Issue 2 - Draft - Armadale Education Support Centre



Issue 2 - Draft - Armadale Education Support Centre
Issue 2, 2015 Term 1 Newsletter
Armadale Education
Support Centre
From the Principal—Malliga Nallu
The term has been very eventful with Student Centred Funding, increase
in enrolments, creation of Student Services and latest hot off the press,
Minister’s announcement.
169 South Western Hwy
Armadale. WA 6112
Ph.: 9497 6435
Fax: 9497 4430
Dates to
Term 2 Starts
21 April
P&C Meeting
@ 10 am
24 April
Coffee Catch-up
5 May
Lower School Camp
6-8 May
Yr 7 & 9 NAPLAN
11-15 May
Senior School Camp
20-22 May
School Council
27 May
Post School Options
Parent Morning Tea
23 June
Newsletter is also
published on our
website in the
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The State Government announced on 30 March that Armadale Senior
High School would be strengthened to focus on vocational programs for
students, while Cecil Andrews Senior High School would have an
academic focus, with changes to be in place at both schools for the start of the 2017
school year.
Armadale Senior High School is expected to build on the programs it already offers and
become a leader in vocational education and training for students in Perth’s south east.
Cecil Andrews Senior High School will run a new Academic Extension Program from
Years 7 to 10, providing students with a clear direction in their studies as they move
into Years 11 and 12 and on to tertiary studies.
So this will put a stop to the speculation of closure as it is announced that Armadale
Education Support Centre will continue functioning as usual. This is awaited news.
Individual Education Documented Plans (IEP)
The IEPs sent home will be reviewed in Week 9/10 Term 2 to facilitate communication
to reflect on teaching and learning in Semester 1. Parents / Carers are encouraged to
have ongoing communication using diaries and phone calls to monitor your child’s
progress. Your input is vital to encourage and support the school’s mission: ‘Education
for Life’.
Swimming Carnival:
It was a very successful event as all the students participated energetically throughout
the day up to the last event. The students who contributed significantly were Brad
Zinersling (Yr 7), Jedd Okley (Yr 8), Bree Riley (Yr 9), Mitchell Floresta (Yr 9), Dazza
Sweeney (Yr 9), Page Gliddon (Yr 9). All the students did us proud as their behaviour
was impeccable throughout the day. See page 2 for photos.
Professional Development:
Four staff attended “My future, My life” at Warnbro Community ESC while two staff
went to Duke of Edinburgh Award level 1 & 2 training and TEACCH workshop at
Kalamunda PS ESC.
Merit Awards at ASHS Assembly:
Seth Wereik Mounsey (Y9), Baiden Hodgson (Y9), Htoo Bar Kyan (Y11), Emma
Mossman (Yr 10) and Tiana Schaper (Yr 8) were the proud recipient of merit awards
presented at ASHS assembly for the first time. Congratulations! See back page.
I hope our new school community members find the newsletter informative and a
showcase of the school achievements. We are looking for ways to improve and build
upon our relationship with our school community. If you are keen to be involved in our
School Council please consider and contact me to express your interest in joining. As a
council member you are not accountable but act as a representative of parent and
community views providing advice to the Principal on issues such as fees, plans and
strategic direction. There are usually no more than four/five meetings in a year.
Have a safe, happy and restful Easter break and school holidays. Thanks to all the
contributions from staff and parents
Warm regards
Malliga Nallu
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from the student services team. Term 1 was our very first term for our Student
Services team. We were extremely busy getting ourselves established into our new roles. The paperwork has
been tremendous. Hopefully, next term we will become more visible around the school.
What have we been doing so far
We have been very busy chatting to our students and building relationships. Students might have seen us
around at breakfast club or out during recess and lunch. Ryan Hill (Chaplain) is a basketball enthusiast and has
agreed to coach our students in basketball. He spends lunch and recess getting the students to shoot hoops with
him down at the courts. He also has been instrumental in getting the ESC a basketball hoop set up for our
students to access during recess and lunch.
