]
BearScots monthly visit to Steamworks
Sauna on Sat 5th Apr from 2-8pm “for
some afternoon and early evening
relaxation“, followed by a get together in
the Claremont Bar from 9.30pm. Then,
on the following weekend, Sat 12th Apr,
they are holding a Bears In The
Basement pub night in the New Town
Bar from 9pm. I’ve never met a bear that
didn’t like the New Town. It’s good to see
animals in their natural environment. For
more details about BearScots stuff, you
can find their contact details on the
Groups page of this organ.
The New Town Bar also hosts a
regular MSC Scotland Night, the next
one being on Sat 19th Apr. This is a men
only event with a leather, uniform,
skinhead, scally, rubber, workie gear and
bondage dress code. Again, check out the
Groups page for contact details of MSC.
Regular quizzes at the New Town every
Thu from 8.30pm are also
Martin’s Fact File:
worth a look, but the greatest
weekly event ever has to be the
Nintendo Wii league every
Currently reading Flat Earth
News by Nick
Davies. It sets out to expose
Mon night from 7pm. Boys
distortion and propaganda
(lies to you and me)
and their toys...
in the global media and
why it happens.
Finally for the New Town
Gave up reading The Blair
Years by Alistair
Campbell when he started
this month, you can join them
going on about Iraq.
He still can’t admit they
got it bloody wrong!
Sun 27th Apr at the Forth
Rail Bridge from 10am-4pm
and “watch as Jimmy abseils off the
bridge” it says here. Insane. Afterwards,
join the regulars and staff at the pub for a
night of comedy, cabaret, and singing as
they raise funds for Waverly Care. Go to for
more details.
My piece on Fur Burger last month
caused a bit of confusion. Seems I was
repeating sexed-up information regarding
its alleged move to GHQ from the New
Town. To clarify then: Fur Burger was
not evicted from the New Town for being
‘too womanly’ and they are not running a
night at GHQ - the whole thing was a Flat
Earth story. Sorry guys. Look out for
Furgers DJs guesting at a club night near
you soon though. These girls won’t stay
down for long.
Whist we’re on the subject of GHQ,
please stop contacting us with complaints
about the place. Some people like it,
others don’t. If you don’t - go elsewhere.
Planet, Habs, eGo and CC’s are all close
by, for heaven’s sake!
Cabaret Voltaire, 36 Blair
Street. Tel: 0131-220 6176.
Info Line: 0131-557 4656.
11pm-3am. Every Sun. Next
dates: Sun 30th Mar Residents' Night and weekly.
Brand new Sunday night for the
houseless and horny featuring
Taste resident DJs Miss Chris
and Marco Smith and Fever
resident DJ Kaupuss playing
uplifting funky house and
electro. £4 Members/NUS
cards - £5 everyone else.
Drinks from £1.50 all night.
60 Broughton Street. Premises
(formerly Sala Café-Bar).
Currently closed but will be
opening soon .
23-24 Greenside Place. Tel:
0131-556 9331. Sun 7pm-3am,
Mon-Thu 6pm-3am, Fri-Sat
6pm-3am. Two funky floors! DJ
Shazza v DJ Blondie on Sat.
Disco every night from 11pm.
[email protected]
133/135 East Claremont Street.
Tel: 0131-556 5662. Fax: 0131558 3539. Bar: Sun
12.30pm-1am, Mon-Sat 11am1am. Restaurant: Sun
12.30pm-6pm, Mon-Sat
11.30am-2.30pm and 6-10pm.
"The Claremont is one of the
most relaxed attitude bars in
the city and has a policy that
the customer always comes
first." Renowned for courtesy,
comfort and good food. Male
only: Fri night from 10pm, plus
1st 2nd & 3rd Sat of each
month from 9pm,
(incorporating Bears, Bikers,
Leather, Rubber, Skins, Kilts,
Camouflage, Fetish, etc). 4th
Sat of each month: Stunners
(adult fetish group) - strict
dress code (no street wear), £5
entry, great music by DJ Mel.
5th Sat (where applicable): Ab
Drag for all TVs, Transgender,
Cross Dressers and admirers.
Sun: mixed chill out evening,
before those Mon blues set in.
[email protected]
1 Barony Street. Tel: 0131-556
2788 (Bar) or 0131-557 0911
(Office). 4-11pm. Friendly gay
basement bar. Unobtrusive
music - great for talking to
people. Regular drinks
promos. Drinks Promos
£2+mixer, Doubles £3.
Spiders Web Basement, 258
Morrison Street. Tel: 0131-228
1949. 8pm-1am. Last Fri of
each month. Fetish club with
strict fetish code door policy
(although they do allow smart
black dresswear). People of all
genders and sexualities are
invited to come along and
enjoy the friendly atmosphere
in the company of Footman
John and his team. E-mail:
[email protected]
Police are looking for information
in relation to a male who has
recently been befriending gay men
in CC Blooms and Café Habana,
with the intention of going to their
home address where he has
assaulted and robbed them.
The suspect is described as being
“a white male in his 30's, 5'8 tall,
medium build, shaved head, pale
complexion, Edinburgh accent known as Dougie”.
Please contact Force LGBT Liaison Officer PS Pauline Nairn
on Tel: 0131-3113538 or DS Scott Cunningham, Leith Police
Station on Tel: 0131-3115977 if you have any information.
58a and 60 Broughton Street.
Houses Café Nom De Plume
(opening soon), Pride Scotia
(Edinburgh) and Fitlads.
Provides meeting and
noticeboard space for many
LGBT organisations. Free WiFi
Internet access (sponsored by
ScotsGay). Bought in 1974 by
the Scottish Minorities Group,
it is the only LGBT-owned LGBT
Centre in the UK and is also the
oldest LGBT Centre in Europe if
not the world. Tel: 0131-556
9471. Meeting Room Booking
Tel: 07817 533337. E-mail:
[email protected]
.uk www.edinburghlgbtcentre.
eGo, 14 Picardy Place. Tel:
0131-478 7434. Info Line:
0131-557 4656. 11pm-3am. 1st
Sat of each month. Next dates:
Sat 5th Apr - Residents' Night,
Sat 3rd May - Fever's 4th
Birthday with special guest
Paul Heron (Fire, London) with
residents, Sat 7th Jun Residents' Night. Featuring
Taste resident DJs Fisher &
Price playing an eclectic mix of
the current underground tracks
in the Ballroom with the Visitor
(aka Jon Pleased) and Kaupuss
in the Cocteau Lounge playing
a wide mix of favourites, Fever
is aimed at the folk who can no
longer make a Sunday night of
it and for any other open
minded clubbers who feel like
popping along. Pre-club party
at The Street from 9pm with DJ
Miss Chris. Ask him for
discount passes. £8
Members/£10 - Taste members
£5 before 11.15pm.
89 Rose Street Lane North. Tel:
0131-225 7651. Sun 2pm-1am,
Mon-Sat 1pm-1am. Vibrant gay
bar (Edinburgh's oldest) in the
heart of Rose Street. Happy
Hour 6-8pm every day.
4 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-550
1780. 5pm-3am. Stylish bar
and club catering for the
capital's fashionable gay crowd
with some of the country's top
DJs playing dazzling tunes
from musical genres such as
electro, house, indie, funk and
soul. Free entry before 11pm
£4/£3 thererafter. E-mail:
[email protected]
22 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131558 1270. Sun 12.30pm-1am,
Mon-Sat Noon-1am. Friendly
pre-club bar popular with
locals and visitors. Regular
promotions and weekly
entertainment with free WiFi
Internet access. E-mail:
[email protected]
8 Drummond Street. Tel: 0131557 9413. Fax: 0131-557 8336.
Sun Noon-9pm, Mon-Sat
10am-9pm. 25 Easter Road.
Tel: 0131-623 6969. Noon6pm. Scotland's ORIGINAL
licenced SEX shops! Toys
galore, video rental too! Larger
sizes stocked.
The Liquid Room, 9c Victoria
Street. Tel: 0131-225 2564.
Info Line: 0131-657 4633.
10.30pm-3am. 1st Sat of each
month. Mega club night with
resident DJs Tommy Kay, Dean
Newton, Grum Stone, and Jon
26B Dublin Street. Tel: 0131538 7775. Sun 12.30pm-1am,
Mon-Thu Noon-1am, Fri-Sat
Noon-2am. Food: Mon-Fri
Noon-3pm. Back to its old
name and under new
management after a spell as
Twist. Watch out for changes.
Drinks Promotions Daily.
Downstairs: The male-oriented
Disco Bar is open Fri-Sat with
resident DJ from 10pm-2am.
Bears in the Basement is on
the 2nd Sat of each month 10pm-1am. Free WiFi Internet
access. E-mail:
[email protected]
6 Baxter's Place. Tel: 0131-556
5551. 4pm-1am. Popular and
busy gay bar with friendly staff.
Mon: Quiz from 9pm - booze
and cash prizes. Tue: 30% off
all drinks from 9pm. Thu:
Lemonade with Dejay Bird. DJs
Fri & Sat. Promos: Everyday
from 4-9pm. E-mail:
[email protected]
Lulu, underneath Tigerlily, 125
George Street. Tel: 0131-225
5005. Sun 10am-3am. Not the
usual George Street crowd.
Mixed. Music policy is mostly
cutting edge house and disco
classics. Drink promos too.
17 Albert Place, Leith Walk.
Tel: 07986 591695. Sun
12.30pm-1am, Mon-Fri Noon1am, Sat 5am-1am. Friendly
bar that puts the fun back into
coming out owned by Deb's
and Boozy Soozy. Sun: Karaoke
from 9pm with Blue P. Mon:
Request Night with DJ Daz Glaz
.Tue: Karaoke with Daz Glaz.
Wed: Boozy Soozy’s 'Open the
Box' with big CASH prizes then
boogie on down with DJ Daz
Glaz. Thu: Karaoke with Blue P.
Fri, Sat: FREE Cabaret with DJs
Boozy or Daz - check board for
details. Also look out for
ongoing drink promotions and
check out fabulous cocktails
and shots. Also serving
toasties and teas and coffee. Email:
[email protected]
5 Barony Street. Tel/Fax: 0131477 4756. Sun 1-5pm, Mon-Fri
11am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm.
Scotland's only licensed gay
store. Not just feelthy pictures
- lifestyle too! Now with added
girl interest.
2 Montrose Terrace. Tel: 0131661 8198. Sun 12.30pm-1am,
Mon-Sat 11am-1am. Relaxed
atmosphere & comfortable
surroundings. No loud popular
noise makes it easy for
chatting. Real ales (the pub
has been listed in the CAMRA
Good Beer Guide three years
running - the first Scottish gay
bar to be included). Substantial
comestibles available all day.
Free WiFi Internet access.
CAMRA's Lesbian & Gay Real
Ale Drinkers meet here on the
1st Mon of the month from 9pm
(ex Aug - 2nd Mon to avoid
GBBF). E-mail:
[email protected]
2/4 Abbeymount. Tel: 0131-661
0982. Mon-Fri 8.30am3.30pm. Attached to Solas
HIV/AIDS Information Centre.
Good home cooking
(everything cooked on the
premises). Vegetarians and
carnivores catered for.
18 Albert Place, Leith Walk.
Tel: 0131-553 3222. Mon-Thu
Noon-10pm, Fri-Sun Noon11pm. The UK's first VAT
registered gay sauna! Relaxed
and friendly atmosphere with
excellent facilities which
include large sauna cabin, 14man steam room, private
rooms, communal and private
showers, themed rooms, video
area and TV lounge. Hot and
cold refreshments available.
£10 (£8 concessions).
Manager's special: admission
£5 after 8pm.
5 Broughton Market. Tel: 0131477 3567. Daily 11am-11pm.
Stylish sauna forming part of
busy gay hotel and sauna
complex in centre of gay
quarter. State-of-the-art
facilities including large spa
pool, sauna cabin, large steam
room, video room, labyrinth
with themed areas, café
lounge, free Internet access,
tanning booth. Massage
available daily. Choice of
lockers or private cabins.
Admission: Lockers £5, Cabins
£10 before 2pm. Lockers £10,
Cabins £15 at all other times.
Students & under 25 £5 lockers
all day, every day! No
membership required. Proudly
gay owned & operated.
The Cruz Boat, Water of Leith.
8pm-late. Last Fri of each
month. DJs Gill Anderson,
Lynny and friends. Entry free
before 9pm then £3 until 11pm
and £5 thereafter.
2 Picardy Place. Tel: 0131-556
4272. Sun 12.30pm-1am, Mon
4pm-1am, Tue-Sat Noon-1am.
Small but perfectly formed bar
run by Louise and Trendy
Wendy. Happy hours Mon-Fri
4-8pm. Heated outdoor
smoking area. Food: Tasty wee
bites, nibbles, burgers, pizzas
and specials daily until 9pm.
Snack menu and hot drinks
available Sun-Thu until
Midnight. Sun: "LOU LOU's BIG
SUNDAY JOINT" - Top notch
roast dinner Noon-7pm (£10
including a drink). Mon:
"Double Trouble" 2 for 1 on
entire cocktail list. Tue: Lots of
promos with your student card.
