What will the Board doing



What will the Board doing
FALL 2015
Registration fees:
U5- JAMBOREE $55 (4 years old)
Sat. May, 2, 9am –12pm $75/95
Thur. May, 14, 6pm–8pm $75/95
Thur.June, 25, 6pm–8pm $75/95
Sat. June, 27, 9am–12pm $75/95
Sat. July, 11, 9am –12pm $95/115
What is included in the
Registration fees?
The registration fee includes: a
complete uniform (shorts, jersey
and socks) soccer accident
insurance, team and individual
Registrations after
July, 11 2015.
After the final registration players
may send an email to be placed in
the Waiting List ONLY by email
[email protected]
All emails should contain:
 Player’s name
 Player’s birth date
 Parent’s name
 Phone number
Players will be notified only if we
have on opening available.
First called, first served basis.
Will my child need to
attend tryouts?
All new AYSO players who are
playing in divisions U10 to U19
must attend a Player Assessment
at Anthony Munoz Park.
Dates will be assigned at time of
This is not a tryout. Your
child is guaranteed to be placed on
a team. We do our best to balance
All teams. Each player will be
assessed while completing a few
drills. Players should wear
comfortable shoes while being
Can I request a request
specific Team, coach
or play on the same
team as a friend or
Region 66 will not consider
any special requests for
placements on teams or
Only siblings living in the same
household and in the same age
division. Please make sure you
provide this information while
registering your children in
www.eayso.org under siblings.
What equipment will
my child need to play?
All players need to provide shin
guards (mandatory for all games and
practices), soccer shoes, a soccer
ball (size depends on age), and a
water bottle. Ball Sizes
Size 3 U5 – U8
Size 4 U10 – U12
Size 5 U14 – U19
When will my child be
called to attend their
first practice?
Coaches will contact players by
August 19, 2015. Please ensure we
have your correct contact information
including cell phone numbers printed
clearly on your registration forms. If
your contact information is changed
please contact Region 66 BY Email
to the Region Registrar:
[email protected]
Practice may begin on or after
August 19, or after a certified
volunteer coach has been assigned
to the team. Coaches Will set up a
pre-season Team meeting that all
parents must attend. Each coach
sets his/her own practice days, times
and locations. The practice fields are
located throughout the OntarioMontclair community, but mainly at
Anthony Munoz Park.
How often are
Practices and games?
U5-JAMBOREE, Doesn’t have
practices during the week.
U5-U6 divisions are coed and
games are held on Fridays,
Practices are held 1 or 2 days a
week for U6 -U14 (field and times
to be determined by the volunteer
40th Anniversary Celebration
and team picture taken will be
September 12
Games will begin on Saturday,
September, 19 Games will be
played on Saturday and or night
games during the week.
All games shall be played at
Anthony Munoz Park.
Teams in Divisions U16 and U19
will travel throughout Area G
(Upland, Fontana, Ontario) the
program is specially designed so
that there is no conflict with CIF
(High School). The game schedule
is accelerated, running from
September to October so that the
season is over before CIF begins.
The teams may play one game on
Saturday and a night game during
the week. You may obtain a game
schedule at our website
www.ayso66.org on or after
August, 19, 2015.
How many games will
my child play?
When you register your child for
AYSO Region 66, Fall Open you
are guaranteed 8 game season for
U5-JAMBOREE, and10 Games for
U6-U19 season beginning
September,19, 2015 No standings
are kept,
AYSO REGION 66 where all
players will develop and learn
soccer skills and become better
soccer players in a have FUN,
Will my child be asked
to participate in a
All families in the U5 - U14
divisions will be asked to
participate in the Region 66
fundraiser. By registering your
child in Region 66 you are
agreeing to participate in this
fundraiser. Our fundraiser takes
place from September to October,
Your child's Team Parent or Coach
will have more information by
Opening Day,
Why does the Region
conduct a Fundraiser?
The fundraiser helps to pay the
costs of the Region Please
remember that without the
fundraiser Region 66 would have
to substantially increase your
registration fee
Buy out available
Fall Fundraiser chocolate sale
Fundraiser opt-out is now available
at registration $30.00
Please must take this in
consideration before you sign up
your child in Region 66" These
requirements are very important for
the success of our soccer program.
How can I become a
AYSO is an all-volunteer
Organization. We are here for the
Children who want to play soccer
and have fun making friends with
Kids their own age in learning
Soccer skills and participating in
team sport. WE NEED
not asking for ALL of your time. We
are asking for SOME of your time.
We need coaches; assistant
coaches, Referees, team managers;
help in the snack bar; help with
fundraising activities; help with
regional activities, registration dates,
Opening Day, last day of season
activities, help with the fields, The
environment your kids play in is
important to Region 66 and should
be important to you.
Will my child
participate in Regional
How do I become a
Coach or Referee?
 U10 to U14 teams may be
invited to play in our Regional
Playoffs starting in December, U16
to U19 may be invited to
participate in Area Playoffs.
Playoffs are on an invitation only In
order to be eligible for playoffs
each team must fulfill the following
minimum Volunteer requirements
 Participate in the fundraiser
 Provide a certified Assist Coach.
 Provide a Team Manager.
 Provide volunteers to help in our
Snack bar.
 Provide volunteers for Field Duty
 Meet the minimum Referee
requirements as stated in the
Volunteer Agreement.
 U8- DIVISION should provide a
Referee per team U8-the team
Coach should referee a game
every Saturday before or after their
team schedule game.
The American Youth Soccer
Organization is one of only three
organizations in the United States to
have a nationally recognized coaching
and Referee programs. All AYSO
coaches receive age appropriate
training for every player in AYSO,
from U6 to U19. AYSO coaches get
their certifications in age order: U6,
U8, U10, U12, Intermediate, and
Advanced. AYSO Coach/Referee
Instructors must certify all AYSO
soccer Coaches and Referees Region
66 provides instruction to all coaches
and assistant coaches to teach their
players the skills they can use to be
better soccer players. Coaches’
clinics will be held at the Anthony
Munoz Park Recreation Center
Coaching and Referee Clinics T.B.A.
Before Coaches or Referees attend
the Clinic they are required to
complete the volunteer application on
line at www.eayso.org and
“SAFE HAVEN” and Concussion
course online at
www.aysotraining.org and bring
their printed certificate. All
participants must stay for the entire
duration of the clinic to obtain
Refund Policy
To request and obtain a
refund, must notify the team
coach and complete a Drop
player Form and submit to
the Regional Registrar by
email at [email protected]
Before the
First practice of the season,
or September 12 2015,
A Drop players Form may be
downloaded from our
website at
A refund will be paid as
REFUND: All completed
Player Drop Forms received
by the Regional Registrar
before September, 12, 2015
will receive an amount of the
fees paid less a $20.00
processing fee.
NO REFUND: No refunds
will be paid for Player Drop
Form received by the
Regional Registrar after the
first practice of the season or
September 12, 2015
WEBSITE: www.ayso66.org
REGISTRAR: [email protected]
FACEBOOK: AYSO Region 66 Ontario Montclair