HC900 Hybrid Control System Battle Card



HC900 Hybrid Control System Battle Card
HC900 Hybrid Control System Battle Card
Internal Use Only
Key Message
The HC900 Hybrid Control System is an advanced process and logic control system offering a modular,
scalable design that is sized to meet automation needs ranging from thermal control in boilers, furnaces
and kilns to small-unit processing. The HC900 reduces hardware, software, training and support
requirements as a result of a modular/scalable platform design, intuitive operation and software tools
that use graphic objects to represent function blocks used for control strategy development. Modularity,
built-in redundancy, versatile I/O configuration and
network connectivity, plus the ability to configure
complete process solutions and archive program
parameters for easy retrieval and implementation,
permits customized pinpoint control.
For those applications where process management
is primarily performed by a local operator, an
effective operator interface becomes a key element
in the purchasing decision. The 900 Control Station
(color display with touchscreen) provides unique
HC900 database integration, predefined displays,
custom display development tools and data
archiving to enhance local process monitoring,
control and the ability to track, validate and archive
process performance.
Target Customers
• Reduced configuration time with process specific function blocks,
i.e. SPP, PID, Sequencer
• Synchronized scan rate for implementing effective PID control strategies
• PID control with advanced Accutune III auto-tuning
• Strength of product reliability, and proven field performance
• Quick startup time due to HC Designer intuitive software and
Accutune III tuning algorithms
• Color touchscreen operator interface supporting controller integrated
database and pre-built displays
• No annual software license fee (HC Designer), free software downloads
for product enhancements
• Customers requiring control of single unit processes
• Customers with continuous and discrete control needs
• Customers desiring an open environment with networking support
• Markets: building automation, cement, fine chemicals, food & beverage,
glass/ceramics, manufactured goods, metals, pharmaceuticals
• Applications: boilers, boiler management, furnaces and ovens, HVAC
and critical space, kilns, material movement, process skid equipment,
water treatment
Customer Value
• Reduced inventory and lower costs resulting from a cost-effective
modular controller platform design
• Faster project startup time and reduced costs for learning and
operation via use of a single integrated HC Designer PC-based
software tool for controller configuration, communications, monitoring
• Efficiency of control and low project startup costs with advanced loop
auto-tuning algorithms
• Ease of configuration, reduced startup time, improved process
performance resulting from a rich selection of process and thermal
• Optimized performance and local operator process access via an
integrated touchscreen operator interface
Customer Problems to Solve
• Need more efficiency
– Tighter control, less downtime, operation consistency,
greater integration
• Obsolete hardware
– Can’t get parts
• New requirements from customers, government regulations, industry
standards/specs, forcing better record keeping, tighter control and
• Fewer people and less skilled operators require higher level of
automation, simpler operation and less maintenance
• More process visibility throughout business enterprise
– Networking, electronic data, web access
• Lower maintenance costs
– Diagnostics, online maintenance, spares, configuration management
HC900 Hybrid Control System Battle Card
Internal Use Only
Qualifying Questions
• HC900 Controller CPUs to match application function block (FB)
performance needs: C30 (400 FB), C50 (2,000 FB), C70 (5,000 FB)
• Redundant HC900 controller CPU supporting 5,000 FB
• Open Ethernet connectivity with Modbus TCP protocol for network
• Peer-to-peer controller networking and data exchange via Ethernet
• Over 100 process control function block algorithms for loop, logic,
sequence and data acquisition
• Remote I/O scanner modules
• HC900 I/O racks: 4, 8 and 12 slots
– 8,12 slot racks also available with redundant power
• I/O Modules (14 types):
– Universal analog input (8 channels)
– High level analog input (16 channels)
– Analog output (4, 8, 16 channels),
– 24VDC digital input (16, 32 channels)
– 24VDC digital output (16, 32 channels)
– 120/240 VAC digital input (16 channels)
– 120/240VAC digital output (8 channels)
– Contact type digital input (16 channels)
– Relay digital output (8 channels)
– Pulse/frequency/quadrature (4 channels, 1 quadrature)
• Power supplies: universal AC and 24VDC
• Remote terminal panels with pre-wired cables
• HC Designer PC-based software tool for controller function block
configuration, online editing, monitoring, debugging and documentation
• 900 Control Station (10-inch color display with touchscreen)
operator interface supporting standard and custom displays, data
logging, embedded web server for remote access
• Station Designer PC-based software tool for 900 Control Station
custom display development
Wins/Success Stories
• Timber Drying, Australia: Upgrade project with 16 loops, damper
control, hot oil jacket control provides improved moisture control
with equilibrium moisture sensor inside kiln.
• Pharmaceutical, China: HC900 used for fermentation, crystallization
and extraction control of flavomycin production.
• Aluminum Annealing Furnace, Spain: Temperature control - 40%
increase in productivity following HC900 installation.
• Aircraft De-icing, UK: Using HC900 for blending de-icing fluid and
filling vehicles for aircraft de-icing provided time-saving benefits.
• Boiler Control, US: Fully metered, cross limited combustion control,
drum level control and boiler tube temperature measurements using
HC900 provided 7% total reduction in operating cost and payback
within one year.
• Bio-protein Process, US: HC900 for dual-fuel, changing BTU
content waste gas with natural gas stabilizer, boiler control plus
remote flare pressure maintenance via wireless interface with safety
consideration overcomes tough application constraints.
What is the problem you are trying to solve?
What has prevented you from solving your problem?
What is the project and application size?
Is this a standalone or networked automation need (peer-to-peer,
SCADA, remote I/O)?
Are there demanding system uptime requirements (redundancy)?
Are there recordkeeping, data historization and trending needs?
Do operators need local process supervision, data access (local operator
panel/display) and are there custom process display requirements?
What is the application mix of analog and discrete I/O, and how many
control loops?
Who installs, integrates and maintains your automation solution?
Are there any unique system certification or documentation
Do you anticipate future system expansion needs?
Next Steps
• Understand and analyze the important features of the customer
buying decision
• Segment customer “must” and “want” requirements
• Determine how product features meet customer “musts” and “wants”
and identify HC900 attributes that differentiate from next best alternative
• Contact Honeywell PSS or marketing resources for technical support
in addressing unmet or unclear customer needs
Key Contacts
Global Technical Support: Tom Deller
Global Product Marketing Manager: Bill Steeber
Global Modular Systems Product Line Manager: Virgus Volertas
EMEA Marketing Support: Gary Wedge
AP Marketing Support: JungHyun (Kyle) Sung
Where to Find More Information
• http://hpsweb.honeywell.com/Cultures/en-US/

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