Same drink promos apply to
everyone (student or not!) in
downstairs bar only - with DJ
LL Honky Tonk (AKA Louise!!!).
Wed: Pub Quiz. Last Thu of
each month: "GIRL-ESQUE" burlesque style night for girls
ONLY (mixed) downstairs. Fri:
DJ Trendy Wendy. Sat: DJs
(Morgan, Danny T, Miss Chris,
Lick It & Betty Ford).
The Ark, 5-7 Waterloo Place.
Tel: 0131-228 9393 or 0131556 7597. 9pm-1am. 2nd Sat
of each month (from May),
returning to the 1st Satof each
month in the summer. Opening
and closing times may vary
initially, 3am coming soon.
Next dates: Sat 26th Apr, Sat
10th May, Sat 14th June.
Winner of 'The DIVA Readers'
Awards 2008' Club of the Year.
For gay girlies and their LGBT
friends. A not-for-profit
community project donating to
charity. Alternative and
eclectic genre spanning music
policy. DJ Leatherface and new
guest Dejaybird. £3 before
9.30pm. £5/£4concession (with
ID). Drinks Discounts from
£1.50 9pm-11pm, E-mail:
[email protected]
GHQ, 4 Picardy Place. Tel:
0131-550 1780. Infoline: 07920
262425. Mon 11pm-3am. New
club night from Pete
Himsworth. Free entry before
Midnight - £3/£2 thereafter.
Pre-club at Priscillas from 9pm
with DJ Daz. E-mail:
[email protected]
eGo, 14 Picardy Place. Tel:
0131-478 7434. Tue 11pm3am. All the normal madness
from James Longworth, Jamie
Morrison and guests with live
cabaret performances every
week. Super-popular gay night.
£1 drinks promos all night. £4.
[email protected]
113 Brunswick Street. Tel:
0131-556 6171. Fax: 0131-478
7009. Sun Noon-11pm, MonSat 10am-11pm. Mega-popular
LGBT-friendly Italian
restaurant. Best lasagna in
Edinburgh! E-mail:
[email protected]
43-45 West Nicolson Street.
Tel: 0131-662 9112. Sun 125pm, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.
Independent radical bookshop
with online store. E-mail:
[email protected]
Miss Shivey’s Fact File:
So, here we are again. We’re going to
know quality when I see it” (MS) Spring is
have to stop meeting like this, people will
nearly here and there is much in the way
begin to talk! That was a relatively
of naughty nights, midnight madness and
eventful month, was it not? Many a party,
saucy scandal to be hand. Onwards Gaydo
muchos banter and plenty in the way of
soldiers………… (que the Kylie fanfare)………
shame! Gay Speed Dating was an actual
Kicking off this month is the ever so
hoot. The girls who organised it were
exciting news that a new gay night is on
totally up for a laugh and who knows,
the cards at SIN Nightclub!!! (SIN being
“perhaps love shall blossom teehee” (GG).
what used to be CUBE, on Queen Street)
“Lets bloody hope not, I was there, I was
It’s on every Tue as of like now and
sober and I saw those singles in the cold
promises to be yet another reason to get
Miss Shivey
harsh light of day and let me just say it
ourselves plucked, preened and pretty for
& Gary
wasn’t pretty” (MS) There is good news
Glamourosa some mid-week partying!!! On the menu
[email protected]
however for the ladies out there as I have
we have go-go dancers, drag queen
it on good authority that a lesbionic
hostesses and resident DJ’s spinning
version is coming soon! Plus with over
electro/trance. The general overview was
£300 being raised on that occasion for the
“strictly for the open minded and not for
Scottish Charity - National Children’s
the faint hearted”, now I don’t know
Home - it’s a win/win situation!
about you but that sounds like our kinda
Not to be out done however - it
place!!! “However, a word of warning, if
hasn’t gone unnoticed that
the redecoration from its days of
there is hot new guy candy (he’s
CUBE has missed out the padded
Gary’s Fact File:
straight but let’s not
walls don’t do a Miss Shivey
discriminate, give it a go
special and walk into them whilst
Muse - I like nearly every
on all of Muse's albums
anyways!) in the form of a
oot yer newt” (GG) “In my defence
and you can't argue with
that. Plus the lead singer
hot, which helps!!!
bouncer in Dels, “Miss Shivey
he was leading the way and my
Take That - these glory
is right on it” (GG). Let us not
heels on that particular night
day hunting pests have
long out
stayed their welcome if
you ask me!!! I understand
dwell. “Hey hey hey, hold up
could have given the Eiffel Tower a
they had their place back
in the 90’s but hey what
you know, it's not the 90’s.
sista! I ain’t no desperado, I just
run for its money!” (MS)
Time to retire for good and
stop wasting valuable space
in Heat Magazine!!!
like the finer things in life and
In addition to this (yes more
fun on a Tue, who knew it was such a full
on night), there is Pre-SIN party
madness on at The Brunswick Hotel,
which is somewhere we’ve rather
neglected of recent but it’s at the top of
our ‘to do’ list!!! What we do know
however is the 5min walk from The
Brunswick to SIN is just about enough
time to compose yourself so you can do
your best sober performance for the
Another fresh addition to the
Glasgweigian Homosexual Party
Circuit is a night for all the lovely lady
lesbians!!! Indeed Aretha was right, the
sisters are doing it for themselves! Let’s
get one thing straight “well something
has to be around here!” (MS) we are not
going to pretend that we are huge fans of
the Sun club as anyone who knows us will
be well aware we are usually still partying
from the Sat to be able to drag our asses
back out without at least had the chance
to find were we dropped our dignity the
night b4!!! However, through the gay
exchange that is Miss Shivey’s mobile
contact list, we have discovered that it
takes place every Sun, kicking off at
9.30pm in what is known as Del‘s
Basement. This is yet another stroke of
genius from whoever is pulling the
management strings at Del’s as the ladies
of the Glasgow gay scene have been crying
out for a night to call their own for some
time!!! With wall to wall gals, that Sun
staple Karaoke and your hostess Miss
Bex holding court, it shouldn’t
Righty. Now this is an event which we
personally think is a must see kinda
thing………Mr Gay UK. Yes, it’s that time
of year again when all the hotties with
extra large bulges (or more often extra
large egos) from across Glasgow and
beyond “is there anywhere other than
Glasgow worth a mention? I think not”
(MS) compete for that coveted title!!! It’s
like the Gay equivalent of Miss World and
we just think it’s great!!!
We’re hoping for cuties, who by the
by tend to be guys who nobody has ever
seen throughout the year (what is going
on with that???), speeches on world peace
and the oddball who’s clearly had one too
many and doesn’t have a clue what he’s
doing on stage!!! So, let’s get our diaries
out ladies for the Fri 18th Apr in
Bennets!!! In the words of Mr. Joseph
McGuire “Heavy Loves it”!!!!
Something else, we “heavy loves” is
quizzes and as anyone who has seen us on
a Thu night at Dels, we get right in the
zone!!!! It’s all eyes on the answer
sheet!!!! However, it’s not just the chance
to vent our competitiveness that draws us
there, tis also the banter machine that is
the Quizmaster (and fellow ScotsGay
SuperStar) John Murphy.
Quizzes aside, we love to head to
wherever the beats are banging loudest!!!
Thus two staples on our Homo-tastic diet
of debauchery are Death Disco and Utter
Gutter!!! Always creative, always packed
to the rafters and always seems to be able
to attract a high level of hot guys!!! The
real selling point for us however is the
semi-valid excuse it gives us to dress up to
the nines “AND for GaryGlam to attack
Miss Shiveys make-up bag!!!” (GG)
“What a thieving cunt he is eh? In fact if
he wasn’t so pretty and also my goddamn
shadow I fear I would bludgeon him to
death” (MS). With Death Disco taking
place on the second Sat of the month and
Utter Gutter on the first, clear your diary,
slap on some eye-shadow and get your
best trout pout on!
We’re tired, the bags under our eyes
are now resembling Louis Vuitton
luggage trunks and every little bit of wit
has been sucked dry and splattered all
over these pages. As usual we have loved
catching up with you all but it’s time to
love you and leave you mon amies.
Feel free to E-mail us at our ScotsGay
address if you want a review, to
compliment/complain or in fact just
generally sexually harass either of us!
The Old Troll adds:
After the publication of last month's ScotsGay, I was cruelly
plucked from my afternoon slumbers by a phone call from the
Waterloo Bar - a complaint about the remarks made in the
scene column. I hadn't actually read the piece (hurried
proofreading doesn't mean that you take in the sense of what
you're scanning) and was rather dismayed to see that our
scenewriters had been having a go at the place.
Now, as far as I'm concerned, the Waterloo is a bar where
everybody is welcome. It's not one of those places where, whilst
they don't actually throw you out if you're not young and pretty
they instead make it clear by serving you last and grudgingly that
your face doesn't fit. So, it's used by a lot of older customers
who sensibly spend their Pink Pounds where they're genuinely
welcome. It's also used by a lot of younger people of the sort who
aren't bothered by the fact that the guy standing next to them
will never see 40 again. And the TV/TS community seem happy
there. In fact, it's a genuine gay local whose enthusiastic
fundraising activities for LGBT and other causes puts most other
pubs to shame. It's also the oldest gay pub in Scotland although I remember it when it was a straight Quarter Gill shop
that you popped into for a few sherries before heading for the
pricier and poofier Duke of Wellington a few doors along! It's
always busy - so the publicans must be doing something right!
But, sadly, no real ale.
On the other hand, my editor says that what was written was
"tongue in cheek" and feels that the reaction from the Waterloo
and their customers has been over-the-top. But then, he probably
still considers himself young and pretty. I am glad to say that I
was never either.
- John Hein (Publisher)
80-90 Glassford Street. Tel:
0141-552 5761. Tue, Thu-Sun
11.30pm-3am. Scotland's
oldest gay disco. E-mail:
[email protected]
Unit Q, Merchant Square, 75
Albion Street. Tel: 0141-552
3895. Mon & Tue 11.30pm3am. Mon - Passionality: DJ
Shawn Roberts, playing your
favourite music, from classic
dance to cheesy pop and
everything in between. Tue AudioCouture: DJ ShazzaHalliwell plays the music YOU
want to hear - including charty
dance, R'n'B & cheesy camp.
£3/£2. E-mail:
[email protected] and
350 Sauchiehall Street. Tel:
0141-352 4900. Fax: 0141-332
3226. Café Tel: 0141-332 7959.
Box Office: Mon 9am-5pm,
Tue-Sat 9am-7pm. Gallery:
Tue-Sat 11am-6pm. Courtyard
Café: Tue-Thu 10am-10pm, FriSat Noon-Midnight. Scott
Street Bar: Tue-Wed Noon11pm, Thu Noon-Midnight,
Fri-Sat Noon-1am. Food served
Noon-7.30pm. The Centre for
Contemporary Arts. 6
performance & exhibition
spaces, Café/Bar. ScotsGay
available in bar. E-mail:
[email protected]
45 Virginia Street. Tel/Fax:
0141-553 2666. Sun 12.306.30pm, Mon-Sat
10.30am-7pm. Clothes,
videos, magazines, toys. Email: [email protected]
69 Hutcheson Street. Tel: 0141552 2463. Sun
12.30pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat
9am-Midnight. Intimate bar
beside former Sheriff Court.
Straight until mid-evening.
Red- the representative
colour of luck and wealth.
Least favourite would have
to be (and yes I do
realise this is technically
a shade, my blonde
highlights are faux) anythin
g white as it shows up
the dirt and reflects far
too much light into my
little eyes and lets not forget
adding the pounds on
whilst wearing it.
Unit 3, King's Court, 107 King
Street. Tel: 0141-553 0942.
Sun Noon-5.30pm, Mon-Sat
10am-6pm. Alternative
clothing specialising in
corsetry. E-mail: [email protected]
68 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141552 4803. Noon-Midnight. DJs
nightly from 9pm. Thu: Quiz.
Sun: Karaoke. E-mail:
[email protected]
84 Bell Street. Tel: 0141-552
4958. Sun 1pm-Midnight, MonSat 11am-Midnight. Welcomes
lesbians, gay men, bisexuals
and transgendered. Services
include: Café Bar, Info Box,
Health Info, Interest Groups,
Free Newspapers (but not
ScotsGay - which has
"inappropriate sexual
content"), Diary of Events,
Reading Room, Function space
for hire. Houses 18 user groups
and organisations. Fully
wheelchair accessible venue.
E-mail: [email protected]
60 Robertson Street Lane (off
Argyle Street). Sauna.
84 Bell Street. Tel: 0141-552
9876. Sun 1pm-Midnight, MonSat 11am-Midnight. Café at the
new LGBT Centre. M.E.D.
stands for Meet Eat Drink.
20 Candleriggs. Tel: 0141-564
1285. Sun 12.30pm-Midnight,
Mon-Fri 4pm-Midnight, Sat
Noon-Midnight. Upmarket bar
in the heart of the Merchant
City. Regular cabaret, karaoke
and disco.
