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Alspaw Tree Service - Bakersfield Magazine
any great things have
been built upon the
hard work and focus
of a single person—things
that can withstand the test
of time. Anyone who knows
the story behind Alspaw
Tree Service, LLC can certainly say that this company is the embodiment of
that philosophy.
Over 50 years ago, Darrel
Alspaw was a daredevil kid
fresh out of school with a
love for trees—or, more specifically, a love for climbing
trees and tidying up their
appearance as he did so. “He
started the business right
Alspaw Tree Service
local history in the making.
As a vital part of this family business, Randy has been
around trees his entire life,
and has worked with Alspaw
for 13 years now. Certified
through the International
Society of Arboriculture, he
took his expertise to the next
level by undergoing specialty
training and exams. This
combination of education
and experience has brought
their level of service to much
greater heights, and local
residents have acknowledged
it with their continuous support. Now, a third generation
has stepped up to the plate,
Darrel & Randy
Alspaw Tree Service has
the education, expertise,
and customer care that
separates them from the
competition, with certified
arborists on staff for
every job.
out of school,” his son and
current president and CEO,
Randy Alspaw, relayed.
“This started out as a oneman show, with him just
trimming trees. He went into
hay hauling for a bit and just
worked on trees as a side
job, but in the late ‘70s, he
decided to get into tree services full time. He worked
really hard, six or seven
days a week.” From that one
man’s work arose a business that currently employs
about 20 people, a good deal
of them being family members. The rest, as they say, is
Darrel & Earnest Alspaw late 1970s
as Randy’s three daughters
and son-in-law are part of the
operation. “The entire management team is family,” he
beamed. “They have seen the
dynamics of what a successful business it is, and they
get to walk into a nice office
and feel like they’re a part of
something valuable.”
Indeed, his daughters are
very vital components to this
operation: Alyssa Granillo is
now the office manager; Allison Newton acts as the administrative assistant; and
Ashlyn Alspaw is currently
the executive assistant. Allison’s husband, Gary, is also
helping by running sales,
and he oversees productivity
with the crew. And, speaking of the crew, they have a
few climbers who have been
a part of the team for over 15
years. After they changed locations and set up on familyowned property, Alspaw Tree
Service felt even more like a
place for family to gather and
work together.
The sort of tree care that
they provide is comprehensive, to say the least. Trimming, bracing, removals,
cabling, stump removal, and
all aspects of tree and plant
health care (including con-
sultations, diagnosis, fertilization and treatment programs, HOA evaluations, and
fruit growth regulation) are
all within their fine scope of
care. But what is it that truly sets them apart from the
competition? It is a number
of things, really. “Our quality
of service, our cleanup when
we leave a job site, and our
follow through,” Randy confirmed. “We also have zero
unresolved issues.”
While Darrel is still involved with the operations,
he is mostly retired these
days, but his legacy thrives.
“It is cool to think that this all
was started from the hard,
hands-on work my dad did,”
Randy mused. With both the
past and the present working in their favor, it is little
wonder that the future holds
wonderful things for Alspaw
Tree Service, LLC and their
satisfied customers.
P.O. Box 20129, Bakersfield, CA n 661-393-5131
/ Spring 2015

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