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Practically all candy arrangements are created using cellophane or tissue paper
Take tissue paper or cellophane (the color depends on the main colors of your
container and candy wrappers). Cut the tissue paper or cellophane into square
Take a cellophane or tissue paper piece, pinch it in the middle and with your other
hand loosely pull it up into a cone shape.
Take a toothpick or a piece of a bamboo skewer/lollipop stick, put the closed
corner of the cello/tissue paper against the blunt end of the skewer and wrap floral
tape around them.
Continue wrapping the tape down the stick until it is completely covered. Fluff the
cellophane/tissue paper out.
Insert tissue paper attached to pieces of bamboo skewers/toothpicks into the foam
along the perimeter of your container.
Note: In my books "How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit" and
"Candy Bouquet Designs" I show 2 additional faster methods of inserting tissue
paper/cellophane pieces into the arrangement (the methods that professionals use).
You can read more about these books at
Take a piece of cellophane and carefully poke the stick through the center of a
cellophane piece. Alternatively, fold the cellophane square in half and fold it in
half again across the first fold and cut the tip off of the corner. You will end up
with a small hole in the center of your unfolded cellophane piece.
Pull the cellophane into a cone shape and secure it to the stick with a piece of green
floral tape. Fluff the cellophane out.
Note: Use a hair clip to hold the cello in place on the stem while applying floral
Wrapping your finished bouquet with the cellophane is optional. The advantage of
wrapping is that the bouquet will be more stable, which is especially important
during shipping, and it will look more finished. However, some bouquets are great
as they are, without wrapping.
There are several ways of wrapping your arrangement; here is one of them.
a) Spread the cellophane out on a flat surface placing your candy arrangement in
the center.
b) To cut the cellophane to the correct length, hold up one end of the cellophane,
and the other end that is still attached to the roll, and bring them together above the
basket, making sure to leave at least 5-6” extra cellophane above the top of the
c) Cut the cellophane from the roll and bring both ends together above the candy
bouquet. Then pull up the other sides of the cellophane so that all of it meets in the
middle above the bouquet.
d) Take a piece of curling ribbon and wrap it around the gathered cellophane.
e) The sides of the cellophane may be too short to reach the top of the bouquet. If
this is the case, fold these sides over and fold them back behind the bouquet.
Secure the folds with a piece of clear tape.
f) Now gather the excess cellophane above the curling ribbon into a bunch and cut
the bunch straight across leaving above 5” of cellophane above the curling ribbon.
Fluff the cellophane out.
Note: Do not worry if you can’t cut the bunch straight, nobody will notice.
g) As a finishing touch, add a bow. You can glue it to the cellophane or you can tie
it to the wrapped bouquet using the loose curling ribbon.
Note: Instead of clear cellophane you can use shrink-wrap. You use a heat gun or
hair dryer to shrink the wrap. The wrap gains strength as it shrinks for a
professional finish.
Valentine’s Candy Bouquet “I love you!”
Materials used: a St. Valentine’s themed mug, Valentine’s candy, a small heartshaped box of candy, a Valentine’s balloon, floral foam, red, pink, and Valentine’s
patterned cellophane, wooden bamboo skewers, tooth picks, Popsicle sticks,
curling ribbon, a low temperature glue gun with glue sticks, clear packing tape, and
tools (scissors and wire cutters).
Step 1. Prepare the St. Valentine’s themed mug and floral foam. You can buy
Valentine’s mugs at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or a local craft store.
Step 2.
a) Prepare the floral foam. Take a piece of foam, put the mug on top of it, and push
down slightly on the mug. It will leave an impression on the foam. This tells you
how big your foam should be. Take a knife and cut the foam as needed.
b) Put the foam into the mug. It should fit snugly.
Step 3. The next step is to cover the foam with pieces of cellophane.
For my arrangement I chose to use pink and red cellophane because it goes well
with the mug.
a) Cut the cello into square pieces (6”-7” x 6”-7”). Do not worry about how
straight your cellophane pieces are, because when you attach them to the tooth
picks or pieces of bamboo skewer, nobody will know. Besides the cello pieces,
prepare some tooth picks or pieces of bamboo skewer (cut a skewer into pieces
using wire cutters), green floral tape, and scissors.
b) Using green floral tape, attach a piece of cellophane to a tooth pick or a piece of
bamboo skewer. See more about how to do this in the section “How to add
cellophane or tissue paper pieces to your candy arrangement” at the
beginning of the book.