58 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141553 2553. Mon-Thu 5pm-1am,
Fri-Sun 5pm-3am. Fashionable
5-10 Metropole Lane. Tel:
0141-552 5502. Mon-Sun
Noon-3am. Glasgow's Men's
Health and Leisure Club
(formerly The Garage). With
200+ lockers, 25 man spa pool,
20 man steam room, 20 man
dry sauna, 14 rest rooms, sling
room, tea & coffee bar, free
internet access and TV lounge.
Entry £12 (£10 concession),
after 1.30am Fri-Sat £8.
3rd Floor, 27 Union Street. Tel:
0141-221 0415. Sun Noon8.30pm, Mon-Sat
11.30am-10pm. Established
gay sauna. Fully licensed by
Glasgow City Council. Entry £8.
[email protected]
6a John Street. Tel: 0141-553
2456. Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight,
Sat-Sun 1pm-Midnight. A
refreshing antidote to the
current gay scene. Pool table,
state of the art free jukebox,
reasonably priced drinks, good
quality service, no karaoke.
Free WiFi. Specialist DJ
nights: Fri & Sat. Quiz: Starting
Sat 1st Mar at 4pm.
1-3 Bridge Street. Tel: 0845
4562310 or 0141-429 5764.
Sun-Thu Noon-11pm, Fri-Sat
Noon-6am. Previously Club
Eros, Glasgow's oldest
licenced sauna & gym for gay
and bi men. E-mail:
[email protected]
308 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141572 1017. Fax: 0141-221 0959.
Sun Noon-5pm, Mon-Sat
10am-6pm. Clothes and toys
catering for gay, transvestite
and fetish tastes. Larger sizes
Chisholm Street. Tel: 0141-552
8587. Fax: 0141-552 6657. Sun
11am-Late, Mon-Sat 10amLate. Friendly theatre bar.
Mixed. Good food.
84 Mitchell Street. Tel: 0141204 1000. Wed 11.30pm-3am.
Wed: Allure. DJ Darren plays
Pop, R'n'B & Dance. Claims to
be Glasgow’s Busiest Midweek Night out! Entry £3. Entry
£3/£2. E-mail:
[email protected]
The Art School, Renfrew
Street. 11pm-3am. Second Sat
of each month. Next date: Sat
12th Apr. Glasgow's only
alternative queer night that
sticks two fingers up at the
mainstream scene. £10. Email: [email protected]
84 Wilson Street. Tel: 0141553 1221. Mon-Thu 5pm-1am,
Fri-Sun 5pm-3am. Long
established pub/club. Young
crowd. Polo Club (downstairs
dancefloor) open Fri-Sun, £5
after 11pm. Taste: new
midweek night open every Wed
9pm-3am (Free entry all night £1 all drinks). E-mail:
[email protected]
PO Box 808, Glasgow. G71
7YN. Violate Club Line: 09099
108174 (60p per min at all
times) or 07939 723387. BDSM
and general pervery. Operates
in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Runs regular clubs at the Big
Joint in South Street, Glasgow
on the first Sat of each month.
Also holds special one off
clubs called UltraViolate
roughly every 3 months. Email: [email protected]
87-91 Saltmarket. Tel/Fax:
0141-552 7575. Text: 07762
722460. Mon-Fri 11am-5pm.
Glasgay's year-round gallery
dedicated to queer art and
artists. The Stud!o is an
adjacent performance
/research/workshop and
holistic arts space. E-mail:
[email protected]
306 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141248 7216. Sun
12.30pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat
Noon-Midnight. Semper idem!
Popular, crowded, down to
earth drinking shop. Scotland's
oldest gay bar - what more can
we say? Busy, busy, busy!
Awarded the Beti Hutton seal of
Crew call for Painted Eggs - to be staged in June 2008
The Luvvies, Scotland's LGBT Theatre Company are staging a new play by Nicole
Dolder, called Painted Eggs, which tells the story of John's transition to Joan, and
the dramatic events that unfold.
We are now looking to crew this piece of theatre, and so if you are interested in
helping with costume, make-up, lighting, props, stage management etc, or you are
interested in developing any back-stage skills then please contact
[email protected] or telephone 0795 104 2087.
To Produce or Not to Produce an All-Male Twelfth Night?
Are you a born organiser? Interested in theatre? Do you dream of lists, and gaps
in your plan? Then The Luvvies want to hear from you. The Luvvies will soon be
starting the process of staging an all-male version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.
This exciting project will be auditioning in June, rehearsals to
immediately follow, and staging aimed for November 2008. We're looking for a
keen and energetic individual, who can plan what promises to be a popular show.
If you're interested, please get in touch with us at
[email protected], or telephone David Dalzell on 0785 483 6605.
A voluntary organisation, The Luvvies has an inclusive membership, and
produces theatre that expresses the lives and experiences of the
LGBT community.
Monthly magazine edited, printed
and published in Scotland since
1994. All of the words from the
magazine can be found on our
website as well as interactive Meet
Market and our Listings which are
frequently updated. Sample copy
available by phoning 0906
1100256 (calls cost no more than
£2). Tel: 0845 1208062 (+44 131539 0666). Fax: 0131-539 2999.
Write: PO Box 666, Edinburgh.
EH7 5YW. E-mail:
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Scottish gay lifestyle magazine
launched in March 2008. Tel: 0845
643 9663. Write: 143/6 Ferry
Road, Edinburgh. EH6 4ET. E-mail:
[email protected]
Scotland's oldest lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender rights
organisation. It was founded in
1969 as the Scottish Minorities
Group, later became the Scottish
Homosexual Rights Group and
changed its name to OUTRIGHT
SCOTLAND in December 1992.
Currently hibernating.
Working for lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender equality in
Scotland. Write: 30 Bernard
Street, Edinburgh. EH6 6PR. Tel:
07020 933952. Fax: 07020
933954. E-mail: [email protected]
www.equality-network.organd Weekly
email and quarterly paper
newsletters on LGBT equality
campaigns and developments.
Regular conferences, forums, and
other events. E-mail or write to
join the network, free!
The UK's largest and most
significant collection of materials
relating to lesbian lives. LAIC (at
Glasgow Women's Library) 2nd
Floor, 81 Parnie Street, Glasgow.
G1 5RH. Tel/Fax: 0141-552 8345.
Closed to the public until Autumn
2008. E-mail:
[email protected]
Previously Pride Scotia (Glasgow).
Currently planning Pride Glasgow
on Sat 30th Aug 2008. Write: 84
Bell Street, Glasgow. G1 1LQ. Tel:
0141-416 2300. Skype:
prideglasgow. E-mail:
[email protected] or or
Now busily organising Pride
Scotia 2009! Tel: 0131-556 9471.
Write: 58a Broughton Street,
Edinburgh. EH1 3SA. E-mail:
[email protected]
Campaigns for equality and justice
for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender people living in
Scotland. Write: 9 Howe Street,
Edinburgh. EH3 6TE. Tel: 0131557 3679. E-mail:
[email protected]
[email protected]: A social group for gay
men. Meets 4th Sat of every
month from 1-4pm at THT, 11
Waverley Place. Tel: Alan on 0845
2412151. E-mail:
[email protected]
North East Scotland Gay Group: A
befriending group for gay and
bisexual men. Meets 3rd Sun of
each month at 7.30pm. E-mail:
[email protected]
RainbowFest: new concept for
Aberdeen which aims to plan and
host an event on 5th Jul 2008
based around the ethos of Pride
but different. E-mail:
[email protected]
Ayrshire Social & Sexuality
Support Group: Meets 3rd Wed of
each month at 7pm in Irvine.
Details of venue from David
Bingham on 0141-332 3838
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). E-mail:
[email protected]
Scottish Borders LGBT Equality
Forum: Aims to provide advice
and act as a consulting body to all
community planning partner
organisations, develop a range of
social and recreational activities,
and provide a befriending service
to LGBT people. Contact Alastair
Lings - Phone: Galashiels (01896)
757861 or 07763 850087. E-mail:
[email protected] Write:
79 Tweed Road, Galashiels, TD1
3DX. Or contact Linda Jackson:
Tel: 07877 381200. E-mail:
[email protected]
LGBT Youth D&G - as well as
services for young people, runs a
mailing list for information and
occasional events for LGBT people
of all ages from Dumfries and
Galloway. Write: 26 Brewery
Street, Dumfries. DG1 2RP. Tel:
Dumfries (01387) 739888. Text:
07785 274147. E-mail:
[email protected]
Disco:very: The newsletter from
Diversitay. Available from:
Diversitay (LGBT Group), PO Box
53, Dundee, DD1 3YG.
FifeFLAGS: Fife Free Lesbian and
Gay Society. Based in
Dunfermline, provides a
welcoming and safe meeting
space and drop-in centre near the
town centre for the LGBT
community, our friends, family
and supporters. Regular social
group meets on Mon 7pmMidnight. Generally has a nice
friendly mixed crowd most nights
across the age range so come
along and join the fun. Internet
access, mini pool table or just
hang out and meet new friends
over coffee and biscuits. Safer sex
information and supplies available
as part of the Fife Health Board
condom distribution scheme. Tel:
Dunfermline (01383) 738517. Email: [email protected]
Edinburgh LGBT Centre: Owned
and managed by Lesbian Gay and
Bisexual Community Project
Limited, which is registered as a
Scottish Charity and as a Scottish
Company. Bought in 1974 by the
Scottish Minorities Group, it is the
only LGBT-owned LGBT Centre in
the UK and is also the oldest LGBT
Centre in Europe if not the world.
Write: Edinburgh LGBT Centre,
58a-60 Broughton Street,
Edinburgh. EH1 3SA. Tel: 0131556 9471. Meeting Room Booking
Tel: 07817 533337. E-mail:
[email protected]
Icebreakers: Social group for guys
and gals who want to make
friendships and feel more at ease
in the company of other gay
people. Run by Switchboard
volunteers. Takes place from 7.309pm in CC Blooms on 2nd & 4th
Wed of each month. If you're
recently out or new to Edinburgh
or just feel a bit cut off and want a
break, come along. A welcoming
and non-threatening environment.
First timers can be met outside.
Phone Lothian Switchboard for
Glasgow LGBT Centre: The Centre
Board manages Glasgow LGBT
Centre Limited, which is registered
as a Scottish charity and as a
Scottish Company. Centre
Administrator and Manager are on
duty (9.30am-5pm Mon-Fri).
Membership criteria for Glasgow
LGBT Centre Limited is available
to all interested people agreeing to
the code of conduct. See press for
notice of the Annual General
meeting of Members - childcare
and BSL interpreter can be
organised, but please give
advance notice. Membership is
closed in the last month. Write:
Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84 Bell
Street, Glasgow. G1 1LQ. Tel:
0141-552 4958. E-mail:
[email protected]
Icebreakers Group: For lesbians,
gays and bisexuals new to the
scene. 12.30-3pm on 1st Sun of
each month at LGBT Centre, 84
Bell Street. Details from
Strathclyde Switchboard.
Highland Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender Forum. Write: c/o
Volunteering Highland, 1a Millburn
Road, Inverness. IV2 3PX. E-mail:
[email protected]
LGBT Highland Forum Social
Group: Meets 7.30pm 1st Tue of
each month at Volunteering
Highland, 1a Millburn Road,
Inverness. Coffee Morning: 2nd
Sat of each month 10am-2pm, at
Volunteering Highland, 1a Millburn
Road, Inverness. Social night
munch: 3rd Tue of each month,
look for the table with the Red Hat
at Bar Pivo, Academy Street. Tel:
07928 307389. E-mail:
[email protected]
Terrence Higgins Trust Highland
Gay Men's Group (and activities):
Tel: Inverness (01463) 711585 or
E-mail: [email protected] for
Lanarkshire LGBT Group:
Fortnightly social group for LGBT
people living or working in
Lanarkshire. Meets fortnightly Thu
7-9pm at the Hamilton Town
House. Get together for fun social
activities and to chat about issues
that affect LGBT people living in
rural areas. For more information
or to sign up, contact Chris
Kimber at Terrence Higgins Trust
Scotland. Tel: 0141-332 3838. Email: [email protected]
Stirling Gay Men's Social Group
meets monthly from Sep-Jun
(generally 3rd Fri) in private
houses. E-mail:
[email protected]
Granite Sisters: Aberdeen based
social and cultural group for older
(over 30's) lesbians throughout
Scotland. The website is the main
link for members and interested
lesbians to gain information etc.
Although under re-construction at
the moment it will be live asap. Email: [email protected]
[email protected]: Women's group meets
6pm on 1st Mon of each month at
THT, 11 Waverley Place. Tel: 0845
2412151. E-mail:
[email protected]
AD Group: Ancient Dykes is a long
established Edinburgh based
social group for lesbians aged 40+
organised by women for women.
Holds monthly meetings and
frequent social events such as
days out and about. Meets on first
Sat of each month during the
afternoon. Tel: Ruth on 0131-554
7256 or phone Edinburgh Lesbian
Connect-Ed: Scottish Charity
providing counselling service to
LBT women in the Lothians. The
kind of issues they expect to be
contacted about may include:
relationship difficulties, sexual
problems, drug or alcohol use,
abuse, loss, self esteem, bullying,
mental health issues,
anxiety/depression. All counselling
sessions last for one hour and you
may attend for counselling for a
short time or longer depending on
your needs. All Connect-Ed
counsellors are lesbian or
bisexual. Presently has to charge
on a sliding scale to pay their
counsellors and will discuss this
when you contact them. Tel:
07906 178220.
