Cover Letter (Page 1) - The Country and Abroad Magazine



Cover Letter (Page 1) - The Country and Abroad Magazine
and Abroad
Johnnycake Hollow Press
P.O. Box 762 or 86 Johnnycake Hollow Road
Pine Plains, NY 12567
fax (518) 398-6368
The Country and Abroad invites you to help celebrate our 12th year of publishing the finest
in reading literature, graphics, and design. Every month our magazine features a wide variety of
topics ranging from histories of local towns to equestrian events, from country cuisine, wines, and
restaurant reviews to antiques, private collections, and home design, from gardens and landscaping
to coverage of the fine arts—with reviews of films, plays, concerts, museum and art gallery shows,
books—and interviews with emerging as well as established local artists, writers, actors, and leading residents. Our short fiction and poetry are popular with our readers, and our themed issues are
favorites with our advertisers.
From our inception, we have published newsworthy, in-depth, well-written articles—for
people who love to read. . . and for those who also enjoy fine art illustration and design. We feel
that our extra-large format not only enhances our covers and interior art but also your ads, which
are larger and printed on quality stock yet lower in price than those found in smaller magazines.
Fortunately, we are also finding that readers who hunger for solid information and commentary are
the same people who frequent films, theaters, concerts, music festivals, art galleries and museums,
poetry and book readings, and of course fine restaurants and inns. We have learned how to entertain
a literate reading public with disposable income.
We are continuing to expand our distribution and readership on both sides of the Hudson,
particularly in Dutchess, Columbia, and Ulster Counties in New York, as well as in New York City;
Litchfield, Fairfield, and New Haven Counties in Connecticut, Berkshire and Hampshire Counties
in Massachusetts; and southern Vermont. This past year we expanded into Ridgefield, CT, and hired
a new salesperson, Elaine Parnell, who will sell advertising in southwestern Connecticut.
Eagerly read and collected by weekenders from New York City and Boston as well as
residents in the quad-state region, our subscription list reaches out to California, Arizona, Colorado,
Washington, Florida, Michigan, Chicago, and Pennsylvania. Why? Because we are much more than
a home-resource guide or calendar of events or “adzine.”
For advertising, please feel free to contact Donn Potter at 518 398-6683, Elizabeth Potter at
518 398-9344, Bart Smidt at 860 567-2111, Elaine Parnell at 203 300-9160, and Nan Sisselman at
413 637-0091. For editorial submissions, please contact Elizabeth Potter.
All of us at The Country and Abroad look forward to working with you in 2008.
Elizabeth Backman Potter
518 398-9344
Donn King Potter
518 398-6683