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CDS High School
Issue 20: April 24th, 2015
Weekly Newsletter
CDS Gallery is proud to announce that the search for
writers for the gallery website is over. The winners are
Suzie Park, Jinee Park and John Choi. Writing for the
gallery will be a great opportunity to showcase their
talents and interests and it will certainly help on their
college applications. Below is an excerpt from the first
review, by Suzie Park, on the website of our current
exhibition. To read more please visit
“There is something perfect to be found in the imperfect: the law keeps balance
through the juxtaposition of beauty, which gains perfection through nurtured
imperfection.” - Dejan Stojanovic
Portraits of humans with canines for heads, mismatching
labels towards iconic figures, and surreal representations
of the human body; the incongruous aspects
emphasized by the artworks in this exhibition all remain
true to the theme of juxtaposition, the positioning of two
strikingly different images or ideas together to create a
contrasting effect. And it is the sharp distinction that
occurs within each painting, each sketch, and each
model that leaves such a strong impression.
The exhibition can be distinguished into three main
groups. The first section is composed of large
portraits of easily recognized figures in society. As
many recent visitors to the gallery can attest to, the
first impression that is received is, literally, the giant
figure of Charlie Chaplin on a blank white wall. The
other subjects include Emma Watson, Michael
Jackson, and Kim Jong-un (diverse). All four of the
drawings are large scaled, and divided into four
different sections, each of the parts with slightly
mismatching drawing styles, as different students worked together to create one
portrait of their celebrity. The subtitles, marked under the drawings, attract even more
attention, as they so sharply contradict the normally conceived ideas regarding the
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Issue 20: April 24th , 2015
Weekly Newsletter
CDS Students Charity Silent Auction
In the week of May 11th to 15th CDS will be holding a silent auction of student artwork.
Submissions are due by May 5th to the Art teachers.
The work that students can submit is not limited to work they've created this year at
CDS. This can be artwork from home, work from last year, work from their hagwon,
etc... so long as they've produced it and prepared it for display it's fine to submit.
The proceeds of the auction will be donated to “Givu Effect” which is a local nonprofit organization located in An-san, Gyeong-gi province that provides academic
enrichment, counseling and support to students who are of limited economic means
and resources. Our donation will be used for running programs, providing light meals
and supporting their upcoming field trip to varied locations in May. For more
information about the charity, please visit For more information
about submitting work to the auction please speak to either Ms. Shin or Ms. Pantano.
The auction is not limited to students currently taking art classes
AP Exam Schedule
Week 1
Morning 8 a.m.
Afternoon 12 noon
May 4
Environmental Science
May 5
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Chinese Language and Culture
May 6
English Literature and
Japanese Language and Culture
Physics 1: Algebra-Based
May 7
Computer Science A
Spanish Language and Culture
Art History
Physics 2: Algebra-Based
May 8
German Language and Culture
United States History
European History
Week 2
May 11
Morning 8 a.m.
Music Theory
Afternoon 12 noon
Physics C: Mechanics
May 12
United States Government and
French Language and
Spanish Literature and
May 13
English Language and
May 14
Comparative Government and
World History
Italian Language and
May 15
Human Geography
Afternoon 2 p.m.
Physics C:
Electricity and
Issue 20: April 24th , 2015
Congratulations to Ahn Hyun Joowho has been
accepted into college since the last newsletter. She
will have the honor of attending the University of St.
Andrews. At over 600years old it was Scotland’s first
University and is the 3rd oldest in the Englishspeaking world!
Weekly Newsletter
Upcoming Events
29th April
Chadwick vs CDS
Both the boys and girls take on
local rivals Chadwick in soccer
matches at Chadwick.
1st May
College Counseling for 11th
grade parents
WASC Visitors
We are pleased to inform you that during this week CDS
will be hosting 4 visitors from WASC this week The purpose
of their visit is to help support the school to help our
students achieve all that is possible. Please feel free to
welcome them and help them with any questions they
CDS 6 v Chadwick JV 0
Friday afternoon, the sun is shinning and school is over for the
week what better to do than head to the soccer field to watch
the boys of CDS take on the junior varsity team of Chadwick.
The CDS team certainly didn’t disappoint! Fielding several
younger players and some squad members it took little time for
CDS to convert their dominance into goals. Captain James
Park got the scoreboard moving with a well taken first before
YS normally a star on the basketball court exploded onto the
pitch his drive and run was impossible for Chadwick to handle
and in a blink of an eye he had a hat trick and retreated back
onto the bench to preserve his fitness for the upcoming derby
Making his debut for this year Kevin Choi reminded the fans
what they had been missing out on as he concentrated on
academics and college entry over the early part of the season,
with a performance that oozed class. 2 goals and an assist was
his reward the finish for the second showed composure and
great footwork.
Mr. Kim will provide an overview
of the American College
Entrance Process
4th-15th May
AP Exams
4th-16th May
CDS Gallery Solo Exhibit
Hyun Jun Han exhibits his senior
project in the CDS Gallery
5th May
Art Auction Deadline
7th May
Sex Education
11th-15th May
CDS Silent Auction
15th May
Parent-Teacher Conferences
No School
15th May
Special Lecture
Special mention should also be made of Eric Lee who finally
made his debut having broken his nose in the try-outs. His hard
work to get back to full fitness paid of in a performance that
was full of industry and endeavor.
North Korea through the Eyes of
Well done to all but Wednesday’s game will be a setup in terms
of both class and commitment as we finally look to break our
duck against Chadwick.
Sports Day
Scorers: James Park, Yun Suk Jeon(3), Hwanbo Choi
20th May
A full day of athletics for the
whole school
Issue 20: April 24th , 2015
Weekly Newsletter