Lesbian Book Group: Meets
monthly (Wed 7.30-9.30pm).
Contact Kerry for further details /
next book by E-mail:
[email protected]
Lesbian Film Group: Meets 3rd
Thu of each month at 7.15pm (for
7.30pm start). Open to lesbian and
bisexual women. E-mail:
[email protected]
Lesbian Social Group: Meets 3rd
Wed of each month at 7.30pm in
The Regent, 2 Montrose Terrace.
[email protected]
LIBRA: Help for women concerned
about their drinking. Free 1-2-1
counselling and groupwork. Tel:
0131-661 0111. Write: 4 Norton
Park, Edinburgh. EH7 5RS. E-mail:
[email protected]
Counselling and Support Services
at The Sandyford, 2-6 Sandyford
Place (old Eye Infirmary),
Glasgow. G3 7NB. Tel: 0141-211
6700. Minicom: 0141-211 6703.
Fax: 0141-211 6702. Sappho @
The Sandyford: Sappho promotes
positive health for lesbians and
easier access to sexual,
reproductive and women's health
services. A well-woman clinic and
screening service is provided in a
lesbian friendly setting. Tel: 0141211 8130 for appointment.
Counselling takes place fortnightly
on Tue eve. There is a crêche
within Sandyford - Tel: 0141-211
8647 for info.
Glasgow Women's Library: 2nd
Floor, 81 Parnie Street, Glasgow.
G1 5RH. Tel/Fax: 0141-552 8345.
Closed to the public until Autumn
2008. Lending and reference
library - books, magazines,
journals, videos, leaflets and
information. UK and overseas
feminist and lesbian publications.
Contains the Lesbian Archive and
Information Centre - a unique
national collection of publications,
journals and ephemera by and for
lesbians. E-mail:
[email protected]
OLGA - Older Lesbians Get
Around: Meets monthly on 2nd
Sat of each month at 2.30pm in
Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84 Bell
Street. Lorna on Dumfries (01387)
247536. E-mail:
[email protected]
Personal safety and confidence
building courses for women are
offered by Wise Women, 120
Sydney Street, Glasgow. G31 1JF.
Tel: 0141-550 7557. Quertyphone:
0141-550 7558. E-mail:
[email protected]
GirlZone: Friendly, informal social
group for LBT and friends - all
welcome. Meets 1st Sat and 3rd
Fri of each month. Tel: Joanne on
07792 223 687 for details and
venue. E-mail: [email protected]
Highland Lesbian Group: A
friendly lesbian social group which
offers support and information.
Organises fundraisers for
Womankind Worldwide:
angroup/ E-mail:
[email protected]
Terrence Higgins Trust Highland
Lesbian Group (and activities): Tel:
Inverness (01463) 711585 or Email: [email protected] for
[email protected]
Activist group promoting the
interests of lesbian, bisexual and
transgender women in Scotland.
Write: 97 Lower Granton Road,
Edinburgh, EH5 1ER. E-mail:
[email protected]
To further lesbian issues, follow a
lesbian agenda and foster lesbian
visibility. E-mail:
[email protected]
See our Youth Groups listings.
Support and social network for
people who are bisexual or
questioning their sexuality. Also
organises training and activist
activities in support of bisexual
visibility and pride. Informal 'safe
space' meetings are held on 1st
Wed of each month in Glasgow
(7.30pm downstairs in the LGBT
Centre, 84 Bell Street) and 3rd
Wed of each month in Edinburgh
(contact for details of venue).
Meetings (open to all bi or
questioning people) are usually
followed by social gatherings
which are open to partners or
friends. Write: BiScotland, c/o
Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84 Bell
Street, Glasgow. G1 1LQ.
Information line: 07963 960321.
E-mail: [email protected]
Terrence Higgins Trust Highland
Bisexual Group (and activities):
Tel: Inverness (01463) 711585 or
E-mail: [email protected] for
details. [email protected] for
Works to change the situation for
LGBT people facing domestic
violence. Runs a helpline for
lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender people, their family,
friends, and agencies to support
LGBT people around domestic
violence. Mon & Thu 2-8pm, Wed
10am-1pm. Tel: 0845 2604460. Email: [email protected]
1-2-1 counselling for adult male
survivors of childhood sexual
abuse, male rape, male domestic
abuse and under 18's. Tel: 0141550 2048. E-mail:
[email protected]
For male and female survivors.
Women answer the Tel: Freephone
0808 8000123 (or Dingwall
(01349) 865316) hours as advised
on telephone answering machine.
Men answer the Tel: Freephone
0808 8000122 (or Dingwall
(01349) 862686) hours as advised
on telephone answering machine.
Callers are welcome to phone
either line. Write: PO Box 10,
Dingwall. IV15 9HE.
Scotland-wide telephone service
providing support to women and
men experiencing sexual violence,
as well as their friends and
families. Tel: Freephone 0808
8010302 (6pm-Midnight).
Minicom available.
Counselling service for male
survivors of childhood sexual
abuse. Write: The Sandyford
Initiative, 4 Sandyford Place,
Glasgow. G3 7NB. Tel: 0141-211
8133. E-mail:
[email protected]
GALHA is a national membership
group promoting the gay-friendly
Humanist outlook and gay and
lesbian rights as human rights.
Write: PO Box 130, London. W5
1DQ. Tel: 0844 800 3067. E-mail:
[email protected]
PTT is a gay charity which can
arrange non-religious ceremonies
of love and commitment for
lesbian and gay couples at very
reasonable rates in most parts of
Scotland. Write: 34 Spring Lane,
Kenilworth, Warwickshire. CV8
2HB. Tel/Fax: Kenilworth (01926)
858450. E-mail:
[email protected]
A club for men interested in
Leather, Rubber, Uniform. Meets
in Edinburgh from 9pm at the
Claremont Bar on the 1st Sat of
each month and at the New Town
Bar on the 3rd Sat of each month.
Write: PO Box 28, Edinburgh. EH3
5JL. E-mail: [email protected]
Information Site for Scottish Gay
Skinheads. E-mail:
[email protected]
ScotsSkins meet informally in The
Claremont in Edinburgh on the
2nd Sat of each month.
E-mail: [email protected]
National organisation providing
information, advice and support
on BDSM and related issues.
Write: SM Pride, PO Box 413,
Torquay, Devon. TQ1 1WZ. Tel:
0845 094 2250. Fax: 08702
415058. E-mail:
[email protected]
For hairy, moustached, bearded or
bulky men and their admirers.
Edinburgh: Meets 1st Sat of each
month from 2pm in Steamworks
Sauna and then from 9pm in the
Claremont Bar. Also Bears in the
Basement is on the 2nd Sat of
each month 10pm-1am at the
New Town Bar. Write: PO Box
12785, Edinburgh, EH6 7YU. Email: [email protected]
Glasgow: Informal meetings 2nd
Fri of each month from 8pm in the
Revolver Bar. For details of all
other events check the website. or Tel:
0131-600 0170. r Tel: 0131-600
Network in the Church of Scotland
of lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender Christians, their
friends and supporters. Formed in
2006 in response to the issue of
ministers and deacons being able
to conduct ceremonies to mark
civil partnerships without fear of
censure. Write: Ms Monica
Stewart, 18 Ferryhill Place,
Aberdeen. AB11 7SE. E-mail:
[email protected]
Meets on the 3rd Wed of each
month at 7pm (contact for details
of venue). E-mail:
[email protected]
Lesbian, gay or bisexual? From an
Evangelical tradition? So are we.
Tel: Andrew on Mid Calder
(01506) 499926. Write: c/o 123
Byron Road, Chelmsford. CM2
6HJ. E-mail: [email protected]
A small gay friendly fellowship in
the Old Catholic tradition. Regular
Masses and other sacraments in
Edinburgh. Also Relationship
Blessings, Hand-fastings, and
Healing. Contact Bishop Alistair
CCP on 07817 767445. E-mail:
[email protected]
An inclusive church of the LGBT
community open to all irrespective
of sexuality. Services: Every Sun at
6pm (11am during Aug) at
Augustine United Church, 41
George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.
Relationship blessings conducted
by arrangement. Tel: 0131-226
1691. Write: Metropolitan
Community Church, 41 George IV
Bridge, Edinburgh. EH1 1EL. Email: [email protected]
A church of the LGBT
communities welcoming all
people. Next Sunday Gatherings:
6th Apr & 4th May at 11.30am at
Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84 Bell
Street. Tel or Text: 07972 139128.
E-mail: [email protected]
A welcoming and supportive
national group for people of all
sexual orientations and their
friends. Write: Ruth (SG), 46 The
Avenue, Starbeck, Harrogate. HG1
4QD. E-mail:
[email protected]
Organisation for lesbian and gay
Catholics. Monthly meetings are
held in different regional groups
throughout Britain. Scottish
meetings held in Glasgow. Quest
Linkline - The Helpline for Gay and
Lesbian Catholics - Tel:
(Freephone) 0808 808 0234.
Write: BM Box 2585, LONDON.
WC1N 3XX. E-mail:
[email protected]
Write: RC Caucus, PO Box 24632,
London. E9 6XF. Tel: 020-7226
0847. E-mail:
[email protected]
details of venue). Books are
chosen by group members in
[email protected]
Scotland's original choir for LGBT
singers is made up of
approximately 45 singers and
holds regular concerts in the
Central Belt. The repertoire, which
is sung a capella in varying
numbers of parts, includes simple
rounds, popular music, traditional
music, light classics, festive and
seasonal songs, lesbian/gay
anthems, and show tunes. Meets
weekly for rehearsals in
Edinburgh. E-mail:
[email protected]
Edinburgh based LGBT theatre
company, which aims to give
LGBT people the opportunity to
act, direct, produce or organise
theatre or take part in any aspect
of the creative process. No
previous experience is necessary.
Tel: 07854 836605. E-mail:
[email protected]>
A charity which works to collect,
archive and present the life stories
and experiences of the LGBT
Community in Scotland. If you
have a story to tell or experiences
to share, or would like to find out
more about their upcoming
programme of events, then please
contact them. Write: OurStory
Scotland, Archives and Special
Collections, The Mitchell Library,
North Street, Glasgow. G3 7DN. Email:
[email protected]
New LGBT choir in Glasgow
welcomes anyone who identifies
as queer or part of the LGBT
Community. Rehearses Fri from
7pm in Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84
Bell Street. E-mail:
[email protected]
Documenting the collective history
of Edinburgh's LGBT
communities, recording lifestories and personal memories
across the generations, and
celebrating our rich and varied
contributions to the quality of life
in the city. The culmination of this
work was an exhibition entitled
'Rainbow City: Stories from
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Transgender Edinburgh' held at
the City Art Centre, Edinburgh in
2006. Write: Remember When
Project, c/o The Living Memory
Association, The Reminiscence
Centre, 101 St Leonards Street,
Edinburgh, EH8 9QY. Tel: 0131667 0761, and leave a message,
stating clearly that it is for
Remember When. E-mail:
[email protected]
A UK-wide club for women and
men. Active Scottish section.
Write: PO Box 33, Long Eaton,
Nottingham. NG10 2BF. E-mail:
[email protected]
Meets monthly during autumn
through to the spring, and views
videos/DVDs with a gay theme or
character. For more details please
contact Alastair on Galashiels
(01896) 757861 or E-mail:
[email protected]
A new venture aiming to bring
together individuals interested in
singing a fun repertoire, including
pop, rock and songs from the
shows and movies. Now is a great
time to get involved, whether
you're a closet shower singer or
have some experience. Meets Tue
7.30pm at LGBT Centre, 58a
Broughton Street. For full details
and to sign-up
A friendly social group of men
who admire men in kilts and
promote the wearing of the
traditionally constructed kilt. Kilted
meetings and weekend get
togethers and visits in Scotland
and throughout Britain. See web
site for details. Tel: 07857 082220.
E-mail: [email protected]
Scotland's annual celebration of
queer culture. Next dates: 1st Oct 9th Nov 2008. Q! Gallery is
Glasgay's new year-round gallery
dedicated to queer art and artists.
Mon-Sat 11am-5pm. The Stud!o
is an adjacent
and holistic arts space. The Q!
Gallery, 87-91 Saltmarket,
Glasgow. G1 5LE. Tel/Fax: 0141552 7575. Text: 07762 722460.
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact and social group for guys
interested in viewing/wearing kilts.
Regular newsletter. Write: Mervyn
Tacy, 'Ziveli', 20 Ordsall Park
Road, Retford. DN22 7PA. Please
enclose sae. Tel: 01777 708270.
E-mail: [email protected]
Meets on the first Thu of each
month at 7.30pm (contact for
Support group for anyone friends, families, partners, coworkers - affected by or dealing
with someone else's drinking.
