Page 1 PO Box 2063, Princeton, NJ 08543 609.759.0379 guild



Page 1 PO Box 2063, Princeton, NJ 08543 609.759.0379 guild
 General & Artistic Director Richard Tang Yuk Chairperson Bobette Lister Secretary Kathleen Hurley Treasurer Nancy Lifland Executive Committee Pamela Bristol Jean Brown Christiane Ludescher-­‐Furth Anna Marty Marion Burleigh-­‐Motley Janet Perkins Kerry Perretta Patricia Virga Carol Wojciechowicz June 3, 2015
Dear Opera Lovers,
We are delighted to announce Myth and Reality, an eleven-day opera tour to Switzerland
and Germany, from October 21 to November 1, 2015. The tour, sponsored by THE
PRINCETON FESTIVAL GUILD, includes five operas and many excursions related to opera.
Our tour begins in Zürich, not only the financial capital of Switzerland but also a city
with an important opera house where we will attend Benjamin Britten’s THE TURN
OF THE SCREW. We will visit Museum Rietberg and the beautiful Villa Wesendonck.
It was in the former home of the industrialist Otto Wesendonck and his wife, Mathilde,
where Richard Wagner had found refuge and the inspiration to compose the “Wesendonck
Lieder”. An excursion to Lucerne will bring us to the Richard Wagner Museum, a
former villa, where Wagner lived with his second wife, Cosima, and composed the
“Siegfried Idyll”.
We continue our tour in Munich, a town Thomas Wolfe called “a German heaven on earth”.
A city of art, culture and history with three opera houses, one of them a replica
of Wagner’s opera house in Bayreuth. Included in our schedule are visits to the city’s great
museums as well as two excursions outside Munich, where we will again follow
the footsteps of Wagner at Hohenschwangau and of Richard Strauss at his hometown
Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The operas in Munich include SONNAMBULA, WERTHER,
and Boito’s MEFISTOFELE, a new production. We will have the privilege to meet
the director.
En route to Frankfurt we will stay one night in the medieval town of Augsburg. We are
invited to a private reception at nearby Schloss Affing by the owner Baron Gravenreuth.
Our final opera in Frankfurt will be DIE TOTE STADT, a rarely performed work by
Erich Korngold.
Micaela de Lignerolles
PO Box 2063, Princeton, NJ 08543
Vera Dowd
[email protected]