Class – 3rd
English Holiday Home Work
1. Creative Corner:
Read the newspaper daily and pick out 10 naming words from it. Cut them and paste them in
your notebook and make 1 sentence from each the pasted word.
*Focus on reading and finding out words.
2. Solve the crossword:-
3. Write 5 sentences on “The Canary”. You can take help from your English Reader book.
4. Word Search
Maths Holiday Home Work
Class III
Q1. To represent a four digit number on a abacus experimentally and to find the place value of each digit.
Material required :i) A small and thick wooden plyboard or thermocol sheet having four holes in it.
ii) Four small sticks of equal length. Iii) 36 beads of different colours. Iv) Sketch pens.
Q2. Represent multiplication tables, from 2 to 10, using lines and dots by an
activity method. (Use stickers to represent dots)
Q3. Make a calendar of your birthday month in an A4 Size Sheet and highlight your birth date / make a cutout
of number matching your age for Example 6 and decorate the same with the picture of your favourite things,
for example:- Cartoon, Chocolate etc.
Q4. Number Game:- Make a set of cards for numbers 0 to 9
You can write down the number 0 to 9 on a piece of paper, cut them out and paste them on some old playing
cards. Use three cards to make a total of 15 or any other number of your choice. Play this number game with
your family number during your summer holidays.
Q5 Write any 10 of each(In notebook):i)
Number name of four digit number (Example:- 2345 Two thousand three hundred forty five)
Numerals from number name ( Three thousand twenty - 3020)
Expanded form (2345 :– 2000 + 300 +40 + 5 or 2thousands + 3 hundreds + 4 tens + 5 ones)
Complete in science homework copy
1. Write the names of all parts of the body and draw them.
2. Activity:
(a)Make the following four solutions.
 Sugar solution
 Salt solution
 Lemon juice/orange juice
 Karela (Bitter gourd)
3. Name the various sense organs .Write their functions and draw them.
4. Paste or draw and name five trees ,herbs, shrubs, creepers ,climbers each.
5. Learn and write Q and answers of L-1 and L-2

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