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One app for Bluetooth Smart
Any device, Any time,
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White Labeling!!!
Our unique solution combined with your
platform makes the ideal fit to your
customers. We have worked at different
levels to integrate our solution to meet
the requirements. Please contact us at
(847) 512-8900
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Supports multiple platforms.
We use various trending technologies including
responsive web design to support integration with
different systems and multiple screen sizes. Our
customers are amazed with very little effort our platform
supports different devices. Everyday new devices with
different screen sizes are hitting the market, no more
chasing to support all of them. Our architecture supports
them to the maximum extent possible.
Custom Bluetooth Solutions!
Have a unique need for a monitoring solution or need to
connect your sensors to your systems. We can help build
the solution based on your requirements. Our engineers
have worked on multiple applications working closely with
you in delivering the solutions. We work with you to
understand your requirements and coordinate with the
technical team in delivering the solution. Whether it is
simple temperature monitoring solution or complex
solution involving multiple sensors, our platform can be
customized to deliver them.
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