Origami Spinning Top : Assembly Instructions



Origami Spinning Top : Assembly Instructions
Origami Spinning Top : Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions
Notation Key
1. Carefully cut out the parts.
2. Fold along the dotted lines,
making valley folds as indicated, and you’re done!
Scissors line
Valley fold
*Please read the Assembly Instructions
carefully before you begin.
Cut in line
Scissors, Ball-point pen
How to assemble your model neatly
Scoring along the fold lines in advance with a dried
up pen or a ruler with slightly sharp corners will result
in a neater model.
Keep scissors away from small children.
Be careful not to cut your fingers when using scissors.
*Be careful not to press too hard as the paper may tear.
Cautions for playing
Play with the top on a desk, floor, or other flat place.
Do not wave it around or run while holding it.
Continuing to blow on the top may leave you short of oxygen. Take breaks as needed.
Origami Spinning Top : Assembly Instructions
Assembling the origami spinning top
Cut out the shape along the scissors line.
Ball-point pen
*Instructions are based on
the origami spinning top 3.
Fold along the valley folds.
< Side view >
Printed paper
Do not apply too much pressure
- doing so may tear the paper or break the ball-point pen.
Place the tip of a ball-point pen on the black spot
in the center, push the pen into the paper to make
a dent and it is complete.
How to play with the origami spinning top
1. Place the top on a flat surface.
2. Blow on the top from above at a distance of
15 to 20 cm to create a blast of air
over the entire wing surface.
3. If air hits the top correctly, it will spin to the left.
Flow of air
If it does not spin well, check the following points,
adjust your method and try again.
Are you too close when you blow on the top?
Is the top warped?
Is the dent too small?
Continuing to blow on the top may leave you
lightheaded, dizzy, or short of oxygen.
Take many breaks while playing with the top.