Step 4. Insert your cellophane pieces into the foam alternating the colors. Cover
the outside edges leaving the middle of the foam uncovered.
Step 5. Prepare the candy pieces for insertion into the foam.
a) Prepare the various candy pieces (it can be Valentine’s candy or regular candy),
a small heart-shaped box of candy, bamboo skewers, cellophane 6”-7” x 6”-7”
squares (I used red, pink, Valentine’s patterned cellophane), green floral tape, a
low temperature glue gun with glue sticks, and tools (scissors and wire cutters).
You can buy themed cellophane at Wal-Mart or on the Internet.
b) First, wrap a bamboo skewer with floral tape. Then put glue generously on the
floral tape wrapped stick where the candy bar will be attached. Attach the stick,
using hot glue, to the candy bar. Hold it for a few seconds to let the glue cool until
the candy piece is secure. You can also apply clear packing tape over the glued
area for better attachment strength.
c) Choose candy pieces you would like to use for the first row of your bouquet.
Attach a piece of cellophane to each “candy flower”. See more about this in the
section “Attaching cello to candy flower stems” at the beginning of the book. The
“candy flowers” in the first row are the shortest. To make the sticks shorter cut
them with the wire cutters as necessary.
Step 6. Arrange the candy pieces in rows to create a tall bouquet.
a) Insert three pieces of candy in the first row creating a fan pattern.
b) Make some candy flowers for the second row. Attach a piece of cello, which
corresponds with the candy wrapper’s color, to each candy flower stem.
I used a small heart-shaped box of candy for the center of the second row. To
secure the box of candy well, glue a Popsicle stick or two bamboo skewers to the
back of the box. Then apply a piece of clear packing tape over the glued area. If
you need to extend the length of the stick, glue another Popsicle stick to the to the
first Popsicle stick overlapping them by approximately an inch.
c) Insert the candy pieces into the second row, so that they are taller than the first
d) Make some candy flowers for the third row and insert them in the foam creating
a fan pattern.
Note: The third row is the tallest, so I would recommend attaching two pieces of
cello to each candy flower stem instead of one piece.
Step 7. Add a decorative element to the bouquet. It could be a themed balloon.
Take a small or big Valentine’s balloon. Tie pieces of red, pink, and white curling
ribbon to the balloon’s stick just beneath the bottom of the balloon.
Insert the balloon at the back of the arrangement in the center. Separate the curling
ribbon strands.
Step 8. Make the bouquet look good from the back.
a) Here is how the bouquet looks from the back.
b) To make the bouquet look better from the back, make several more candy
flowers, attach cello pieces to their stems, and insert them in rows. The candy
flowers should face outward from the back of the bouquet.
Note: If when you are looking at your bouquet you still see some bare spots,
prepare several red and pink cello squares attached to toothpicks or pieces of
bamboo skewer. See Step 3 for instructions how to do it. Insert them in all the bare
spots in your bouquet to create a full looking arrangement.
I would advise you to include a special caution note with this bouquet (and with
any bouquet that you make for that matter): Something such as, “Warning! This
candy bouquet contains sharp metal/wooden pieces that could cause injury.
Be cautious when disassembling the bouquet. Do not allow children to take the
bouquet apart or handle or play with the individual pieces.”
Beautiful Heart To My Sweetheart
(A heart-shaped wreath)
Materials used: a Styrofoam heart, pink furry yarn, red silk lilies, small green silk
leaves, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, assorted hard candies, curling ribbons, heartshaped acrylic stones, butterfly-shaped acrylic stones, dressmaker’s pins, hot glue,
Memory zips, and glue dots.
Step 1.
a) Prepare the foam heart (12” Styrofoam heart in this case), pink furry yarn, hot
glue or Memory Zips (clear adhesive strips, liquid glue alternative; you can buy
these Zips in a craft store).
b) Apply hot glue in several places on the foam heart or apply memory zips to the
back of the foam heart and wrap the furry yarn around the heart, covering the
whole heart.
