Make Allied Valve your single source for the highest quality
valves and actuators – assembled, tested, installed and
maintained with your plant and field safety as our primary
concern. Take advantage of our full, one-year parts and
service warranty on every new and repaired valve we sell.
Our most popular brands assembled, tested, delivered, actuated and maintained include:
The industry leader for pressure relief valves in ASME Section 1 and
Section 8 coded valve applications. Allied Valve stocks a broad range
of pressure relief valve solutions, providing reliable protection for
plant personnel and equipment.
A leading manufacturer of quality safety and relief valve products for
industrial and commercial applications, including steam, air, liquid
(cryogenics) and non-hazardous gases.
Includes the C-T rupture pin, a loaded relief
valve Section 8 coded for air or gas and liquid
service and the J-A Series, an in-line style pin
loaded check valve.
A broad range of products for the power, process, oil and
gas, and general industry, including Newco gate, globe,
check and WKM ball and butterfly valves that meet ASME
and API standards.
Paired with rotary and liner valves, Bettis actuators
provide automated control in high preassure gas
transmission pipeline applications where no pneumatic
or electric supply lines are available. Can be supplied
with almost any required control system, including
remote control and line break systems.
The technology and performance leader in
conservation vents and flame/detonation
arresters. Features10% full lift pallet design and
metallic sealing option that can be completely
disassembled for cleaning.
Perfect for applications using linear, rising stem or rotating stem valves,
this gas-driven actuator is capable of producing up to 900ft/lb of
torque. With more than a half century of outstanding field performance
around the globe, EIM actuators are well suited for both rotary and
linear industrial or pipeline valve applications and are ideal for
compressor stations.
Rotary vane actuators designed to assure reliable performance, even in
severe climate and high vibration pipeline applications. Used to automate ball valves or plug valves for emergency shut down, line break protection, mainline isolation and more. Over 100,000 installed since 1955,
most are still in operation.
Certified safe by these respected industry experts:
V Stamp*
Qualified and approved to assemble
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) for use in
Section 1 applications, including boilers
and pressure vessels.
UV Stamp *
Qualified and approved to assemble
Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) for use in
Section 8 (UV) applications.
*American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 3-year audit frequency
**National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors 3-year audit frequency
Rely on Allied Valve to help you choose the best
product for every application.
(See our service details on reverse side.)
NB Stamp**
VR Stamp**
Qualified and approved to assemble, test
and stamp Pressure Relief Valves (PRV)
for use in Section 1 and Section 8 (UV)
Qualified and approved to repair all
manufacturers’ Pressure Relief Valves
(PRV) for Section 1, Section 4 and
Section 8 (UV) applications.
Certification details available at
Allied Valve Inc.
Rely on Allied Valve for the
professional, experienced
and industry-certified
technicians to get the job
done right the first time.
Rest assured, the enormous investments we make
each year in professional technician training and
re-certifications have important consequences in
the safety and efficiency of your operations. Trust
Allied Valve with your peace of mind.
Your Total Service Solutions Provider
Safety Valves:
Authorized dealer, EVT testing and repair
Control Valves:
Repair, refurbish, replace trim, and calibrate
Complete Line Valve Repair:
Refurbish all internal parts as needed, assemble
and test
Completely tear down, refurbish, repair to like new
condition, and test
Pipeline Actuator Service:
Factory-trained, authorized sales and service for Bettis,
Shafer and EIM actuators
Field Machining:
Flange facing, journals, manways, butt end welds
Leak Seal:
Custom enclosures, wire wrap, high and low
temperature sealants
Repair in Shop or Field:
On-site, in-line valve and actuator repair and services
Hot Tap/Line Stop:
1/2" to 24" line high and low pressure and
temperature applications
ERP: VK-Viewer:
Web-based, state-of-the-art, real-time management
platform and firewall, manages all your valve data
Pipe Wrap:
Carbon fiber and fiberglass material up to 550º
On-site technician training from factory-certified
Bolt Torquing:
High pressure gate valves, feed water heaters, high
pressure pumps
Pipeline Valve Service:
“ValvePro* trained and certified technicians provide
maintenance for pipeline ball, gate and globe valves
and solutions for hard to operate valves.
Factory-certified technicians that deliver the service you need, wherever and whenever you need it.
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