IARA Remarketer of the Year – ARC2015



IARA Remarketer of the Year – ARC2015
Automotive Remarketer
of the Year Award
International Automotive Remarketers Alliance
The IARA is a nonprofit organization composed of corporate
remarketing professionals dedicated to the continuous
improvement of the vehicle remarketing industry.
Where it all started…
….a Remarketing Legend was born!
Voted Best Truck Stop in Ontario - 1981
Bright Lights
Awarded 25 year Honorary Member of
To Serve & Protect
If you know him well…
… it’s all about his Family!
Spends a lot of time in the gymnastics studio..
… and he is not working out!
He Loves to Golf…….
… and he is not bad for a Lefty!
Remarketing stops along the way …..
Grant Brown National Leasing
Over 25 years of Automotive Remarketing Experience!!!
Congratulations on behalf of the IARA....
Gerry Corcoran
2015 Automotive Remarketer of the Year!