escala - Arcadia



escala - Arcadia
bookcase – serving/media cart­
A collection that is at once thoughtful
and comprehensive, Escala becomes the
newest conference sensation from Arcadia.
With the ability to accommodate multiuse spaces from intimate to high capacity
applications, as well as furnish multi-media
presentation rooms with technological
ease, Escala combines stylish simplicity
with functional practicality. Best of all, the
attractiveness of this upscale and modern
series lies not only in its overall quality, but in the beauty secrets that reveal
themselves in every detail.
> ebk-3673
> bookcase
> ems-3420w
> serving/media cart
> wood doors
> ebc-2260g
> buffet credenza
> glass doors
multi-purpose space­
> escala edge
Presented with Sign cantilevered chairs.
> b37 leg column
> e-4896
> 1-piece top
> chrome leg column
conference room
With clean lines and a subtle style that
represents the epitome of refinement,
Escala takes conferencing to a­distinctive
level of design and detail. Each component
of the series is endowed with the signature
tapered design of the tables, and offers
an extensive package of must-haves for
different environments including conference
technology options, wire management
convenience and aesthetic flexibility.
> ec-2260
> credenza
> wood doors
> emb-4848
> media board
> ebc-2260
> buffet credenza
> wood doors
Presented with Motto conference chairs.
> e-48120
> 3-piece top
> metallic silver leg column
media wall
> eh-2256w (right/left)
> single door hutch
> wood door
> eh-2256g (right/left)
> single door hutch
> glass door
> eh-2256
> open hutch
> etb-66
> tech box
> closed ends
> es-2224w (right/left)
> storage cabinet
> wood door
> es-2229w (right/left)
> storage cabinet
> drawer and wood door
> es-2224g (right/left)
> storage cabinet
> glass door
> es-2229g (right/left)
> storage cabinet
> drawer and glass door
> eh-3056w
> double door hutch
> wood doors
> eh-3056g
> double door hutch
> glass doors
> eh-3056
> open hutch
> etb-60
> tech box with wire splash
> open ends
> es-3024w
> storage cabinet
> wood doors
> es-3029w
> storage cabinet
> drawers and wood doors
> es-3024g
> storage cabinet
> glass doors
> es-3029g
> storage cabinet
> ­d r a w e r s a n d g l a s s d o o r s
All hutch units available with wood or glass shelves and optional light fixture.
All storage cabinets available with wood or glass shelves and three base finish options.
> etb-60
> tech box
> wire splash
Presented with Chassis conference chairs.
3-piece top
panel base
pdca power/data channel
product specifications
Conference Tables:
Conference Bases/Technology:
Conference Accessories:
Conference tables manufactured in
Metal leg column available in Metallic
Media wall comprised of storage
Maple and White Oak wood species.
Silver, Satin Black or Chrome finish.
cabinets with wood or glass door
All standard and custom veneer finishes
Panel base supports vertical cord
options and hutch units, offered open
available as well as laminate options.
management and features metal leg
or with wood or glass doors. Credenza,
Rectangle top shape available in seven
column with wood panels finished in all
buffet credenza and serving/media cart
standard sizes with Escala edge detail.
standard and custom finishes on Maple
available with wood or glass doors.
Tops feature a 2" thick center profile
or Oak. Various power unit options
Media board, bookcase and tech box
that tapers to 3/4" at each wing end.
available to address specific electrical
completes the collection. All accessories
96" table length features one piece top.
and/or data preferences. Select models
feature the signature tapered design
Table lengths between 96" to 192" feature
available with hardwire or daisy chain
detail and are available in several sizes
one center piece and two sectional wings.
ganging option. Custom placement
with distinct features and options.
Table lengths over 192" feature two
configurations available.
Metallic Silver, Satin Black and Chrome
center pieces and two sectional wings.
p 714. 562. 8200 | 800.585.5957 f 714.562.8202
5692 fresca drive, la palma, ca 90623
pull finish options.

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