���champions��� for our city through local ambassador program



���champions��� for our city through local ambassador program
In 2013 Meetings and Conventions Calgary, (MCC)
working with the Calgary TELUS Convention
Centre (CTCC), developed a new program to
attract organizers of international events to our
city. The initiative provides a professional team of
experts who will help organizers research, plan,
and co-ordinate all aspects of conventions to fit
the needs of each client, group, or association−
from arranging meeting spaces, venues and
accommodations to planning activities and building
“Be a Calgary Champion” is MCC’s Ambassador
Strategy and relies on support from the local
community to ensure Calgary remains competitive
in the dynamic international meetings and
convention industry. It provides the local business
community an opportunity to showcase their home
city to the world and to promote Calgary.
The program has been very successful and the
local Champions are passionate about their role
in the local meetings industry, and about their role
in expanding Calgary’s profile in the international
marketplace. Participants have a strong presence
in their community or organization and they come
from different backgrounds and areas of interest;
participants include professionals from the field
of medicine, academics and educators, religious
organizations and leaders, and representatives of
local and international corporations.
MCC works in co-operation with the CTCC to
attract events to the city through the Champions
initiative. As Calgary’s premier meetings and
convention venue, the CTCC is a world-renowned
facility. The managers and staff at the CTCC
are valuable members of the planning teams
providing ongoing support and offering expertise
in researching and realizing the client’s unique
Recently, MCC and CTCC hosted an event in
collaboration with Travel Alberta and the Calgary
Stampede to show recognition to the Champions
who have participated in the program to date.
The event lauded the Calgary Champions for
their efforts to attract organizers to our city and
celebrated the work of these local ambassadors.
In 2016, the International Society for the Prevention
of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) will hold
a convention for 1400 delegates in Calgary as a
result of the work of a local Champion. In 2017,
the International Play Association will gather in
Calgary due to the efforts of a local Champion who
contacted MCC about the opportunity and worked
with them through the bidding process.
With Calgarians championing the beauty, the
vitality, and the hospitality that defines our city,
the world will continue to choose Calgary as its
meetings and convention destination.
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