An exchange of confidence using your sustainability



An exchange of confidence using your sustainability
Sanford Limited
An exchange of confidence: using our sustainability audit to strengthen our social licence
Telling the Sanford story
151 years of seafood history
Our Brand. Our People. Our Products.
Ensuring we’re all in the same conversation
• Sustainability - social, economic and environmental pillars
• Sustainable seafood - QMS
• Sustainability audit – GRI G4 standard
• Sustainability report – integrated with our Annual Report
• Social license – a gauge on the level of community approval we have
Community acceptance can sometimes feel like a rare thing when you work for a large
commercial fishing company
Sanford’s Social License to Operate
• Is the level of ACCEPTANCE (approval) we have from our local
communities and stakeholders
• It’s OUTCOME driven, based on what others think of our behaviour and
what they perceive our values are
• It’s comprised of TRUST generated from our actions and reputation
• It is not a ‘licence’ that we can physically acquire
• It needs our ONGOING attention for retention
Requires us to consciously and continuously audit ourselves and to communicate our
results to others openly and transparently
Unpacking Sanford’s Social License to Operate
Who are we – where have we come from - where are we going ?
Why do we do what we do – what drives us to leadership roles?
Our Values – passion, integrity and care
Our Business Culture - how we reflect this in our work
Walking our talk – our ethics as expressed by our actions
Our Vision is to be the best seafood company in the world
The sustainability report is our audit – to be the ‘employer of choice’ is a litmus test of success
Sanford’s Integrated Annual Report
By integrating sustainability into our Annual Report it brings credibility to our disclosures.
Tracking our business – then using all the
great data to tell our story
Economic – equity, assets, liabilities, profit and loss,
shareholder disclosures
Social – employee profiles, health and safety, training, cultural
awareness, community engagement
Environmental – fishing and maritime compliance, fish stocks,
marine health, protected species, pollution controls, resource
Sanford, commercial fishing and our great New Zealand seafood
• Without an active social media presence others define who we are
• Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give us a voice in the conversation
A thoughtful social voice
Always transparent, always helpful. We are not shy. We own our story. We appreciate people taking the time to talk to us. We are never negative in our replies. We are always fair and ‘the better person’. We use mature, colloquial New Zealand English in our posts. We do not use corporate or industry jargon. To be confident in a conversation we need to know ourselves
Our sustainability audit is a yearly health check
It should tell us what the material issues are & identify sleeper issues
Understand our vulnerabilities and prioritise our effort
Yearly reporting forces us to ‘out’ ourselves
Our values will guide our responses (physical actions) to problems
Our social license is ALL about how we chose to respond and the
community’s judgement of that response
Sanford King Salmon
• Farmed on Stewart Island
• Processed in Bluff
• Sold
Sanford Stewart Island
where we grow
Salmon, Mussels, Oysters
Government Social License Audit
What did people think of us?
Where we involved in our community ?
Do we provide ‘valued’ employment ?
Are we able to share resources, the space ?
Do we support others in the supply chain ?
This is who we are.
We are proud of what we do.
We will listen.
We are prepared to lead.
Ali Undorf-Lay
Industry Liaison Manager
Sanford Ltd, New Zealand.
[email protected] | (64) 27 293 7795