Step 2. Let’s decorate the left side of the heart.
a) Prepare red lilies, Lindt milk chocolate truffles (or any other chocolates or
candies that have red wrappers), hot glue and/or dressmaker’s pins, and tools.
b) Cut the lily buds off the stems, completely remove the inside part of the flower,
if possible, or just cut the inside part as close to the bottom as possible.
c) Attach the lilies to the left side of the foam heart as shown in the picture, using
hot glue (use a low temp glue gun) or dressmaker’s pins or both glue and pins.
d) Attach the Lindt milk chocolate truffles to the center of each lily with a little bit
of hot glue (low temperature).
Step 3. The next step is to decorate the right side of the heart.
a) Prepare hard candy (cinnamon discs, butterscotch discs, and starlight mints) and
a glue gun (use a low temp. glue gun).
b) Make three candy flowers: one from the cinnamon discs, one from the
butterscotch discs, and one from the starlight mints.
How do you make these candy flowers?
First, attach four hard candies in a form of a flower to the heart using hot glue.
Then, attach the fifth candy to the middle of the just created candy flower using a
little bit of hot glue.
Step 4. To achieve a finished look, attach curling ribbons of red, pink, and white
colors to the top center of the heart with one or two pins. Then, glue a heart-shaped
acrylic stone on top of where you attach the ribbons.
Step 5. (Optional)
You can attach small silk green leaves with pins or a little bit of hot glue between
the candy flowers on the right side of the heart. Glue heart-shaped or butterflyshaped acrylic stones of corresponding colors to the center of the green leaves.
Step 6. Make a hanger for your heart-shaped wreath.
You can use any material you want. I used narrow pink ribbon. Make a loop out of
the ribbon and attach it to the back of the heart using hot glue and pins.
Note: when hung on the wall, the wreath may tilt to the right, because the right
side of the heart is heavier (there are more candies on this side). To balance it,
attach the hanger about 1” to the right of the center.
Congratulations on your wonderful job!
Chocolate Roses
Materials used: A Gold Mint Julep Cup or a glass vase, Reese’s® peanut butter
cups, silk Baby’s Breath flowers, silk rose leaves, wide red ribbon, green
cellophane, stem wire (16 gauge) or bamboo skewers, green floral tape, floral
foam, floral picks, and tools.
Step 1. Prepare a vase you want to use for this arrangement. I used a gold plastic
mint julep cup (7.5” tall) that I bought from the website
Note: If you use a light weight vase, you may need to add some weight to the
bottom of the vase. You can put some candy, (in this case you can put in more
Reese’s® cups (just don’t forget to tell the recipient about this), small stones, or
sand in a zip-lock bag to stabilize the vase.
Instead of using a colored vase (gold or red, for example), you can take just a clear
glass vase and fill it with hard candy (for example, cinnamon discs, butterscotch
candy, or starlight mints). This way you transform the clear glass vase into a
“colored” vase.
Step 2. Cut the Styrofoam to the proper size so it fits snugly in the vase.
There are two methods of putting the foam into the vase.
Method one:
a) First, put the foam into the vase. It should sit firmly.
b) Prepare green cellophane, toothpicks or pieces of bamboo skewers, green floral
tape, and scissors. Cut the green cellophane into pieces. Attach cello pieces to the
toothpicks/pieces of bamboo skewer using green floral tape. See more about how
to do this in the section “How to add cellophane or tissue paper pieces to your
candy arrangement” at the beginning of the book.
Method two:
Cut 2 square pieces of green cellophane. Put the foam in the middle of the
cellophane squares and wrap the cellophane around the bottom and sides of the
floral foam leaving the top open. Insert the foam in the vase as shown in the
Step 3. Make the chocolate rosebuds.
a) To make a rosebud, attach two Reese’s® cups top-to-top (wider parts) using
glue dots. Then wrap them with a square of red cellophane or red floral foil (I used
5.5” x 5.5” squares) creating a rosebud shape. Gather the cellophane at one end. If
necessary, cut the extra cellophane off with scissors. Before twisting the
cellophane closed, slip in a bamboo skewer (but do not poke it into the candy
itself); apply green floral tape tightly over the loose end of the cellophane
continuing a little bit down the skewer.