We also have some other great ideas to promote positive interaction and physical play, that we hope to be able
to share with you in the future. Ria Ryan (support worker) has been supporting students who wish to visit their
peers in other areas of the school and is generally available for a chat at anytime.
We have also been into the classrooms delivering Protective Behaviours classes and Coaching Young People
for Success classes. We have visited with students at their workplaces and in option classes in the high school.
We held the student council elections and meetings. Provided peers skills training to the councillors to assist
them in becoming school leaders.
Organised and facilitated a visit from Waste Wise WA, Robyn Brown, to address our Student Councillors
regarding the importance of recycling education and action. Then arranged and facilitated Robyn’s visit to one of
our year groups to educate students in waste wise matters.
The student councillors have consequently initiated a waste wise program and recycling bins have been placed
in each of the classes and a battery bin has been placed in the administration office. If you have any dry
Batteries (not car batteries) that need to be thrown out, please place them in the Battery Bin, just inside our office
We have been busy preparing for the student council reward day excursions and activities.
As a reward opportunity a selection of our students and student councillors, will attend the Armadale Reptile and
Wildlife Centre, next term. They will be providing a tour for students with the aim to increase students’ awareness
of our natural Australian environment, encourage critical listening and learning, and provide opportunities for
students to appreciate Australian animals and nature.
Most recently our Student Services Team with our Student Councillors hosted a lunchtime sausage sizzle on
Tuesday 31 March. The event was to celebrate the end of term and our students’ accomplishments to-date.
Coffee Morning
Thank You to all the families and friends that attended the first coffee morning held by Armadale ESC Student
Services team and the newly elected student council for 2015.
It was great to be able to meet the parents in an informal setting and to discuss their concerns and it was great to
hear all of the wonderful feedback. It was such a good feeling to know that you are happy with the direction the
school is heading in.
Our senior students showed off their barista skills and made coffees to order and our student councillors were
wonderful hosts and served ANZAC biscuits made by the junior school.
We were impressed with the turn out for the morning’s event and the energy in the room was encouraging. We
brainstormed initiatives for the school and ways the school could support families. Mrs Nallu, Principal, asked for
interested parties to come forward for the School Council.
It was decided we would hold two coffee mornings a term and host talks from outside agencies. Next term there
will be a coffee morning in week 3 and we will discuss Parent Advocacy and there will be a Protective
Behaviours presentation. In week 10 there will be a morning tea to discuss post school options and exit strategy
planning. We will invite outside agencies, such as, the Local Area Coordinators (LAC) from Disability Services
and employment agencies.
Thanks again to those that attended your willingness to be involved in the school community is fantastic. I hope
to see our numbers increase over the coming weeks, with your continued support, together we can be powerful
advocates for our children and students.
Jennifer Pritchard
Well it was so wonderful to see the some of our parents at our last catch
up that we have decided to make it a regular event.
Our Student Services Team would like to invite you to join us for coffee.
We will be having a discussion on Protective Behaviours and the
possibility of starting up a Parent Advocacy Group.
So drop your child off and come and join us for a coffee and chat. The
Student Services Team will be there to listen to your questions and
Help us find out how we can best support you and your children!
Armadale ESC Students give back to the Community
Our students have been assisting the Parkerville Children and Youth Care in getting out their
quarterly News Letter.
Their Armadale Office: Armadale Family Support Network is funded by the Department for Child
Protection and Family Support and is a new way of working to co-ordinate family support services
and provides support to children, young people and families who are experiencing problems that are
causing them stress.
Parkerville Mission Statement: To protect, care, advocate and promote
recovery for children and young people who have experienced trauma
from abuse, to support families and to work with the community to
prevent child abuse.
George Jones Child Advocacy Centre
2 Wungong Road (Corner Church Road)
Armadale WA 6112
Direct Line: 1300 887 487
Email: [email protected]

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