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Origami Boat (fun thing).ai
Origami Boat
Fun things to do: page 1 of 2
What you need
A piece of
A4 paper
Sticky Tape
Fold the paper in half to create a long thin
strip with a central crease. Unfold. Fold
both outside length edges in to the centre
crease. You should now have a 30 cm long
thin concertina.
Place the concertina flat on a table with
the edge with two folds away from you.
Fold down the top ends.
Turn over and repeat on the
other side.
Origami Boat
Fun things to do: page 2 of 2
Fold both the top corners down
again to create two further flaps
about 2 cm deep. Score these folds
with your thumb nail so the flaps
stay flat.
Turn over and repeat on the
other side (apply sticky tape at x
if you can’t get the flaps to lie flat).
You now need to turn the paper inside
out. Carefully move the edges away from
each other on the long side at the bottom
to create an upside-down boat shape.
Then press the top corners downwards
and inwards with your thumbs.
Coax out the sides to produce a shallow boat shape, taking
care not to tear the paper as you push the boat inside out.
Congratulations! You should now have a long shallow
origami boat.

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