Note: If you don’t want the candy to show through the cellophane, use nontransparent red foil.
b) Place a rose leaf about 2-4 inches down the skewer from the rose bud. Wrap
green floral tape around the skewer and the leaf. About 2 inches below the first
rose leave attach a second leaf to the skewer with floral tape. Bend the rose leaves
away from the skewer, as you like, to achieve a desired look. You can attach one or
two rose leaves to the “chocolate rose”.
You can buy silk rose leaves on the Internet, for example on ebay, or buy corsage
rose leaves in your local Wal-Mart or craft store.
Instead of rose leaves, you can attach pieces of green, red, or polka dot cellophane,
red and polka dot cellophane to the chocolate rose stem.
You can make roses of any color you want using cello or foil of different colors.
Step 4. Insert the chocolate rosebuds into the vase, arranging them, as you like. I
arranged the rosebuds creating a kind of diamond shape.
Step 5. Insert the silk Baby’s Breath into the arrangement.
Step 6. Make a bow out of red ribbon (it may be satin ribbon, organza ribbon, etc.)
and attach it to the front of the vase using hot glue or double-sided tape.
There are several good videos on how to make bows on the site You Tube – Just enter “how to make a bow” in the search window and you
will get quite a few results.
Note: You can add other decorative elements to the bouquet, for example
decorative picks “I love you,” “Thank you”, “To the best mom”, “Happy
Birthday”, etc.
Your beautiful Chocolate Rosebuds bouquet is ready! Isn’t it lovely?
You can create different variations of the Chocolate Rosebuds bouquet. For
example, you can create a bouquet with chocolate rosebuds and silk flowers
for example, lilies.
Note: Put red and white starlight mints in the glass vase and use white silk lilies
with red chocolate roses. Put butterscotch candy in the vase and use yellow silk
lilies with red chocolate roses.
Hand-Held Candy Bouquets
There are many types of hand-held bouquets you can make. Here is one of them.
Step 1. Prepare crepe paper of in your desired color (red, pink, etc.) and candy
pieces. For this candy bouquet you can use Ferrero Rocher candy, Reese’s® peanut
butter cups, Hershey’s® kisses (use 2 kisses to make one “candy flower”).
If you use candy pieces without wrapper tails like Ferrero Rocher, before attaching
them to sticks, you need to wrap the candy pieces in a piece of clear cello (or a
piece of gold, red, pink cello; it all depends on the color scheme of your bouquet).
a) Take a piece of candy, a piece of cello, and a16-gauge stem-wire.
b) Put the candy in the center of the cello piece and wrap the cello around the
c) Wrap extra cello around the stick and secure it with floral tape
d) Now you have a candy attached to a stick.
Step 2. Cut petals from crepe paper for your candy flowers. Usually 5-7 petals are
used for a single candy flower. You may want to stretch the petals a little bit and
curl them using scissors to make more natural looking petals.
Step 3. Secure the petals, around the candy piece as shown in the picture, to the
stem-wire using a little bit of hot glue or double-sided tape.
Then wrap green floral tape all around of the bottoms of the petals and down the
stem wire.
Step 4. Make several candy flowers for your candy bouquet.
Step 5. Make a secondary type of candy flower for your bouquet. For example,
attach 3 candy pieces to stem wire to make a candy flower.
Step 6. Gather all of the candy flowers in your hand. With green floral tape, tape
the stems together.
Bend the candy flowers to achieve the look you desire.
Step 7. The final step is to wrap the bouquet in crepe paper to give it a finished
a) Cut a piece of crepe paper and glue its ends together to create a cylinder, the
diameter should be the same as the diameter of the bouquet. Stretch the top
and bottom edge of the cylinder wrap so it looks “wavy.”
b) Put the bouquet inside the crepe paper wrap; wrap curling ribbon around the
handle of the bouquet to secure the wrap. For more security, you can even
apply a little bit of hot glue inside the wrap, so it will not slide down the
handle of the bouquet. Bend the top of the crepe-paper-wrap out and
downward a little.
c) You can add silk greenery and flowers to this hand-held bouquet.
Here are other examples of hand-held bouquets.
If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets like a pro
either to start your own business or just to be able to make amazing
memorable gifts for any occasion, see my complete “illustrated” step-by-step
guide “How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit” (259 pages)
and "Candy bouquet designs" (221 pages).
Read more about these books at
Lana Glass

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