DWMC-Camilla Fox To Speak on Coexisting with - DW



DWMC-Camilla Fox To Speak on Coexisting with - DW
April Luncheon Guest Speaker
Camilla Fox
Founder & Executive Director, Project Coyote
“Wild Things: Learning to Coexist with Wildlife”
Friday, April 24, 2015
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Big Sur Room, Hilton Garden Inn
1000 Aguajito Rd., Monterey, Calif.
RSVP online at dw-mc.org, or send check ($30 for members,
$35 non-members) to DWMC, P.O. Box 223003, Carmel, CA 93922.
Reservations must be received by April 22.
Camilla H. Fox is the founder and executive director of Project Coyote, a national non-profit
organization based in Marin County that promotes coexistence between people and wildlife and
encourages compassionate conservation through education, science and advocacy. With 20
years of experience working on behalf of wildlife and wildlands and a Master’s degree in wildlife
ecology, policy and conservation, Camilla has been featured in several films, books and national
media outlets. A frequent speaker on these issues, Camilla has authored more than 70
publications. She is co-author of Coyotes in Our Midst and co-editor and lead author of the book
Cull of the Wild. Camilla produced the award-winning documentary Cull of the Wild: The Truth
Behind Trapping.
Camilla has served as an appointed member on the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture's National
Wildlife Services Advisory Committee and currently serves on several national non-profit
advisory boards. In 2006 Camilla received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Marin
Humane Society and the Christine Stevens Wildlife Award from the Animal Welfare Institute.
She was named one of the 100 Guardian Angels of the Planet in 2013 and was recently
awarded the John Muir Conservationist of the Year by the John Muir Association.