Relaxed, friendly, group. All are
welcome! Meets Thu 6.30-7.45pm
(contact for details of venue). Email:
[email protected]
Whilst AA runs the following LGBT
meetings in Edinburgh and
Glasgow, please note that it is a
non restrictive organisation and
LGBT people are welcome at any
meeting. Edinburgh: Edinburgh:
Tue 8pm (contact for details of
venue) Please note that the last
meeting of the month is open to
non AA members. Glasgow: Tue &
Thu 7.30pm (Nye Bevan House,
20 India Street), Fri 7.30pm (The
Ogilvie Centre, 25 Rose Street).
National Helpline: 0845 7697555
(24 hours). Scottish Office: 0141226 2214. Edinburgh Office:
0131-225 2727.
Carers' contacts for gay men and
lesbians are trained and skilled
volunteers able to offer
understanding and a listening ear
to gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgender or transsexual carers
of peopl
11-15 Princes Street, Dundee.
DD4 6BY. (From 31st Mar: 1st
Floor, 31 Hawkhill, Dundee. DD1
5DH.) A charity that exists to
empower HIV and HepC positive
people and those affected thereby
to eliminate the stigma and
isolation they experience. Tel:
Dundee (01382) 461555 (until
31st Mar). Fax: Dundee (01382)
461424 (until 31st Mar). Tue-Thu
(Drop In) Noon-3.30pm. E-mail:
[email protected]
Gartnavel General Hospital, 1053
Great Western Road, Glasgow.
G12 0YN. Confidential
information, advice, counselling
and direct access testing for HIV
and Hepatitis. The Centre provides
ongoing medical and social care
plus psychological and emotional
support for people living with HIV
infection and one to one
counselling for people at risk of
HIV. Tel: 0141-211 1089. Fax:
0141-211 1097. Mon-Thu 9am5pm, Tue 5-7pm, Fri 9am-4.30pm.
Gartnavel General Hospital, 1053
Great Western Road, Glasgow.
G12 0YN. Social work service for
people with HIV/AIDS providing
intensive community based
support. General advice and
information on community care
and housing needs also provided.
Tel: 0141-211 1090.
5 South Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy.
KY1 1YA. (Behind Sheriff Court).
Information, advice and support
on gay and health issues, free
condoms, and much more! MonFri 1-5pm, Sat 10am-3pm. Tel:
Kirkcaldy (01592) 265666. Fax:
Kirkcaldy (01592) 643866. E-mail:
[email protected]
10a Union Street, Edinburgh. EH1
3LU. A community led Lothian
wide project for gay and bisexual
men. Wide ranging volunteering
opportunities which provide
services including support and
counselling, scene work, peer
education and training, provision
of condoms, lube and Safer Sex
information. Tel: 0131-558 9444.
Fax: 0131-558 9060. E-mail:
[email protected]
Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84 Bell
Street, Glasgow. G1 1LQ. Tel:
0141-552 0112. Fax: 0141-552
4928. A community led project
across the Greater Glasgow and
Clyde Health Board Area for gay
and bisexual men. Wide ranging
volunteering opportunities which
provide services including
support, scene work, peer
education and training, provision
of condoms, lube and Safer Sex
information. E-mail:
[email protected]
Exists to promote the sexual and
holistic health of gay and bi men
living in Angus, Dundee and Perth
& Kinross (including men who
have sex with men but who do not
identify as gay or bi), reduce the
spread of HIV within those
communities and challenge the
discrimination, health inequalities
and social exclusion that can be
faced by gay and bi men, including
HIV positive gay and bi men, and
those affected by HIV. Tel: Dundee
(01382) 424070. Fax: Dundee
(01382) 424090. E-mail:
[email protected]
A self help group offering support
and assistance for individuals with
HIV/AIDS in the Grampian area.
Contact THT, 11 Waverley Place,
Aberdeen. AB10 1XH. Tel: 0845
2412151. E-mail:
[email protected]
A national HIV prevention & sexual
health promotion programme for
gay and bisexual men. Offers a
range of services including info on
its website, campaigns and
resources and a free condoms by
post scheme.
10 Elderpark Workspace, 100
Elderpark Street, Glasgow. G51
3TR. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
Telephone Support Service MonFri 7pm-10pm. Tel: 0141-445
8797. Fax: 0141-445 8798. E-mail:
[email protected]
Suite 2, 27 Beaverhall Road,
Edinburgh. EH7 4JE. Tel: 0131558 3713. Fax: 0131-558 9887.
The independent voice for HIV in
Scotland, this charity is a policy
and strategic body and runs
Healthy Gay Scotland and Black
Minority Ethnic-related HIV work.
E-mail: [email protected]
Counselling Service, Monklands
Hospital, Monks Court Avenue,
Airdrie. ML6 0JS. One stop shop
for HIV and Hepatitis health
services. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Also
Tue & Thu 7-9.30pm
(appointments only). Also runs
support group for HIV Positive
men. Tel: Airdrie (01236) 712247.
Fax: Airdrie (01236) 712449. Email:
[email protected]
9 Howe Street, Edinburgh. EH3
6TE. Currently closed to the public
for re-decoration. May not re-open
due to funding problems. Working
in partnership with the LGBT
community and health service
providers to improve the physical,
mental and social wellbeing of
lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender people in south-east
Scotland. Tel: 0131-523 1100. Email: [email protected]
13a Great King Street, Edinburgh.
EH3 6QW. Practical help for
people who are infected or
affected by HIV and AIDS in
Edinburgh, their families and
carers. Tel: 0131-558 1122. Fax:
0131-558 3636. E-mail:
[email protected]
37-39 Montrose Terrace,
Edinburgh. EH7 5DJ. Self help for
people living with and affected by
HIV and Hepatitis in Lothian,
offering individual advocacy, peer
support and subsidised
complementary therapies in a
safe, confidential and welcoming
environment. Tel: 0131-652 0754.
Fax: 0131-661 9100. E-mail:
[email protected]
Part of the Harm Reduction Team
within Lothian NHS. Offers a
confidential and anonymous
service for men who have sex with
men, including male sex workers
throughout Edinburgh and the
Lothians. Provides a wide range of
services including sexual health
and safer sex advice, information
and advice on drug use, personal
safety, police and legal advice,
including operating in the Remote
Reporting Scheme. A great deal of
their work is done on an outreach
basis in Public Sex Environments
and venues as well as on-line as
part of the SNN group. They run
an 'Out of Hours' Testing Service
Mon 5-7.30pm at "The Exchange",
Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh
where you can have a full SEXUAL
HEALTH check up including Hep A
& B vaccinations. No
appointments necessary. For
further information or to receive
condom and lube supplies contact
Vaughan or Del on Tel: 0131-537
8300 or 07774 628227. E-mail:
[email protected]
2-6 Sandyford Place (old Eye
Infirmary), Glasgow. G3 7NB.
Glasgow's main sexual,
reproductive and emotional health
centre. Free web access and health
library with large LGBT lending
collection. Specialist services for
gay men (See separate ScotsGay
Listing for Steve Retson Project)
and lesbians (See separate
ScotsGay listing for The
Sandyford under Women). Selfreferal sexual health service with
open access clinic each weekday
with registration from 8.30-10am
or book on 0141-211 8130. Email:
[email protected]
Sex Addicts Anonymous is a
twelve-step recovery programme.
Our primary purpose is to stop
our addictive sexual behavior and
to help others recover from their
sexual addiction. Our members
define their own sexual boundaries
with the guidance of their Higher
Power, their sponsors and other
group members. We encourage
our members to discover and
explore what healthy sexuality
means to them. Meetings in
Edinburgh & Glasgow. Tel:
Scottish Helpline on 0141-552
0154 (24 hours). E-mail:
[email protected]
Freephone 0800 567123. 24
hours. Confidential advice and
information. Minicom: Freephone
0800 521361.
The Sandyford, 2-6 Sandyford
Place (old Eye Infirmary),
Glasgow. G3 7NB. A free sexual
health screening and counselling
service for gay and bisexual men.
Clinics run Tue & Wed 5.308.30pm. Also Thu 5.30-8.30pm at
Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84 Bell
Street. Same-day HIV test Tue
morning 8.30-10am. Tel: 0141211 8130.
134 Douglas Street, Glasgow. G2
4HF. HIV prevention and support
services in Lanarkshire, Ayrshire &
Arran, the Glasgow area and
Western Central Scotland. Support
& Advocacy Service provides a full
range of welfare rights advice and
representation as well as
community service volunteers
(buddies). Also provides a range
of health promotion services for
gay and bisexual men throughout
the West of Scotland. Please
contact for further details.
Volunteers welcome! Tel: 0141332 3838. Fax: 0141-332 3755.
Helpline: THT Direct 0845
1221200 Mon-Fri 10am-10pm,
Sat-Sun Noon-6pm. E-mail:
[email protected]
11 Waverley Place, Aberdeen.
AB10 1XH. Formerly Phace
Scotland. HIV prevention and
support services in Grampian
including Community Support,
Group Support and LGBT groups.
Also provides a range of health
promotion services for Gay and
Bisexual men throughout
Grampian. Please contact for
further details. Volunteers
welcome! Tel: 0845 2412151. Fax:
0845 2412152. Helpline: THT
Direct 0845 1221200 Mon-Fri
10am-10pm, Sat-Sun Noon-6pm.
E-mail: [email protected]
34 Waterloo Place, Inverness. IV1
1NB. LGBT Support and activities.
Tel: Inverness (01463) 711585.
Fax: Inverness (01463) 711793.
Helpline: THT Direct 0845
1221200 Mon-Fri 10am-10pm,
Sat-Sun Noon-6pm. E-mail:
[email protected]
Old Coates House, 32 Manor
Place, Edinburgh. EH3 7EB.
Waverley Care is responsible for a
number of projects for people
living or affected by HIV and/or
Hepatitis C in Scotland. Tel: 0131226 2206. Fax: 0131-226 2209.
E-mail: [email protected]
Support for Africans affected by
HIV. Tel: 0141-211 0192.
Waverley Care Buddy Service is a
volunteer befriending service
offering emotional and social 1:1
support for individuals living with
HIV in Edinburgh and the
Lothians. Write: Teresa D'Astoli,
Buddy Service Co-ordinator, 113
Oxgangs Road North, Edinburgh.
EH14 1EB Tel: 0131-312 9953 or
07929 132675. E-mail:
[email protected]
Offers a range of flexible, creative
and support activities to people
with HIV in the community. Tel:
0131-441 2791. E-mail:
[email protected]
113 Oxgangs Road North,
Edinburgh. EH14 1EB. Creates
tailor-made residential care for
people with HIV which is flexible,
creative and supportive.Tel/Fax:
0131-441 6989. E-mail:
[email protected]
2-4 Abbeymount, Edinburgh. EH8
8EJ. Information, support, advice,
counselling, training and self
development, arts activities,
events, health promotion, African
support, one-to-one/group
support and a café. Also Crusaid
Hardship Fund - for those
experiencing economic hardship
due to HIV infection. Café: Mon-Fri
8.30am-3.30pm. Support
services: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Many
support groups and activities
outwith these hours, please
enquire. Tel: 0131-661 0982. Email: [email protected]
Nationwide Social and Contacts
Club for the older gay gentleman
and his admirers, both young and
old. Scottish group meets in
Edinburgh. Write: PO Box 2087,
Blackpool. FY4 1WL. Tel:
Blackpool (01253) 318327. Email: [email protected] Edward
is the Scottish Contact - E-mail:
[email protected]
Social group for men over 40.
Meets 15 Roseberry Crescent,
Edinburgh, every 2nd Sun from 24pm. Next dates: 30th Mar, 13th &
27th Apr. Tel: John on 0131-556
1309 or Steve on 0131-558 9444.
[email protected]
The Sisters and Brothers of the
OPI are part of a world wide order
of queer men and women of all
sexualities which is open to all
who feel the habit. Its tenets are:
The expiation of stigmatic guilt
and the promulgation of universal
joy through habitual manifestation
and perpetual perpetration.
The Edinburgh convent. Write:
Mistress of Communications, c/o
PO Box 666, Edinburgh. EH7
5YW. E-mail:
[email protected]
Support, advice and information
for LGBT parents and families. Email: [email protected]
Write: Novice Maddie Za Hatter
OPI, c/o PO Box 666, Edinburgh.
EH7 5YW. E-mail:
[email protected]
For LGBT Birdwatchers. Write:
Gay Birders Club, GeeBeeCee,
BCM-Mono, London. WC1N 3XX.
Tel: Annie on 0131-552 6333. Email: [email protected]
For men and women. Regular
meets throughout the UK. Tel:
Marc on 07977 317872. E-mail:
[email protected]
Holds regular events including
walking, skiing, cycling, climbing,
mountain-biking, kayaking,
mountaineering, camping, youthhostelling, badminton, running
and swimming. Please send an A5
sae to PO Box 637, Skellingthorpe,
Lincoln, LN6 5XD, or ring one of
the Scottish contacts:
EDINBURGH: Walks and
Mountain-Biking: Andrew on
0131-477 0499. Monthly Social
(2nd Thu): James on 0131-229
3142. Cycling/Kayaking: David on
07747 465743. Running: Meets
every Wed at the Jawbone, The
Meadows, Edinburgh (junction of
Melville Drive and Marchmont
Road) at 6.30pm prompt. Grid Ref
NT255726. Everybody welcome,
men or women, from complete
beginners to the more
experienced. Contact Robert on
07738 939836. E-mail:
[email protected] GLASGOW:
Walks: Robert on 0141-950 1081.
