Resume - Clement Tran



Resume - Clement Tran
250 Baldwin Ave ▪ San Mateo, CA 94401
cell: (408) 375-9412
[email protected]
Fusing innovative design with effective monetization schemes to create the next trend setting mobile
titles that will offer richer player experiences and raise the standard of games on the market today
Design Experience:
Combat Systems, Encounter Design, Player Progression, Enemy AI,
Feature Design, Playtesting, Monetization, Retention
Languages and
Proficient: Java, Processing, HTML, C++
Prior Experience: C, C#, Perl, Python, SQL, CSS, Marmalade SDK
Relevant Software:
MS Excel, Game Maker, Processing, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Unity, Source
Hammer, Unreal Editor, Blender, Photoshop, SVN, Mercurial, UML
University of California Santa Cruz
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science: Computer Game Design
Relevant Courses:
 Game Design I, II, and III (Senior Capstone)
 Foundations of Interactive Game Design
 Interactive Narrative
Sep. ‘08 – Jun. ‘12
Data Structures and Abstract Data Types
Game A.I.
Game Engines (using UDK)
Work Experience
Kiwi, Inc. ▪ Palo Alto, CA
Jr. Game Designer, Age of Espers (collectible gacha style RPG)
Nov. ‘12 – Feb. ‘15
 Starting from concept, designed two collectible RPG mobile titles; the first title was unreleased
 Age of Espers soft launched in the US for 4 months with metrics informed design changes
 Created AI, tuned stat profiles, and designed abilities for enemy units
 Utilized spreadsheets to create increasingly difficult encounters and control player progress
 Co-designed highly engaging real-time combat system with in-depth systems of complexity
 Designed features spanning all facets of the game and wrote up detailed specifications for
implementation by remote engineering team in India
 Prototyped combat gameplay concepts and conducted playtest sessions for player feedback
University of California Santa Cruz ▪ Santa Cruz, CA
Gameplay Designer and Programmer, Microventures (mobile rogue-like)
Sep. ‘11 – Aug. ‘12
 Conducted playtest sessions over 15 weeks to cater gameplay for the casual audience
 Contributed to procedural generation level design algorithms
 Practiced Agile Scrum techniques to coordinate 16 people of various disciplinary backgrounds
Level Designer, Level Design Pattern Research (PhD research)
Jan. ‘10 – Jan. ‘11
 Designed and created 3D levels in Unreal Development Kit and Valve Source Hammer for PhD
student’s dissertation on first-person shooter level design
 Presented branching research on Enemy NPC Spawning at Undergraduate Research
Saint Mary’s College of California ▪ Moraga, CA
iD Tech Programming Instructor
Jun. ‘12 – Aug. ‘12
 Educated students in C++, Java, and Multimedia Fusion, ensuring kids left each week with
programming fundamentals, new found enthusiasm, and a programmed game to show parents

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