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CAPO Patron:
Mr Paul McDermott
Media Release: 26 March 2015
The CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize
Curated by:
Opening speaker:
CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize
M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith, ACT
28 May – 14 June 2015
Hannah Web and Ella Morrison, Prize awarded to two 2014 ANU Art History Graduates
Gordon Bull
$500 from CAPO
The Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation (CAPO) is pleased to announce a new event in CAPO’s calendar for 2015:
the inaugural CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize. This exhibition is being held in addition to CAPO’s highly regarded
annual auction party and it also highlights a change in direction for the organisation. This exciting CAPO
innovation will open at M16 Artspace on 28 May and run until Sunday 14 June 2015. The exhibition will have a
gala opening on Thursday, 28th May at which the winner of the emerging artists’ prize will be announced. CAPO
is donating $500 as a winner’s prize from proceeds of the 2014 CAPO Exhibition and Auction Party.
CAPO has a long history of supporting emerging artists in the Canberra region, through both the annual CAPO
awards (where specific grants are awarded), and through the selection of artists for the CAPO Exhibition itself.
For some time however, CAPO has felt the need to provide emerging artists with their own space and their own
exhibition, while continuing to support the wider arts community.
The recent changes at the Australian National University (ANU), combining Art History and Curatorship with the
School of Art have given CAPO the opportunity to highlight and reward outstanding Art History graduates through
the annual ANU Emerging Artists’ Support Scheme (EASS) awards. Thus the CAPO Emerging Artists’ Prize will
achieve dual goals, by providing emerging art historians the opportunity to curate a professional exhibition, while
showcasing the overflowing emerging talent within the Canberra region in an exclusive exhibition.
CAPO has presented the CAPO Curatorial Internship Award to two graduates of the Art History and Curatorship
degree: Ella Morrison and Hannah Webb. They received the award to curate this exhibition and $1000 each at the
2014 ANU School of Art Graduation Exhibition. With CAPO’s mentoring, both Hannah and Ella are currently
assembling the Emerging Artists’ Prize. They have selected a group of Canberra’s emerging artists who will
contribute works aligned to the exhibition’s theme of geometric abstraction.
All artwork will be for sale during the exhibition period. Penny Jurkiewicz, CAPO President said, “The CAPO
Board looks forward to continuing our strong partnership with M16 Artspace and is excited about this new event
curated specifically for our emerging artists.”
CAPO, Artists, curators and ANU staff are available for interview. Please direct all inquiries to Marilyn Gray at the CAPO office
on 02 6249 7860 or visit www.capo.org.au for further information on the Emerging Artists’ Prize and the annual Auction Party.
CAPO is a volunteer non-profit organisation that has supported the ACT region's artists for over 30 years through fundraising activities.
Since its establishment in 1983, CAPO has disbursed over $2 million dollars through its Grants program, which has assisted over 200
arts practitioners and organisations. CAPO awards and grants are generously supported by donations and sponsorship from the
Canberra arts and business communities, and national and international organisations.
For over 30 years CAPO has held annual events to raise money for awards to artists offering financial assistance, exhibition and travel
opportunities. CAPO seeks to foster the highest standards of excellence in the arts. Innovative endeavours that contribute to cultural
development in Canberra are encouraged. Grants are awarded to support these values and to fund those needs in the region that will
have the most significant cultural impact for the local community.
Selected images from EAP Artists are shown below and others are available from CAPO.
Media Contact:
Marilyn Gray 0407 512 296 or [email protected]
Capital Arts Patrons Organisation Inc. GPO Box 954, Canberra ACT 2601 02 6249 7860 www.capo.org.au
Sanne Koelemij, Monday's Structure, 2014, acrylic, spray paint, hessian on canvas, 153 x 101cm
Yioryios Papayioryiou - (Pink) Untitled 1, 2014-15, acrylic paint on aluminum composite, 39 x 60 x 44cm
Media Contact:
Marilyn Gray 0407 512 296 or [email protected]
Capital Arts Patrons Organisation Inc. GPO Box 954, Canberra ACT 2601 02 6249 7860 www.capo.org.au

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