Cycling & Swimming: Douglas on
0141-632 8707. Climbing:
Jonathan on 0141-334 0812.
Badminton: Donn on 07919
410042. Running: Chris on 07786
263274. HIGHLANDS: Walks &
Weekend Trips: Alan on Dores
(01463) 751258.
MOUNTAINEERING: Tim on 0131478 0844. E-mail:
[email protected]
Leisurely walks in the countryside.
Bring sensible footwear/clothing
and packed lunch. 2nd Sat of each
month. Meet at Mitchell Library,
Berkeley Street. No membership just turn up. Cars normally shared.
Tel: Robert on 0141-950 1081. Email: [email protected]
A UK-Wide, web-based
organisation, offering a wide range
of activities: from camping,
hostelling, hill-walking and indoor
climbing, to the more extreme
activities like gorge scrambling,
ice climbing, technical mountain
biking and many more. There's
something for everyone, no matter
what your interest. Core
membership is Gay and Bi-sexual
lads, aged 18-35, but
OutdoorLads does not
discriminate on any grounds
including age, sexuality, disability
or sex, and welcomes anyone who
agrees with the group's aims and
Informal network of parents and
women trying to be parents. See
listing for Lesbian Mothers
Network (Scotland) for contact
Support group for gay fathers.
Meets on last Thu of each month
in a private room in Edinburgh
LGBT Centre, 58a Broughton
Street. Gay dads from all over
Scotland welcome. Tel: 07791
188742. E-mail:
[email protected]
Meets from 2pm on the 1st Sat of
each month at Glasgow LGBT
Centre, 84 Bell Street. E-mail:
[email protected]
Tel: Sue Robertson on 0131-556
3899/4563. Fax: 0131-557 7899.
Write: One Parent Families
Scotland, 13 Gayfield Square,
Edinburgh. EH1 3NX. E-mail:
[email protected]
Coming out? Information and
support for parents of LGBT
people. Helpline and admin: Tel:
0131-556 6047 before 10pm.
Write: c/o ScotsGay Magazine, PO
Box 666, Edinburgh. EH7 5YW. Email:
[email protected]
Copies of ScotsGay are sent free
of charge to prisoners in UK
prisons and institutions. Please
contact us if you wish to be added
to the mailing list.
The Edinburgh group of CAMRA’s
Task Group for LGBT real ale and
cider fans. Meets in The Regent
1st Mon of each month from 9pm
to sample the brewers’ art - Aug
2nd Mon (to avoid GBBF). Tel:
Karen on 0131-557 8790. E-mail:
[email protected] and
Committed to principles of caring,
trusting, personal growth, sharing,
and creativity aimed at nurturing
‘community’ as an alternative to
the commercial scene. Organises
Gay Men’s Weeks and shorter
events each year in SW Scotland,
the English Lake District and other
venues across the UK. Write:
Edward Carpenter Community, BM
ECC, London. WC1N 3XX. Tel:
08703 215121. E-mail:
[email protected]
Caledonian Thebans Rugby
Football Club is Scotland's first
gay/bi friendly rugby club. Offers
gay/bi/trans men the chance to
learn the game and play rugby in a
safe and supportive environment.
Continually welcomes new players
(+18) at whatever level or
experience and new supporters to
the club. If you're interested in
playing or supporting gay rugby in
Scotland, please get in touch.
Come along and get fit! Tel: 07758
668784 or Text "thebans" to
60300. E-mail:
[email protected]
Meets 8pm prompt each Mon at
the Royal Commonwealth Pool,
Dalkeith Road in the main
entrance area and afterwards in
the Blue Moon Café from 9.15pm.
Meets 7pm prompt Wed night at
the Jawbones, The Meadows.
Everybody made welcome from
complete beginners to the more
experienced. Contact: David on
07747 465743. E-mail:
[email protected]
The group runs regular lessons
and excursions at various places
throughout Central Scotland.
Contact for more information. Tel:
David on 07747 465743. E-mail:
[email protected]
Meets each Thu from 8-10pm.
Come along and have fun and
enjoy meeting the other members
for a friendly game. All welcome.
Tel: Paul on 07708 514676 (611pm).
Meets informally during adultsonly session 7.30-9pm Thu at
North Woodside Pool, Braid
Square. Tel: Douglas on 0141-632
8707. To E-mail Douglas, please
append to
his first name and include GOC in
the subject line. E-mail:
[email protected]
Write: GFSN Membership
Secretary, PO Box 7424, Milton
Keynes. MK8 9WQ. Tel: Barry on
Milton Keynes (01908) 564085.
Scottish Contact: Kevin Rowe Tel/Text: 07808 263173 or E-mail:
[email protected]
Regular cycle rides, of varying
distance/pace. Tel: David on 07747
465743 or Douglas on 0141-632
8707. E-mail:
[email protected]
Scotland's very first LGBT group
for football players and fans alike.
Currently organises regular socials
and kick-abouts, and would love to
hear from anyone anywhere in
Scotland who would like to take
part. There is an entire Gay League
in England, and in time, they can
organise friendlies and
competitive games up and down
the country. However, all ability
levels are welcome, and the social
side is just as important as the
playing - so what are you waiting
for? Text "Football" to 60300 for
more information (texts cost 25p)
or E-mail:
[email protected]
Edinburgh based gay and lesbian
badminton club meets Thu eve 79pm at Meadowbank Stadium and
Ainslie Park Leisure Centre.
Spaces are limited. For full details
Glasgow based gay and lesbian
badminton club meets twice
weekly for competitive games.
International tournaments and
matches against clubs in London
and Europe are held annually.
Sorry - no beginners. Tel:
Raymond on 0141-778 9220. Email: [email protected]
Many Universities and Colleges
have Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Transgendered Societies. Contact
these via your Student Union or
Student Association. ScotsGay
also links to a number of LGBT
Soc websites from our own web
page at Many
LGBT Socs are open to nonstudents living in the area. Tel:
NUS Scotland LGBT Officer on
0131-556 6598. Fax: 0131-557
5679. Write: Norman McBreen,
LGBT Officer, NUS Scotland, 29
Forth Street, Edinburgh. EH1 3LE.
E-mail: [email protected]
or [email protected]
Transmen Scotland is a national
support group for all female to
male transgender people. Holds
regular monthly meetings in
Edinburgh (2nd Sat of each month
from 7.30-9.30pm - contact for
details of venue) and Glasgow (1st
Mon of each month at Glasgow
LGBT Centre, 84 Bell Street from
7-9pm). For further info E-mail:
[email protected]
or Tel/Text 07948 735179.
Meets last Sat of each month at
5pm. Tel: Kira on 07808 564626
(Mon-Thu 6-9pm), Gladys on
Buchlyvie (01360) 850516 or
07743 936157.
Polygender Scotland. Provides
support and friendship to all
people who identify as
genderqueer, androgyne, third
gender, polygender or any other
gender other than male or female.
Meets 2nd Thu of each month
(contact for details of venue). Tel:
Kelli Neil on 0131-523 1100. Email: [email protected] or
Tel: Lewis on 0131-477 0525.
T-Time. Informal social for all
transgender people, their partners,
family and friends, held the 3rd
Sat of each month (contact for
details of venue). A friendly, safe
and relaxed environment where
there's also space to change. Tel:
0131-523 1100. E-mail:
[email protected]
Crosslynx TV/TS/TG Group meets
2nd Wed of each month from 710pm at Glasgow LGBT Centre, 84
Bell Street. Tel: Crosslynx Helpline
on 0141-847 0787 (Mon 7.309.30pm). Write: c/o 84 Bell Street,
Glasgow. G1 1LQ.
Sandyford Trans Women's
Support Group meets at the
Counselling and Support Services
Group Room, Sandyford, 2-6
Sandyford Place (old Eye
Infirmary), on 1st Wed of each
month from 7pm and at the Peach
Room, Sandyford on 3rd Sat of
each month from Noon. Phone
Colin MacKillop (Community
Access Co-ordinator) on 0141232 8417 or E-mail:
[email protected]
Terrence Higgins Trust Highland T
Group (and activities): Tel:
Inverness (01463) 711585 or Email: [email protected] for
Write: Veronica Rankin, National
Officer (Education and Equalities),
46 Moray Place, Edinburgh. EH3
6BH. Tel: Veronica Rankin on
0131-225 6244. E-mail:
[email protected]
For firefighters and control staff.
Write: National Gay And Lesbian
Committee, PO Box 10555,
London. N1 8XT. Tel: 07725
602524. E-mail: [email protected]
Membership is open to all police
officers and police staff, serving or
retired. Write: Inspector David
Lyle, Lothian & Borders Police, 7
Chambers Street, Edinburgh. EH1
1HR. Tel: 0131-221 2037. E-mail:
[email protected] (Central Scotland),
[email protected] (Grampian),
[email protected]
(Lothian & Borders),
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (Tayside)
or [email protected] (Fife &
Dumfries and Galloway
Write: Regional Equal Rights
Officer, GMB Scotland, Fountain
House, 1/3 Woodside Crescent,
Glasgow. G3 7UJ. Tel: 0141-352
8109. E-mail:
[email protected]
Glasgow City Lesbian & Gay
Group. Meets last Tue of month at
6pm in the Glasgow LGBT Centre,
84 Bell Street.
Youth group for young people 25
and under who have issues with
their sexuality or with the sexuality
of a member of their family. Meets
Sat 4-6pm in Eighteen And Under
on Victoria Road, Dundee. Offers a
safe and friendly environment to
meet and discuss issues affecting
the LGBT community and our
families. Tel: Marley on Dundee
(01382) 206222. E-mail:
[email protected]
Terrence Higgins Trust Highland
Youth Group (and activities): Tel:
Inverness (01463) 711585 or Email: [email protected] for
Groups, volunteering and support
for LGBT people under 26 from
Dumfries and Galloway. Write: 26
Brewery Street, Dumfries. DG1
2RP. Tel: Dumfries (01387)
739888. Text: 07785 274147. Email: [email protected]
John Cotton Centre, 10
Sunnyside, Edinburgh. EH7 5RA.
Provides services and
opportunities for lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender young
people (13-25) in Edinburgh, the
Lothians, Fife, Borders, Tayside
and Dumfries & Galloway. The
groups include drop-ins at their
Edinburgh offices for under-18's
(Wed) and for over 18's (Thu).
They also have a range of different
opportunities to get involved with,
including volunteering and
projects involving video and arts
work, and they offer training
services. Nationally, they run
regular events for young people to
get involved in local and national
decision-making, and to make
new pals and have a laugh.
Confidential Youthline Tel: 0845
113 0005 (Tue 7.30-9pm). Office
Tel/Fax: 0131-622 2266 (Mon-Fri
9.30am-5pm). E-mail:
[email protected] The website
has details of Youth Groups
throughout Scotland.
Glasgow Head Office, 38 Queen
Street, Glasgow. G1 3DX. Tel:
0141-548 8000. Also at: Glasgow
LGBT Centre, 84 Bell Street,
Glasgow. G1 1LQ. Tel: 0141-552
For under 26 year olds. Tel: 0845
2412151. E-mail:
[email protected] for more
Meets Wed 7-9pm at LGBT
Centre, 26 Brewery Street,
Dumfries. Run by and for LGBT
people aged between 20 and 29.
Has been set up to be a safe place
where people can meet others and
make friends, have fun, socialise
and raise issues! They have lots of
exciting plans they want YOU to
be a part of so why not come
along and find out more?
For young LGBT people aged 1325. Meets at Glasgow LGBT
Centre, 84 Bell Street. Group for
13-18 year olds: Tue 7-9.30pm.
Group for 18-25 year olds: Thu 79.30pm. Tel: 0141-548 8121.
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]:
LGBT group for people aged under
26. Meets 2nd Sat of each month
Noon-3pm at THT, 11 Waverley
Place, Aberdeen. Tel: 0845
2412151. E-mail:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Making Friends
Lesbian, 49, new to Oban
area and looking for
friends. Enjoy hill walking,
birdwatching, cycling,
quiet nights in blethering!
Box SG80111.
Music Lover?
Sensual female musician
looking for attractive
straight looking/acting
woman who would like to
experience some real
romance and maybe
more. Photo appreciated
but not essential. Box
Looking For Casual
Relaxing Fun With
Younger Guy(s)
Just looking for fun with
guy(s) aged 16-26 probably at my place in
Central Edinburgh.
Nothing complicated: love
not required although
mutual respect is a must.
One off is good, so is
longer term fuck buddy.
I’m mostly active but can
be versatile if that‘s what
really works for you. Safer
fun only - no barebacking.
And a kiss or cuddle can
be just as good as (or
better than) anything else
- so there are a lot of
options. What have you
got to lose by replying and
seeing if our
needs/desires are
compatible? Other than
your virginity which is
soon gone with this poof!
