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Taverham North1 - Broadland Liberal Democrats
on Taverham & Thorpe Marriott
How you voted in 2010
2010 General Election result
win here
Lab 14%
Charles Ison
& Peter Sergeant
Your hardworking FOCUS team for Taverham & Thorpe Marriott
The General Election is important but
there are also local elections on May
7th. You get to choose your District
Councillors for the next 4 years - the
people who represent your village on
planning, housing & key local issues
at Broadland.
The Lib Dem Focus Team have a
proud record of representing our area.
Charles Ison & Peter Sergeant are our
candidates at this election. They are
very experienced campaigners who
will be strong voices for our area. They
will build on the work of outgoing
Councillors Nich Starling & Carole
Ward who are not standing this year.
Charles & Peter will always put our
area and residents before party
Charles Ison & Peter Sergeant will always put Taverham
& Thorpe Marriott ahead of party politics.
“We need a new kind of M.P”
granted or just plain ignored. We
are backing Steve Riley to be need an M.P who will put
the next M.P for Broadland & Broadland and Fakenham first
instead of just following party orders
Voters of all shades of
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Steve says “It is no secret that I work
closely with Norman Lamb, an M.P
who always champions his
constituency and local people in
North Norfolk.. Broadland needs &
desires its own local champion. A
For far too long residents in full time MP putting local people
Broadland have been taken for
first and not party politics
They are backing Steve because
they realise it is time we had a
different kind of M.P. Someone
with the ideas and energy to meet
the challenges of the 21st century.
Steve Riley will put this area
above party politics
Vote Charles Ison, Peter Sergeant & Steve Riley
sPrinted by ERCP, Published & Promoted by P Sergeant on behalf of Steve Riley and other Liberal Democrat candidates all at 2a Douro Place Norwich NR2 4BG