Rachel Santini



Rachel Santini
Rachel Santini
My name is Rachel Santini. I started
working out in a gym with a trainer
when I was 16. I developed a habit,
which quickly grew into a passion for
fitness. I have trained with a power lifter, an athletic performance trainer, as
well as personal trainers like
myself. I am a NASM Certified Personal
Trainer and an active, passionate lifter
with 14 years of gym experience.
What I believe in
I believe in the search for balance in life and with
that journey comes taking time to exercise. I feel the
mind and the body benefit from the time
spent on your health. Personal training does more
than just make your body look better. It makes your
body feel better and function in a more healthy
way. I believe time in the gym builds the soul, and
the strength of who you are.
What I can do for you
Depending on your personal goals, I
can make the time spent on your body
worth the investment. Whether your
goal is to build muscle, tone up, train
for a show, or just develop a weekly
habit of a healthier lifestyle.
Setting fitness goals and meeting
those challenges on a weekly or
It’s up to you
monthly basis is growth in fitness
As a mother of two active young children, we all have
and in life.
challenges to overcome every day. Whether a weekly
workout is a seemingly insurmountable hurdle for you, or you
are reaching plateaus in your health and fitness goals,
professional training can help you meet your goals. For
those with already active lifestyles, I can add more of a
challenge, perhaps with new techniques, or possibly the right
amount of constructive support needed to reach the next level. I would love to offer my knowledge, support, and
motivation to help you meet your goals.
Rachel Santini
[email protected]
(970) 456-5775
I would love to offer my knowledge, support, and motivation to help
you meet your goals.