Dearly Beloved in Christ, As the Vicar of the CMTC, this will be the



Dearly Beloved in Christ, As the Vicar of the CMTC, this will be the
early beloved in Christ,
In the unfailing assiduous plan of the Almighty He brought us to Chicago on
the first of May 2015. My wife Bindhu and one of our three children, Uday and myself
were received at the O'Hare International Airport by Sonu achen, the office bearers and
friends from the CMTC with garlands of love and fellowship. God's grace was
enormous at every point of the visa processing, in our journey to Chicago, and our stay
so far in this land. Office bearers of CMTC were very considerate and the members of
Sevika Sangham, and maintenance committee were keen to ensure us food and a safe
stay at 9500, Golf Road. The unqualified support from Sonu achen enabled us to
familiarize with the ministerial terrain so quickly and very smoothly. As a person alien to
the culture, custom and language of the land we need your earnest support and prayers
to discern the real need from the felt need and to shape our ministry in tune with God’s
dream for our parish.
It is really amazing that we all can come together and live as a larger family in this foreign country even
though we represent a broad range of culture and traditions. This oneness is made possible through Jesus
Christ. Apostle Paul in his letter to Romans says, "Just as each of us has one body with many members, and
these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each
member belongs to all others" Rom. 12: 4-5. The Greek term to denote the daily living of the Christian
believers as a church is 'koinonia'. It is the closest possible unity one can think of. Christian brothers and
sisters share a symbiotic relation. Each one care for the betterment of the other and together they fulfill
God's mission of redemption in this world. We live in a world gripped by the values of individualism fuelled
by the motivation for profit. Everything is judged and valued on the basis of individual gain even the most
intimate relationships including the relationship with God (spirituality).
The renowned pastoral theologian from North America, Clinebell opined that the basic human need is to
give and receive love in a dependable relationship. And he rightly pointed out that we have plethora of
contacts and poverty in relationship. I hope and pray that in the coming days our fellowship as a faith
community will grow to challenge the rugged individualism in the society by setting a different, meaningful
and enriching pattern of relationship.
Summer time is time for gathering together, for sharing and fun. Many conferences are planned at the
diocesan, regional and parish levels, targeting varied age and gender groups. These get-togethers are very
important and necessary for us to enhance our relationship ties and to relax a bit. I do encourage all our
parishioners to participate in at least one conference of your preference if you can afford it. Encourage
children, youth and other family members to attend conferences specially for their age-group and tastes.
Summer time is also a time for 'fund raising' for our organizations. Almost of all of our organizations are
weaving plans to raise fund for their mission work and I entreat all of you to support them according to your
ability. As all of you are aware, our parish is paying 16,000 Dollars a year as tax to our newly bought
properties. It is high time for us to find a solution to this and I urge all of you to pray for it. May the good
God bless our efforts.
Yours in Christ's ministry
Abraham Scaria Achen

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