Methods of Tattoo Removal Gas Prices Drive Some to Take the Bus



Methods of Tattoo Removal Gas Prices Drive Some to Take the Bus
Methods Gas Prices Drive Some to Take the Bus
of Tattoo
Excision: Just what it
The MET system was cre- cation with a minor in Special
ated in 1972 because as Wenger Education, says that he and his
says, "The Federal government roommates normally carpool.
This Fall the City of Bill- felt it was worthwhile." In Is there a stigma that goes
ings Metropolitan Transit or 1979 using federal grant money along with riding the bus?
MET has seen an increase of the City of Billings bought new Wenger says, "There are a lot
sound like, the tattooed approximately 2000 more buses and went to a pulse sys- of different mentalities even
people riding the bus which tern that includes two transfer within our country. If you go
skin is sliced out. This could be attributed to rising stations; one on 3' Ave. North to New York City, Chicago or
method works best on gasoline prices. Reflecting on and one by Stewart Park. In ap- L.A. you see many more
smaller tattoos. Ouch. bus pass sale increases, Ron
When used on larger tat- Wegner, manager for City of
toos a skin graft may fol- Billings MET says, "Our country in general has been a little
spoiled in that our gasoline
Dermabrasion: This prices have been a lot less than
is skin resurfacing. The the rest of the world.. I think
tattoo is sanded off with an we are dealing with price
abrasive instrument. shock." MSU-B students afThink of refinishing a firm the pinch Americans are
piece of wooden furniture. feeling at the pump. Miah
Branum, an MSU-B senior maOuch, again.
joring in Elementary EducaLaser: This proce- tion drives a 1985 El Dorado
dure uses pulses of light to "gas guzzler," and says, "Gas
break up pigment. More prices are ridiculous so it's
Photo by Matt Langman
than one treatment is nec- $30/week to drive." However, The MET buses travel throughout most of Billings.
essary. The feeling is simi- he says it would take "pretty
dire straights" for him to con- proximately 18 -months _a new people taking the bus. There
lar to being snapped with sider riding the bus -saying, transfer station located near the is no stigma attached to riding
a tiny rubber band. Expen- "The convenience of having a Wells Fargo drive-up bank at the bus in the bigger city. Who
sive, though.
car to drive is nice. It makes the intersection of 26th Street cares what you drive?"
Salabrasion: This life 10 times easier." He ech- and 2nd Avenue North will be What about the environment? Wegner says, "When
technique is hundreds of oes the plight of many would- complete. Today
take the bus you certainly
years old. It involves a
work. Do buses run at 10/11 all Billings residents including help reduce the carbon monoxsolution of tap water and pm? No."
the elderly, disabled and stu- ide that is being put out by the
table salt and vigorous rubThe MET's theme is "You dents. November-May a cars. When you don't use your
bing with an abrading de- can get there by bus." Although monthly bus pass for students car, that's just one gallon of
vice until the skin turns this is true, according to some with a valid student I.D. costs gas that doesn't have to be
red. Then apply bandages. accounts it might take a while. $10. June-October the same taken out of the ground someThis is the poor man's tat- Mandy Yzaguirre, a freshman bus pass is only $5. There are where. Riding the bus is an
studying nursing at MSU-B two main routes that run by the environmenttally sound practoo removal of choice.
used to ride the MET. "I hated MSU-B campus; Met Link IM tice."
it. I had to get up an hour ear- and 3D Crosstown. Wait times Some students may think
her for school, ride 45 minutes, for a bus geneLally vary from that the bus is unsafe or was a nightmare." one half hour to an hour. healthy, "With the flu that's
More students might ride the Dennis Dunklee, MSU-B coming up- people might be
MET if there were more routes senior studying Elementary afraid of getting on the- bus.
available and shorter wait times Education with a minor in Things don't look sanitary
for buses but Wenger says, "We reading says that his wife used with other people touching the
can't add more service because to ride the MET when they first same seats," says Yzaguirre.
we are maxed out." The MET moved to Billings in 1995 but Countering these claims
receives it's funding through complained about the time Wenger says that the bus is
Photo by Olivia Koernig
government subsidies and a lo- frame, "She's from both "state-of-the-art" and
The famous Buz Bailey has been
making a buzz in Billings since
cal MILL levy for nearly $1 Philadelphia... she's used to "well-maintained." He also
million. getting off and on the bus adds that there has never been
[quickly]." Now living in Lau- a robbery or assault on the
rel and making the commute in MET.
either a Geo Spectrum, Buick Wenger says that at a few
Regal or Ford Ranger, Dunklee years ago he met with the adsays, "The gas prices are out ministration of both Rocky
of this world! If I lived in Bill- Mountain College and MSU-B
ings I'd start car pooling or use to discuss following
the bus...It's just smart. If you Missoula's example and progo downtown you have to pay viding full MET passes in exOrganic Foods • Take Out Deli • Healthy Snacks
for parking and wear and tear change for a $2 fee for stuOrganic Wines • Microbrew Beers
on your car is rougher in the dents. The choice was taken
city—all the stopping and go- to the MSU-B student Senate
3115 10th Ave. N. Billings 406-259-2622
ing." Ben Hill, a MSU-B jun- and there it was deemed
2 Blocks East of Pioneer Park Oeme beer Dag/
for studying Elementary Edu- "uneccessary."
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