Bus transit review in Mount Seymour area



Bus transit review in Mount Seymour area
Bus transit review
in the Mount Seymour area
By Blueridge Community Association
Buses on Mount Seymour
211 + 212 + 214: 108 Mon-Fri, 91 Sat, 84 Sun.
Above + C15: 150 Mon-Fri, 121 Sat, 110 Sun.
233 departures
381 departures
Why change it?
Why change it?
Buses depart every 30 min. (except peak hours)
Too many lines for small area.
Service is not equal for all users.
Routes overlap.
Users are going back to their cars.
The OCP demanded a service increase.
Any solutions?
New Route 213
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
213 Seymour Loop North
● Bus start with 214 route by
leaving Phibbs Exchange
towards Mountain Hwy.
● Turn left in intersection of Mt.
Seymour Pky. with Lytton St.
● Turn left at Bendale Rd.
● Turn right at Berkley Rd.
● Bus follow 214 route until the
intersection of Emerson way
with Mt. Seymour Pky.
● Bus turn left following 211
● Once the bus reach Deep
cove it will follow the 212 route
towards Phibbs Exchange
213 Seymour Loop South
Same route than 213 Seymour Loop
North but in the opposite direction.
213 Route Duration
211 = 20 min.
Phibbs Exchange
Panorama Dr.
214 = 10 min.
Blueridge loop
212 = 30 min.
Phibbs Exchange
Panorama Dr.
60 Minutes
How many buses do we need?
Buses needed for 213
10 minutes departure from Phibbs Exchange
6 buses per loop
Total 12 buses
...and their solutions
Longer Route
Better Frequency of Buses
Longer Route
/ Better Frequency
Dependent on
departure time
and destination
Travel time
reduced by
approx. 20 min.
Downtown Commuters
Switch at Phibbs Exchange
Downtown Buses
/ Phibbs Exchange
● Use leftover buses from amalgamated
routes to the 210 line.
● Create another loop that travels south of
North Vancouver and north of Vancouver by
crossing both bridges?
● Ask Translink for other solutions.
What about Riverside?
C15 Route extension
Bus starts with regular
C15 route.
Turn left in intersection of
Old Dollarton Rd. and
Riverside Dr.
Turn right at Chapman
Loop around Chapman
Turn left at Riverside Dr.
towards Dollarton Hwy.
Continue with regular C15
Thank You

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