Year 10 Revision - ARK William Parker Academy



Year 10 Revision - ARK William Parker Academy
Y10 Revision Guidance - June 2015
Foundation Revision List
Higher Revision List
Multiplying Decimals
Identifying geometric properties, Measuring lines
and angles
Scatter graphs
Ordering Numbers including negatives, fractions
and decimals
Problem involving questionnaires
Probabilities and Listing Outcomes
Complete a table of values and draw a linear graph
Problems involving Money
Nth term of a sequence
Lines and rotational symmetry
Using a Conversion Graph
Area of rectangle
Collecting Like terms and Expanding brackets
Bar Chart problems involving mode, range and
total population
Solve lowest common multiple problem
Time problem looking at duration
Index Laws
Simplifying, collecting like terms, Solving Simple
Geometric Reasoning problem
Special names for quadrilaterals and Triangles
working out the area
Percentages problem
Coordinates and finding the midpoint.
Ratio problem
Cumulative frequency
Find angle in quadrilateral
Use real-life formula
Standard Form and calculating in standard form
Use conversion graph
Solve algebraic fraction
Prime factor decomposition
Describe transformation
Solve LCM problem
Circle geometry
Data collection sheet
Factorise quadratic expressions
Geometric reasoning problem
Algebraic proof
Multiply decimal
Negative, fractional enlargement
Problem involving questionnaires
Surface area of hemisphere
Construct the region (Loci)
Conditional probability
Solve percentage problem
Transformation of function
Solve ratio problem
Past Revision Paper already given out (Also on ‘Show My Homework’)
How has the global population increased?
The Demographic Transition Model and Population structures
Reasons for the rapid growth of population and strategies to control population growth
Ageing populations, and strategies to cope
Migration – push and pull factors, impacts
Case studies: China, Kerala, the UK, migration in the EU
What is globalisation and interdependence?
Reasons for the growth to include developments in ICT, call centres, TNCs
Manufacturing, the rise in LEDCs and fall in MEDCs
China – the new economic giant
The global demand for energy, the impacts of increased energy use
Sustainable development, renewable energy
The global demand for food, positive and negative impacts
Why buy locally produced food?
Case studies: Nokia, China, energy in India
Processes of mass movement, weathering and erosion
Landforms of erosion and deposition – caves, stacks stumps, headlands and bays, cliffs, wave cut platforms,
beaches, spits, tombolo’s, bars
Impact of rising sea level
Cliff collapse
Coastal management strategies
The importance of conserving coastal habitats
Case studies: The Maldives, Christchurch Bay, Studland Bay
3 sections:
Studying Society:
• Socialisation
• Research methods
• Causes of social inequality
• Education structure
• Variations in educational achievement and the cause – gender, ethnicity and class
• Functions of education
• What are the different family types
• Power relationships in the family
• Changes in the patterns of fertility
• Sociological approaches to the family: Marxist, Functionalist; New Right and Feminist
• Changes in the pattern of divorce since 1945
Key Focus: Were the Peace Treaties of 1919-1923 fair?
What were the motives and aims of the Big Three at Versailles?
What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles
Why did the victors not get everything they wanted?
What were the immediate reactions to the peace settlement?
Could the treaties be justified at the time?
Key Focus: To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
What were the aims of the League?
How successful was the League in the 1920’s?
How far did the weaknesses in the League’s organisation make failure inevitable?
How far did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult?
Why did the League fail over Manchuria and Abyssinia?
• Purpose and function of CPU, RAM and ROM
• Difference between RAM and ROM
• Input, Output and Storage in a computer system
• Purpose of input and output devices
• Assistive technologies
• Conditions with conditional operators (if statements)
• Constants and variables
• Programming constructs (selection, iteration, sequence)
• Random number generators
• Writing a program using pseudocode or a flowchart that uses user input and selection
Data representation
• Lossy and Lossless compression
• Data sizes and conversion into each other
• Binary / denary (decimal) / hexadecimal conversions
• Purpose of hexadecimal
Data Measurement Chart
Data Measurement Size
Single Binary Digit (1 or 0)
8 bits
Kilobyte (KB)
1,024 Bytes
Megabyte (MB)
1,024 Kilobytes
Gigabyte (GB)
1,024 Megabytes
Terabyte (TB)
1,024 Gigabytes
Religion: Rights and responsibilities
How Christians make a moral decision – Bible, Church,
conscience, situation ethics
Christian teachings on moral duties and responsibilities –
golden rule, parable of the sheep and goats, Am I my
Brother’s keeper?
Religion and human rights
Religion and genetic engineering
Matters of life and death
Life after death – Christian, Muslim, non-religious and nonbelief in life after death
Abortion – law on abortion and Christian and Muslims
Euthanasia – types of euthanasia and the Christian and
Muslim attitudes
The media and matters of life and death
Religion: Environment and medical issues
Religion and environmental issues – Global warming,
pollution and the scarcity of natural resources and
Religion and infertility treatments
Religion and transplant surgery
Marriage and the family
Changing attitudes to marriage and family life
Christian and Muslim attitudes to
- Sex and marriage
- Divorce
- Family life
- Homosexuality
- Contraception
Exam tips: You need to spend approximately 20 minutes on each section and use 10 minutes to check through at the end.
Complete the questions you know first and go back to the ones you are struggling with at the end.
All of these topics have been covered in class. You will need to use your class notes to help with revision. Use your unit guides
and lists of keywords to identify the topics we have covered.
11th June B1 pg 12-43 in Biology revision guide
• Keeping Healthy
• Co-ordination and Control
• Medicine and Drugs
• Adaptation for Survival
• Energy in Biomass
• Variation, reproduction and new technology
• Evolution
11th June C1 pg 12-41 in Chemistry revision guide
• Fundamental Ideas
• Rocks and Building Material
• Metals and their Uses
• Crude Oil and Fuels
• Products from Oil
• Plant Oils
• Our changing materials
16th June P1 pg 12-42 in Physics revision guide
• Energy Transfer by Hating
• Using Energy
• Electrical Energy
• Generating Electricity
• Waves
• Electromagnetic waves
*How to prepare a Time Plan
*How to modify a meal to make it healthier
*5 A day Campaign
*Nutrients and Vitamins
DT Graphics
*Design Ideas
*Construction Techniques
*3D Sketches
*Analysis of Products
DT Product Design
*Design Ideas
*Wood Joints and Finishes
*3D Sketches

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