MPH Guardrail Club Rules



MPH Guardrail Club Rules
MPH Guardrail Club Rules
Harchelroad Motors Track Day & School June 12th & June 13th 2015
Friday, June 12th 8AM – 5PM--Driver’s Meeting at 9AM in Clubhouse
Saturday, June 13th 9AM – 3PM—Driver’s Meeting at 8:30AM in Clubhouse
Register in Clubhouse Friday, June 13th 8AM – 9AM. Please register in advance with
Dillon Harchelroad—Visit and find the 2015 Track Days
Button on the Homepage—Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find the online
registration box and a printable version that can be completed and mailed to:
Harchelroad Motors, Inc
PO Box 1017
Imperial, NE 69033
Closed Wheel Cars Starting at 10AM—20 Minutes Green Flag that includes Advanced,
Intermediate, Novice (school) sessions as needed. All Day—Lunch at 12PM (Noon).
Allowed in our three YES/NO areas using Point By on your left.
Drivers and passengers. (NO passengers allowed in Advanced or Intermediate
sessions in 2015 unless they are with instructors from the Track or from Harchelroad
4 Off Track:
Exit & come into Hot Pits to the Black Flag Station.
Maximum 15 cars on Track during sessions.
You are responsible for any damage to our facility including Guardrails.
This is Open Track Time NOT RACING—We will display passing flags if needed and
black flags for aggressive Driving at our discretion for warnings.
We generally display a yellow flag at manned worker stations your first lap and go green
flag as you start your second lap. Checkered is displayed at the end of your session.
Please continue quickly on your cool down lap and return to your parking area in the
paddock so the next session can get on track. Signal your track exit with arm out
This track runs clockwise only and please obey the Pit out Blend Line into traffic.
If you break down or have stopped DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR and please get
We will display black flag if we want everyone to come into paddock.
We will display red flag if we want you to slow on track and go to next worker station.
We will display waving yellow flag for cautions.
George Anderson—MPH—as of4/20/15—Revision 0