program options - YMCA Camp Mason



program options - YMCA Camp Mason
Environmental Education
The Outdoor Center at YMCA Camp Mason offers a wide range of adaptable, progressive, age
appropriate classes, aiming to provide every student with a better understanding of the world around
them, the interactions and interdependencies within the ecosystems of the world, and their potential
impact on, and place within those systems.
Science based classes include terrestrial and aquatic ecology, earth sciences as well as classes which
teach about adaptation and about our impact on the environment.
Cultural history and heritage classes include options to learn about life as a pioneer, a Native
American, a slave on the underground railroad or an archaeologist.
Outdoor Living skills classes include orienteering, geocaching, survival skills, outdoor ethics and a
service project option.
Adventure Education
Whether you are looking to improve cohesiveness within your group or work on individual self-esteem
there is a program option for you.
Our extensive Low Ropes course is designed to challenge your group to work together as a team. We
can focus on trust, leadership, communication, or simply getting to know each other as we face
challenges as a group. Group dynamics, group management and conflict resolution may all come up
as different obstacles are overcome.
The Climbing Wall at Camp Mason is an impressive 45’ high structure composed of three walls, each
with 2 climbs. There is a challenge here for everyone, from the first time climber to the expert. Take
the challenge one step further and visit Ricks Rocks with us. This is a real rock face about 5 minutes
from Camp Mason offering a wide variety of climbs.
Our high ropes course is a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging option. For the team
challenge, choose our firecracker or giant swing where the participant is reliant on the rest of the team
for success. The Vertical Playpen is a team climb and a partnership is needed to make it to the top.
Our pamper pole is a good choice for a mental challenge and for a more extensive experience choose
our linear high ropes course (8th grade and up only).
Recreation Activities
Instruction is provided by trained professionals and then time allowed to practice these new skills.
Recreation options include archery, riflery, boating and canoeing, apple cidering and hiking. In the
winter there’s sledding, cross country skiing, apple baking a pretzel making and from late May to early
September the pool is open.
The following is a list of pre-set classes. We will work with you to create
classes designed specifically to meet your group’s needs and goals.
Environmental Education
Cultural History and Heritage
The Art of Seeing - Animal Signs and
Forest Ecology
The Beaver Pond - Adaptations and
Pond Ecology
Stream Ecology
Bird Brain
Wonderful Wetlands!
Insects in Our World
Some Call It Dirt - Soil Study
What’s For Lunch? - Edible Plants
The Ever Changing Earth - Geology*
The Ever Changing Earth - Stream
Mason Manor
The Earth’s Past
In the Dark - Sensory Awareness
Garden Warriors
Hands On History - A Cemetery Visit*
Woodland Lifestyles of Native Americans
Pioneer Living
Journey Underground- Pahaquarry
Copper Mines*
The Underground Railroad
Adventure Education
New Games
Total Team
The Black Bear
ASE - Low Ropes
Climbing Wall
High Y - High Ropes Element
The Vertical Playpen - High Ropes
Giant Swing – High Ropes Element
Firecracker – High Ropes Element
Wilder Woozy – High Ropes Element
High Ropes
Rick’s Rocks - Basic Rock Climbing*
Catfish Mountain and Catfish Fire Tower
Outdoor Living Skills
Wilderness Survival
Leave No Trace - Outdoor Ethics
Map Making
The Mason Service Project
Outdoor Recreation Education
Boating - At Home on the Water
Basic Canoeing
Canoeing on the Delaware*
Cross Country Skiing
*Classes with an asterisk* require
transportation off camp and/or extra
Self-Initiated Recreation
Evening Programs
Old Fashioned Apple Cidering
Self-Guided Nature Trail
Scavenger Hunts
Playground Time
Volleyball, Basketball, Street Hockey,
Movies and Videos
Group Games
Swimming (with camp lifeguards only.
Available late May through early
weather permitting)
(winter weather permitting)
Dutch Auction
Icebreakers/Group Dynamic Games
Night Hike
The Underground Railroad
Outside Evening Programs
(facilitated by outside personnel
or organizations)
Birds of Prey - Delaware Valley Raptor
Reptile Show - Pocono Snake and Animal
Interactive Insects and Reptiles - Nicole
(small groups only - 30 or less)
The Wolf Show – Vinnie Reo
Snake and Turtle Tales
Interactive Indian Programs
Square Dance Callers