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Read More - Bit Stew Systems
Network Analysis and Shaping for Distributed
Leveraging insight for effective Network Operations
Energy Resources (DER)
> Management of Demand Response
Enrolment with support for
OpenADR 2.0
> Intelligence and fine grained
control of demand response to
meet advanced program needs
> Demand forecasting linked with
Distributed Generation Planning
> Complete integration with smart
grid networks, generation and
transmission systems
> Industry Standards support
including OpenADR 2.0 and Smart
Energy Protocol 1.0 and 2.0
> Grid Director can be used to not
only initiate, but also monitor
demand response events and can
correlate those events with others
in the system thereby increasing
their value.
> With a clear view of distributed
generation assets, the utility knows
where it can flex in demanding
> The ability to pre-set DR programs
based on local and aggregate
network conditions creates
the ability to create proactive
programs, optimizing their
business benefits by triggering
them when they are most
profitable, and scaling them back
automatically when the need
Enabling Advanced Customer Facing Services
The Grid Director Network Analysis and Shaping for Distributed Energy
Resources (DER) application supports emerging utility requirements,
from simple initial deployments of advanced power programs, to more
comprehensive offerings.
This application provides capabilities for monitoring and tracking DR and
DG signals, including signal fault management and automated response, by
integrating seamlessly with relevant systems, including ADMS, DRMS, DRAS
and others.
Interactive workbenches and geospatial mapping overlays are designed for
tracking real-time signals, signal response, signal failure and plan-versus-actual
states, allowing for immediate validation of demand response needs and
availability of distributed generation resources.
These capabilities allow operations teams to track and monitor secondary
resources within the same framework as primary assets and primary
generation, for one single contextualized and actionable view of the entire
distribution system.
Real time analysis optimizes demand response programs, and
contextualizes these programs with all relevant data, including not only
primary generation data, but also secondary site-specific generation
assets – providing a comprehensive view to support the most effective
programs possible.
The Grid Director Network Analysis and Shaping for
DER application provides a toolset that allows utilities
to take control of their demand response programs to
make them a truly integrated offering.
Key Features
With real time insight, operations knows the effectiveness of demand response
events as they happen, in order to make decisions affecting programs while they
are underway, maximizing their value to the utility.
Uptake Monitoring and
> With full visibility of distributed generation assets across the network, the utility can
maximise utilization when it makes the most sense, while ensuring safety in the field
by tracking all power in the system – both from the utility and back to it from customer
generation assets.
> Immediate geospatial visualization of demand response and distributed generation
removes the complexity and delay of semi-manual analysis.
> Integration with distribution and transmission systems brings demand response and
distributed generation into the network operations center.
> Rich and customizable dashboards and KPIs provide real time information in a manner
understandable to business stakeholders.
> Full support of industry standards with integration tools to support legacy environments
provides a system that supports current needs, and prepares a path for future growth.
Event Management
Demand response events are planned in
advance, or triggered by specific events,
and tracked as they happen
Tracking opt in and out of demand
response provides a view of success
At-A-Glance Views of Success
Information rich dashboards give
operators the information they need
quickly and in an easily understood
Full Integration
Integration with all aspects distributed
generation provides a compkete view of
energy availability on the grid
Complete Control
About Bit Stew Systems Inc.
Bit Stew Systems is the creator of the market leading platform for Software Defined Operations for
the Industrial Internet. Bit Stew’s revolutionary information processing engine, MIx Core™ enables
complex event processing, advanced analytics and sophisticated machine-intelligence. The MIx Core
technology has proven scalability to provide end-to-end operational visibility for billions of connected
devices and trillions of data points—making it the ideal platform for the Industrial Internet. This same
MIx Core technology can also be embedded in devices, gateways and routers for intelligence and
automation directly at the edge of the network.
Load Control signal generation and
monitoring provides a full solution to
control energy requirements both on
transmission and distribution
Bit Stew’s flagship product solution, Grid Director™ is built on MIx Core and designed specifically to
meet the exacting demands of the utility industry. Grid Director offers customers complete visibility
and control of their networks enabling more agile and informed decision-making that improves
reliability, efficiency and performance. Grid Director provides real-time analytics, pattern recognition,
dynamic event management, and rapid integration across enterprise systems and applications.
Incorporated in 2009, Bit Stew Systems is a venture-backed private company that is headquartered
in Canada with offices in the USA, Australia and Europe. Bit Stew was named on the Gartner Cool
Vendors in Energy & Utilities list for 2014 and the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year
– North American Service Solutions for Utilities.
CANADA - International Headquarters
Suite 205 - 7436 Fraser Park Drive,
Burnaby, BC, V5J 5B9
(604) 568-5999
[email protected]
800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 619-9000
[email protected]
Follow us on LinkedIn
& Twitter: @grid_director
Rialto South Tower, Level 27,
525 Collins Street
Melbourne, Australia 3000
[email protected]
Learn more at
Paseo de la Castellana 141 – 8º
Madrid​, Spain
[email protected]

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