Department of Economics



Department of Economics
Department of Economics
St. Francis Xavier
Summer Research Assistant Position
Economics & Climate Change: Atlantic Canada
We are seeking applicants for a Research Assistant Position for the 2015 Summer Term. The
objective of the proposed research is to estimate the economic market impacts of sea level rise
and storm surge due to climate change in six key sites in Atlantic Canada. Work involves
quantifying the economic costs from potential damage impacting Atlantic coastal infrastructure
and property under a future changing climate and the economic benefits of appropriate
adaptation options, as well as quantifying and comparing net present values and cost-benefit
Applicants must be currently registered as full time students in good standing. Tasks will include:
 Reading and reporting on literature on cost benefit analysis, specifically as it relates to
climate change and protection against SLR/storm surge/flooding
 Organizing data in excel as it becomes available. These data will relate to infrastructure at
risk and economic costs
 Helping conduct the CBA analysis, with guidance
Strong skills in excel and qualitative research will be an asset. Hours of work will be negotiated,
but are expected to be between 25-35 hours per week for the summer.
Interested applicants should submit electronic copies of their Curriculum Vitae and academic
transcript (or grade report) to Dr. Patrick Withey ([email protected]) or Dr. Jonathan Rosborough
([email protected]) no later than February 27, 2015.

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