Denny`s Strategic Partners



Denny`s Strategic Partners
Denny’s Strategic Partners
For 60 years, local families and communities across the
country have made Denny’s a neighborhood gathering
spot. We’re proud of that heritage of neighborliness and
community involvement. Like any good neighbor, we
help support the diverse causes that our communities
care about, from education initiatives to minority business
conferences to childhood hunger initiatives, children’s
hospital fundraisers, and much more.
John Miller,President & CEO, Denny’s and Dr. Len
Greenhalgh, Professor of Management, Tuck School of
Business at Dartmouth College.
(L-R) Thomas Canty,Vice President Franchise & Restaurant Operations U.S. & Central America,Denny’s;Ingrid Smart, CEO, Casanova
Pendrill, Denny’s Agency; Alex Garcia Rivera, Director of Restaurant Excellence and Ops Services, Denny’’s; April Kelly-Drummond,
Director, Diversity Affairs, Denny’s and from Hispanic Association
on Corporate Responsibility (HACR), Jason D. León, Senior Director
of Corporate Relations & Programs and Emma Etheridge,Programs &
Initiatives Manager
Margaret Moran, President, League of Latin
American Citizens (LULAC) and John Miller,
President & CEO, Denny’s
Mark Wolfinger, Executive Vice President, Chief
Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer,
Denny’s, speaking at Spartanburg Chamber of
Commerce Annual sponsored event.
L-R - Roslyn
M. Brock,
John Miller,
& CEO,
Denny’s sponsored the LULAC 2015 EMERGE in Washington, DC. Students
participated in health, immigration, LGBT and education policy briefings, a
career exposition, and leadership trainings

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