Box SG80106.
Lonely And Bored
17 year old male virgin in
Forfar area, looking for
fun, down for pretty much
anything. Especially
wouldn’t say no to
bondage. Limited travel
but will make an effort for
the right guy. Box
Shetland Wants Fun
Gay Shetland male, 34,
wants to hear from
anyone visiting our
beautiful islands. Get in
touch as I am always
looking for new friends.
Will help students with
travel costs plus you are
welcome to stay at mine.
Box SG80108.
School Belt
Any retired or former
teachers who still enjoy or
approve of the belt please
get in touch. Guy in late
40’s seeks hands warmed
regularly by genuine
school teacher who has
his school tawse. Hands
crossed out to the front as
per schooldays. Box
I’m a relatively
inexperienced gay guy
looking for some
teaching. I’m 36 years old,
slim, smooth, fit and very
horny. I’m a genuinely
friendly, honest person
with a funny sense of
humour. ALAWP. Any age.
Box SG80110.
16 Year Old Seeks Fun
With Older
Tall, blond, fairly muscular
16 year old seeking older
(18-30) for “fun”. Lives in
Glasgow area. Up for
anything. Up for no
strings attached if
preferred. Box SG80112.
Brains But No Brawn
Seeks Same
Hi! I’m 43, averagelooking, 5’8” with short
dark (and slightly greying,
sadly) hair, and looking for
a skinny bloke (any age
16-50) for nights in and
out (not the pub if you’re
16, obviously). I’m
intelligent, articulate, down
to earth and the
possessor of a marvellous
sense of humour. Nostrings fun great;
long-term relationship an
absolute bonus. Box
Small, Fat, Old, Hairy,
Bearded, Ginger Seeks
Fun With Young, Smooth
Small (5’6”), fat (15st), old
(50), balding red hair and
beard, very hairy body,
looking for fun and
friendship with young
(16-22) guy. You: No
piercings (self mutilation
is not good or clever),
preferably a full head of
hair (no shaved heads why do you want to be
bald at your age?),
smooth chest (shaved is
good, naturally smooth is
better), no facial hair, not
anorexic (I like a bit of
plump - although slim is
OK). I’m probably far too
picky - but then I bet most
suitable guys are too! I
can accommodate
(Edinburgh) or will travel.
Box SG80114.
Active Guy, 54, 5’7”, Non
Seeks a smooth skined,
passive guy, 21-70+, for
long term
friendship/relationship. All
genuine answers will be
replied to. Glasgow,
Edinburgh, anywhere. Box
Ex Dom (53) Seeking
New Boi
Experienced Top (53)
seeking to meet younger
looking to have LTR within
strict traditional
atmosphere. Genuine and
honest only. No
timewasters, genuine
search. Box SG80116.
Want Summer Fun?
Any young guys want to
spend summer holidays
in Shetland Isles with a
young gay guy? Own
place. Just want lots of
fun. Honest, genuine,
looking for same. Box
I am Gary, aged 58 and
will soon be 59. I am 5’22
and weigh 12st 10lb. I am
looking for someone who
is OK with the older man,
someone 25-37 years old.
I like to go away and also
have a good time with my
friends. I have a nice
home and garden too.
Box SG80118.
Looking For Good
Looking Dominant
Submissive and
compliant Gay Oriental
living in Aberdeen looking
for a goodlooking and
absolutely dominant
master. Age 20-45,
slightly overweight is OK.
Am very much into oral
and very good at it. Photo
please, returned with
mine. Box SG80119.
Scally Seeks Convincing
Currently in Her Majesty’s
Hotel, late 30’s, bored and
lonely, looking for above,
dresses in schoolgirl
uniform, etc for
correspondence and
leading to loads of fun and
more. Box SG80123.
Sub slave seeks master or
a TV or femme type to
serve and adore. Will do
housework in tight pants
and submit to discipline
and training. Central belt.
Box SG80124.
Get In Touch
Ayrshire, genuine gay
youthful 60 year old, 5’7”,
slim, smart appearance
with cute bum, would like
to meet discreet active
mature gay anywhere for
friendship, safe mutual
fun times in. Box
Corpulent Master
Expanding Stable
Big heavy master requires
house slaves. Slaves must
be plump or fat and be
genuinely willing to serve
and obey a large meaty
master and worship him.
Box SG80126.
Let Me Squeeze Your
Spotty face? Blackheads?
If you’re 16-26, let me
squeeze them for you.
And then I can squeeze
your other bits too! A face
photo would be good.
Box SG80127.
Passionate Prisoner
22 year old gay lad
looking for penpals (1825) while in prison. With
hope of getting together
when released. Box
Inexperienced Sub
Totally passive seeks a
master to serve. I will
accept training. I’m fully
domesticated, loyal and
keen to please. I’ll relocate to please. Sincere
appeal. Box SG80129.
Adult Baby Nappy Plastic
Glasgow guy wants to
meet other guys for AB
fun, nappy fun. Have lots
of gear. Let’s go out for
beers in our nappies and
plastic pants. Box
Picture This
Well endowed
exhibitionist, 38, WLTM
single guys/couples into
taking photos or video for
mutual pleasure. Box
Celebrating Life
Oriental passive male, 50,
professional, smooth,
delicious and attractive
seeks friends in Aberdeen
and Aberdeenshire for
gentle loving or
passionate encounter.
Cannot accommodate but
can travel. Discretion
assured. Box SG80132.
Dirty Old Man Seeks
Aged 16-26? Into older
guys? Why not come and
join me in my large spa
bath? Box SG80133.
Obedient Boy
Devoted full grown
man/boy seeks master
18-75. I am available for
private viewing and
inspection and for
housework and comfort
duties. Central belt. Box
Lonely Guy - Manchester
62 year old guy would like
to meet guy 55-75 for 12-1. Willing to relocate if
necessary. Box SG80135.
Up Up And Away!
Frequent flier with Ryanair
and easyJet seeks young
companion for overseas
visits. I’m 50, you should
be 16-26. Must have
passport. Send photo and
full details. SG80136.
Looking For House
38 year old top looking for
submissive house slaves
for all domestic and
personal services. Age not
important but willingness
and obedience required.
Box SG80137.
To reply to a contact ad, just pop your reply in an envelope with the box number written in the TOP RIGHT corner and place the
envelope with your reply inside another envelope with two loose first class stamps. If you are writing from outwith the UK, an International Reply Coupon (IRC) should be enclosed for each reply instead of postage stamps. International Reply Coupons are
available from Post Offices throughout the world. We are unable to send on replies without postage stamps or IRCs.
Send all replies to : ScotsGay, PO Box 666, Edinburgh EH7 5YW.
Slave Boy For Guys
Hot, slim 25 year old, live
near Edinburgh. I want
masters. I am happy to
worship any 16-30 year
old guy who wants a slave
boy for the evening or life.
I’m into discipline, scat,
watersports and brown
fun. If you want a free fun
session at my place, get in
touch. Box SG80138.
Heavy Big Master
Seeks a slave, 18-65.
Must be plump and
preferably hairy and be
devoted to service to the
larger heavier man and to
body worship. Box
Glasgow Bi Guy
Fiftysomething bi guy, 6ft,
medium/heavy build,
seeks fun and friendship.
Not seeking relationship
but don’t rule it out.
Accommodate or travel
around Glasgow. ALA.
Box SG80140.
Master Wanted 16-30
I’m slim, 25, Edinburgh. I
would like a dominant
master to humiliate me including watersports and
scat. Write to me with
mobile number. Box
I Want To Be Gentle
50something guy in
Edinburgh (but will travel)
looking for firm but gentle
encounters with young
guys 16-26. I’m hairy. You
should be smooth. Please
send photo which will be
returned with mine. Box
Looking For You
I moved down to
Manchester from
Scotland (Ayrshire) in
1994 and lost touch with
everyone. Looking for
new Scottish friends (1635) for friendship or even
relationship. Box
It All Comes Down To
Friction In The End
Would you like some in
your end too? Jovial 50
year old guy seeks 16-22
year old for mutually
pleasurable activities. Box
Bi Curious?
There has to be a first time
for everything! Aged 1621? Get in touch?
Considerate, experienced,
versatile, older guy will
talk you through things at
your own pace before
getting down to some
safe fun. Your limits
respected. Total discretion
assured. Live in
Edinburgh and can
accommodate but will
travel if required. Box
Retired Hippy
51, looking for some love
and affection from
women and men of all
ages. Box SG80102.
Scally Cute Scottish
Sporty Male 33 Bi
Look about 27. Honest
caring. Own flat/car. Can
Straight acting/looking.
Casual dressed. Pubs,
clubs, holidays, football.
Look to meet 16-35 bi/gay
friends/relationship. Box
Silver Bear
Edinburgh based
50something guy seeks
morally relaxed women of
all ages for fun and
friendship. Box SG80103.
Straight Lady Seeks Bi
Intelligent slim brunette,
39, would like to meet a
bisexual professional
man, 45-55 years old, for
a loving long term
relationship. Regular
threesomes with a mutual
male friend would
certainly spice up one’s
lovelife. Inverness-shire.
Box SG80104.
Older Woman Wanted
I want to meet an older
woman for fun, romance
and passion. Age is only a
number - I welcome all! I
can travel. Box SG80120.
You were at the Glasgow
Pride 2006 and were in
the ScotsGay Magazine of
that month, you had very
spikey hair and an “I’m
here I’m queer” t-shirt on.
I would love to get to
know you as I think I have
a crush on you! Please
contact me at this e-mail
address so that I can find
out if there’s a chance you
might like me too? You
never know! Even if you
are not interested it would
be nice to hear that from
you too. Please e-mail:
[email protected]
Penpal contacts with gay
men all over the world.
Over 120 subscribers in
30 countries. To join is
free: send your ad. Only
subscribers get the
booklet with all data and
addresses by enclosing
£5. INTERGAY, Voorstraat
12-A, 4033 AD Lienden,
Good Catch Seeks LTR
Affluent silver daddy in
USA seeks LTR with 3550 year old. If masculine,
well educated, willing to
live in USA 6 months/year,
let’s exchange profiles and
photos. Write: Jacques
Denier, 4908 Little Mill
Road, Stockton, MD
21864, USA.
Reasonably priced
accomodation sought for
Edinburgh Festival season
for 5 actors appearing in a
gay play at The Pleasance.
Central location preferred.
E-mail Paul:
[email protected]
Loveable gay horny guy
who is friendly and caring
required to assist partially
disabled guy part time in
comfortable house near
Perth, dressing and
undressing and other
personal light duties.
Good wage and
conditions on main bus
route. Free furnished
accommodation, gas,
electricity and community
charge offered for handson friendship and
companionship. Please
apply with full particulars
to Box SG80105. [80a]
Cash For Your Body
Photogenic guys can earn
£100 cash posing for
Mike Arlen who has had
14 glossy magazines
published called Mike
Arlen’s Guys. Send
snapshots of your
magnificent body to him:
Mike Arlen, Wetherby
Studios, 23 Wetherby
Mansions, Earls Court
Square, London. SW5
9BH or Phone: 020-7373
1107. E-mail:
[email protected]
om [99]
Looking For Staff
Seeking salespeople for
Spanish property shows
in Aberdeen, Edinburgh
and Inverness areas.
Sundays only. Do you
have transport, access to
PC, someone to work
with? Commission only.
£700 a day expected with
approximately 15 week
delay of payments. Full
training given to right
person. Contact Sales
Manager: 0141-229 1693.
inclined, occult/wiccan
leanings, soulmate?
Stamp please to: Sadie,
The Golden Wheel,
Liverpool. L15 8HH. [86]
Models Wanted
Experienced photographer
needs good looking guys
18-22 for photo and video
work for use by adult
websites or magazines.
Suitable guys will earn
£110 for under 2 hours
work. Photo ID required
as proof of age. Examples
[email protected]
or contact Stuart on
07918 151496 (O2
Mobile). [99]
Limited Companies
Only £90 for your own
Limited Company. PLCs
£100. Charitable and
Unlimited Companies also
available. Freephone 0800
526421 for our free ‘Guide
To Limited Companies’. Email:
[email protected] Web: [99]
Uniform Dating - Free
Membership For Every
ScotsGay Reader
Fancy a date in uniform?
Here’s your chance! With
thousands of registered
firemen, nurses, pilots,
military, police officers
and singles from other
professional uniformed
services, Uniform Dating
offers the most unique
online dating experience.
It is now open to those
who are not in uniform.
Uniform Dating has been
made available to readers
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Magazine, with thousands
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this offer, membership of
this fantastic website is
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advantage of 10 day’s free
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profile. Then in the
‘Upgrade’ area, enter the
promotional code: SGM.
Alternative Therapies
In the comfort of your
own home or clinics
throughout Edinburgh.
Therapies available: Reiki
Indian Head Massage,
Spiritual Readings and
Hopi Ear Candles. Fully
qualified and insured
therapist. Please contact
Alan on 07747 714005 for
clinics and appointments.
