What is the capital of Mexico? Are the Appalachian Mountains east



What is the capital of Mexico? Are the Appalachian Mountains east
Geography #4 - Flashcards
What is the capital of
What is the capital of
Are the Appalachian
Mountains east or west of
the Mississippi River?
What is a narrow area of
water that connects two
larger bodies of water?
The equator does not cross
what ocean?
In what part of the United
States is Missouri located:
east, west, or central?
Long Island is part of what
What river forms the
border between Arizona
and California?
Which state has the longest
border on the Gulf of
The equator is on what
On what continent is
What is a piece of land that
is surrounded by water on
three sides?
What ocean is west of
Which state is cut in two by Name the largest mountain
a Great Lake?
range in California?
Geography #4 - Flashcards
A star or dot with a circle
around it is the symbol for
a ---?
What are the names of the
Which of the Great Lakes is
two states not connected to
farthest North?
the other forty-eight states?
What is the name of the
state that borders only one
other state?
Does the Earth have more
water or land?
What is the only city in the
U.S. that is not in a state?
Which continent has no
Name the ocean located
between Africa and
What river flows from
Minnesota to Louisiana?
Which is longer, the
Mississippi River or the
Colorado River?

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