2016 Healthy Living Discount (HLD)



2016 Healthy Living Discount (HLD)
2016 Healthy Living
Discount (HLD)
hy Livi
is c u nt
Look for this icon to indicate
that an activity will count
towards the HLD level
of your choice.
for Sprint Medical/Prescription Drug Plans
The Healthy Living Discount* is designed to support your overall health and well-being by providing resources to
foster and encourage a healthy lifestyle. With three pricing options available in 2016, you can select the discount
level and associated healthy activities that work best for you. Because many of these activities cannot be completed
in one day, you will have until Sept. 30, 2015 to complete the activities associated with the discount level for your
2016 medical/prescription plan premium**. Don’t miss out by waiting too long … Get started today!
Your step-by-step Healthy Activities checklist to achieve
your 2016 HLD level
(Print this page, check off and date each step as you complete it, and keep for your records.)
Option 1: No Discount – No action required
Option 2: Living Well – Base discount
Option 3: Living Well Plus – Best discount
Step 1
Step 1
Date Completed
Complete Sprint Alive! Health Assessment at
Step 2
Date Completed
1 2 3
Step 2
Complete tobacco-free certification via the
Sprint Engagement Tracker or complete Sprint Alive!
QuitPower® program
Step 3
Complete one of the following Sprint Alive! programs:
Date Completed
Complete Living Well actions
Complete one of the following well-being programs:
Date Completed
FF Any two Castlight Health searches, or
FF A Sprint Alive! online health improvement
program, or
FF Telephonic Health Improvement, or
FF A second Sprint Alive! telephonic Health
Improvement Program, or
FF Condition Assistance
FF Other programs/events may qualify
To get started with Sprint Alive!:
Call 866-90-ALIVE (25483), or dial *545 from a Sprint phone
Online: SprintAlive.com
In 2016, Sprint will offer three pricing levels for your medical/prescription plan drug per-paycheck premiums. Your Healthy Living Discount will depend on your insurance
coverage level, and the approved Healthy Living activities that you complete by the Sept. 30, 2015 deadline. See the i-Connect HLD page for specific costs.
Type “HLD” in your browser for specific details and list of “approved” healthy activities.
* HLD activities apply to employees only.
** HLD requirements do not apply to Kaiser-Hawaii and TRICARE enrollment. Different rules apply for employees hired or who become benefit-eligible from
Dec. 2, 2014 through Dec. 31, 2015.
HLD Activities deadline is Sept. 30, 2015

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