Contacts and friendships
for men over sixty. The
organisation for the more
mature gentleman and his
admirers. Write to:
CAFFMOS, PO Box 2087,
Blackpool. FY4 1WL. Or
phone Blackpool (01253)
318327 for info. [99]
Seeking male or female,
gay and bi new friends,
possibly more spiritually
Proofreading And Tuition
In English (including
TEFL), French, Latin,
Greek and Gaelic, Typing
Services, Historical and
Genealogical Research.
Charles S Coventry, 303/3
Colinton Road, Edinburgh.
EH13 0NR. Tel: 0131-441
7898. E-mail:
[email protected] [99]
A contact ads publication
for gay and bisexual men,
18+, who enjoy all forms
of male-to-male
discipline! Contacts,
Stories, CP Pictures, CP
Videos & DVDs, News,
CP Clubs and Events. SAE
for details or E-mail. Write:
TD Monthly, PO Box 310,
Manchester. M15 6WT. Email:
[email protected] Web: [99]
Top 2 Toe sensual hot
cream body massage.
Showering facilities
available. Available 9am10pm, 7 days. Based
West End, Glasgow.
Discretion assured and
expected. 6’1”, 28”w,
passive/versatile 28 year
old. Web:
uk Tel: 07838 217109.
Massage And Male
Swedish and holistic
massage, waxing, scrubs,
facials, thread veins and
skin tags removed, body
piercing by qualified
insured male
practitioners. Flexible
appointments available 7
days. Contact 0141-429
4012 or 07772 137948.
Translation Services
Qualified translator based
in Edinburgh offers
translation services
between the following
languages: English,
Ukrainian, Russian,
Turkish and French. Email:
[email protected]
uk Write: Box SG80100.
Massage For Guys Edinburgh
Experience a full body
Swedish Massage using
deep tissue manipulation
using sensual Tantric
techniques - guaranteed
to make you feel relaxed.
Offered by fully qualified
and friendly guy based in
Edinburgh near Holy
Corner. Sessions last just
over an hour. No out calls.
Reasonable rates - £30
(£15) for students. Phone
07983 422652 or E-mail:
[email protected]
Russian Masseur In
Massage For Men Edinburgh
Enjoy a fantastic, affirming
chill out guys, with a
deeply relaxing, holistic,
sensual, tantric, full body
pampering massage. City
Centre - nurturing
masculine environment.
Qualified, experienced,
caring gay therapist. £20
per session. £15 students.
Excellent value. Tel: Jim
on 0131-557 4643. [83a]
All New, All Gay
Guesthouses - Edinburgh
Two great locations.
Exclusively gay. Easy walk
to nightlife. Stylish rooms,
all with TV and video
(tapes available). Shared
and private bathrooms.
Breakfast available till
noon. Non-smoking
houses. Easy parking.
Room rates: £29-£49 per
night. Call 0131-558 1382
or Fax 0131-556 8279.
alvahouse [83]
B&B On Loch Ness 4 Star
Pottery House: Beautiful
location, outstanding
rooms, luxury on-suites,
homecooked breakfasts.
Gay run. See why we
were runners up in the
2006 Highland Tourism
Awards. Phone John or
Glen on Inverness
(01463) 751267. Web:
Cardiff - Wales
An exclusive gay and
lesbian boutique B&B,
close to scene and city
centre, luxury styled
rooms, many extras, rates
from £39 per room inc
gourmet breakfast. Low
cost flights direct to city.
Tel: 0845 643 9962. [85a]
Edinburgh City Centre
Apartments City Centre in
Gay Scene. Luxury self
catering accommodation.
Contact 07966 938055
and visit
www.edinburghrentalapar [86]
Edward Hotel - Blackpool
Gay and Lesbian Friendly
Guest house. Licensed
Bar. 3 course breakfast.
On the top corner of the
Gay Village in the heart of
Gay Blackpool, TV/CD
welcome. Day visits
available. Pet friendly.
Mostly couples and small
groups. Web:
Tel: Blackpool (01253)
624271. [83]
House To Let For
For long and short stays Portgower/Helmsdale/Sut
herland. 2 double rooms
and all other facilities.
Terms apply. Tel: Murdo
(01463) 229662. [80a]
Inverness 3 Star Melrose
Villa Guest House
Friendly gay run. Town
Centre 5 mins. All rooms
en suite. Fab breakfasts.
Great beds! Relax, make
fiends with likeminded
people. Cum, stay, seey,
yourself! Tel: Kenny on
Inverness (01463)
233745. Web:
North West Highlands
Friendly and relaxed B&B
with spectacular mountain
views. All bedrooms are
spacious with en-suite
facilities. Ideal for walking,
climbing, cycling or
touring. Ken and Martin.
Tel: 01320 340356. Web: [82]
Penzance - Cornwall
Small, gay-friendly, period
hotel situated with own
parking in town centre.
Rooms available en-suite.
Tel: Penzance (01736)
Pets Are Welcome
At Auntie Ruth’s Guest
House in Skegness,
Lincolnshire. Lovely
walking country and miles
of sandy beach as well as
the town centre are just
yards away. Open all year.
No single supplement and
cross-dressers can feel at
ease. Call Auntie Ruth
now on Skegness
(01754) 767804.
Quality 4 Star Rated B&B
Near To Inverness
Located on the Black Isle,
its quiet rural location is
just perfect for walking
cycling and touring the
Highlands, or even just
relaxing.Telephone Chris
or Paul on 01463 811779.
Glasgow City Centre
Horny versatile tanned
and toned, slim and
smooth, tatooed and
pierced, offers friendly
massage. In calls and out
calls. 24/7. Tel: 07979
098389. [80a]
New gay escort service
and all other things. Tel:
Inverness (01463)
229662 or 07732
543629. [80a]
Experience the
unforgettable moments of
a relaxed, full body,
Swedish or erotic
massage in Glasgow area.
In or out calls. 7 days a
week. 9am-10pm. Call
Jon 07908 679308. [80a]
for ONE to ONE
It's completely FREE to place
your ad by phone on
0800 138 4 1-2-1
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next few issues, but it will also be
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browse on
09068 556612
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voice mailbox and can pick up
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Ads will run for up to 3 issues.
It will not be possible to reply to advertisers who
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Service supplied by BizOrg, PO Box 425, PE24 5FN.
E-mail: [email protected]
Helpline (10am – 4pm weekdays)
Tel: 0870 121 1210.
Are You Boyish?
Boyish young man,
straight-acting, 1835 who is needing
firm control please
contact this
discreet father
figure from
Glasgow. "All
levels. Can
Phone 09068
556612 Number 7027.
Submissive Woman
Submissive woman
wanted by 47 years old
dominant Bi guy for
bondage and domination.
For one-off meeting or
possibly leading to a long
term relationship.
Edinburgh area. "Leave
your number and I'll get
back to you". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 7157.
Chatty From Manchester
Manchester Bi guy, 5'9" tall
with short brown hair,
blue/green eyes, 32" waist,
42" chest, smooth body,
hairy legs, nose pierced
and tattoos is "into chat".
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7160.
Caithness Scott
Scott is a Bi guy from
Caithness who describes
himself as being straightacting and looking, 38
years old and active. Can
accommodate or travel.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7161.
Edinburgh Slaveboy
25 year old slaveboy would
like to meet a Master, 1830 years old. "If you want
to dominate and control
me - get in touch; I've got
my own place near
Edinburgh". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 7169.
Treat Him Well
This 36 year old Asian guy
from North Lanarkshire is
5'11" tall with dark hair
and eyes, a medium build,
straight-acting and
looking, genuine and
discreet. He is looking for
Gay or Bi guys to meet up
for fun, friendship and
maybe more. He likes
nights in as well as out and
says he is honest,
respectful and quite
friendly and easy to get on
with. "I'm looking for
someone who can treat me
well and I can treat well
also". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 7172.
Aberdeen Fun
45 years old looking for
friends of any age in and
around the Aberdeen area
for fun and friendship. He
can travel. Phone 09068
556612 - Number 7143.
Special Delivery
"Mature Non-scene wants
to meet good looking
postman: fit, straightacting, 25-40 for
adventurous afternoons,
Glasgow. Discretion
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7144.
Take Down His Particulars
"Is there a policeman
somewhere out there who
wants to know about oldfashioned discipline?" If
so, contact this mature
Glasgow guy.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7145.
Aberdeen Jocks
Aberdeen guy, into leather
and jocks, looking for a
dominant guy for control
and obedience. He is very
fit and says he is up for
any sort of scenarios,
rôleplay etc.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7146.
Who's A Pretty Boy Then?
John is 5'11" with a
slender build and "lovely,
toned skin". He likes eating
out, cinema, staying in,
dogs and parrots and is
looking for a genuine guy.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7147.
Strict Disciplinary
44 year guy old seeks male
35-60 years old, living in
Edinburgh with a taste for
leather, boots, who could
administer and also receive
strict disciplinary methods
by strap, cane or crop.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7149.
Friendship In Fife
40 years old Fife male is
looking to meet people 3045 years old, initially for
friendship. He is 6' tall
with dark hair and quite a
good build. "Just leave
your details if you want,
lads". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 7133.
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Edinburgh Or Dundee
Slimly-built 47 year old
guy is looking Skinheads
who are into leather and
rubber in the Edinburgh or
Dundee areas.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7104.
Dressing As Required
Submissive, crossdressing Bi guy, 46 years
old with a slim build is
seeking an assertive guy or
a couple to please. "I am
very genuine and enjoy
dressing as required".
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7089.
Total Submissive
"I am a mature guy living
in Glasgow and looking for
a lad aged 25 to 60, height
5'6" to 5'11" although
these are not carved in
Weight must be
appropriate to height. He
must be well-presented
and willing to become my
total BDSM slave boy. He
must have a very
submissive attitude and
know his place in my
presence: i.e. completely
subordinate and humble.
He must not have baggage
and be available any time
outwith his working hours.
It should be noted that it is
not a 24/7 situation - but in
any other respect it will
seem like it.
Me: I'm a very strict and
dominant guy, but don't
show it in public - any
disrespect or
subordination shown to
me will be severely dealt
with in private".
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7076.
Offshore Guy
45 years old offshore guy
is looking for occasional
overnight accommodation
in Aberdeen in return for
fun and friendship.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7080.
Scally Sought
Male, 45 years looking for
Scally lads in tracksuit
bottoms and trainers in the
Dundee or Aberdeen areas.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 7081.
All Tied Up
Submissive guys wanted
who like bondage,
preferably in the Glasgow
area. Phone 09068 556612
- Number 7086.
Smell. Taste. Feel.
58 year old indisciplined
Edinburgh guy with a
fetish for thick, black
leather belts. "I love the
smell of them, taste of
them and feel of them
when used on my bare
buttocks". Would like to
meet 35+ guys who can
give him the excitement of
being disciplined. Phone
09068 556612 - Number
Dads Accommodated
Looking for young dads,
20-40 years, who are
seeking an ideal
opportunity to get away
from it, but with no
strings. This mature guy
says he can accommodate
with total discretion in
West Scotland. Phone
09068 556612 - Number
Over The Knee Spanking
"I am a guy in his late 40's
from the north-east of
Scotland who is looking
for someone older, 60+ if
possible, to put me over
his knee on a regular basis
to be spanked. I would
prefer it to be someone of
a professional disposition:
someone who wears a suit
if possible. Or an ex
teacher". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 6854.
Chubby Bottom
Chubby 42 year old bi
male is looking for older
tops for fun and
friendship. Phone 09068
556612 - Number 6821.
Local To Tayside?
Tayside guy is looking for
local guys. Phone 09068
556612 - Number 6726.
North East Scotland
looking for genuine, retired
former teacher to give me
the belt. "I have been given
the belt before and am
looking to make new
contacts". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 6645.
Green Flash
40 years old guy from
Aberdeen is looking for
others who are into
jogging suit bottoms,
Converse baseball boots
and Dunlop Green Flash
trainers. "If you would like
to leave a reply, I will get
back to you as soon as
possible. I can travel as far
as Edinburgh or
Inverness". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 6531.
Wellies, Wellies, Wellies
Scotland/anywhere. Horny
40 year old would like to
meet guys who are into
black wellies, waders or
riding boots - muddy or
clean. "Phone with details.
Can travel anywhere".
Phone 09068 556612 Number 6446.
Slave Seeks Master
Slave from Glasgow
looking for a master. "I will
do anything my master
wishes". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 6069.
Horny Uncle
Horny uncle type seeking
nephew for hot, horny fun
with no strings attached.
He is 40 years old, 5'7" tall
with a 30" waist and 40"
chest. "No camps,
effeminates or fatties". Can
accommodate or travel in
the Glasgow area. Phone
09068 556612 - Number
Belting Memories
"I am looking for a genuine
retired or former teacher,
living in Scotland, over the
age of 50 to give me the
belt as per my schooldays.
I need my hands warmed
again". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 5252.
Yellow Sub38 year old slim,
submissive guy, into
yellow, is looking for
dominant guys any age.
Phone 09068 556612 Number 5060.
Various Interests
47 year old slim guy
looking for guys in the
Inverness area. "Various
interests. Can travel any
time". Phone 09068
556612 - Number 7150.
08712 24 38 89
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